Maria J. Martinez Llanos

General Information
Current Name
Maria J. Martinez Llanos
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Maria J. Martinez Llanos
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Tuesday, August 21, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Fla.
Stayed With

Maria J.'s Story

I am Maria Martinez Llanos born in Pueblo Nuevo, Matanzas. At the age of 10 years old I came to the US August 21, 1962 with my two older sisters Sara (14) and Margarita (12) Martinez Llanos. We wen...

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Mari seria fantastico, keep in touch, please. Emy

Message by Emeterio Fernandez Suarez | Aug 11th 2010

Maria: Good to see you around here! Stay in touch for our March reunion again this year. Did you like Heathrow CC? Or if you have another suggestion let Justo or me know. Un abrazo.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 7th 2010

Gracias Mari, ya llame a Toni Carta y estamos planeando encontrarnos. Creo que la muchacha que esta en la foto es tu hermana, Margarita.

Message by Emeterio Fernandez Suarez | Aug 7th 2010

Hello, Maria, what a pleasure to here from you. Remembering me for you might be difficult because you were younger but your sister Sara might, we were about the same age and had a good relationship. My nick name was Emy, ask her. I left in december to New Jersey with my sister and never looked back but I wish to have kept tabs on everybody, now I'm sorry I didn't. Live in Miami now, married 40 years, 2 daughters and one 2 year old grandaughter, the light of my life. Please write back. You can also reach me on my e-mail:

Message by Emeterio Fernandez Suarez | Nov 4th 2009

Que suerte tuvimos todos podernos marchar, y me alegro que sigas disfrutnado de tu madre, gracias a Dios yo también....

Message by Maria E Pazos Alvarez | Oct 31st 2009

Hi Maria, yo tambien soy de Pueblo Nuevo, Matanzas. Naci en la calle San Rafael aunque me crie en America, en la misma esquina del Instituto. De que lado de Pueblo Nuevo eres tu?. -omi

Message by Olga M Suarez | Oct 31st 2009

Hello Maria, bienvenida a este Network. Yo me crie en Versalles, Matanzas. Fui al Sagrado Corazon hasta el sexto grado. Llegue a los Estados Unidos en 1961 con 12 años. Te deseo buena suerte y gracias por poner tu historia.

Message by Marcos Pinedo Beraza | Oct 9th 2009

Hello Maria Saludos desde Andalucia,España iam really glad to hear from you even thou i can hardly remember you guys but if you go to my profile and click on the photo of the orphanage you may be able to identify yourself on these photo, please do keep in touch,bye now un abrazo Ël Frances

Message by Eddie Enrique Fernandez Tramezaygues | Sep 30th 2009

Hola Maria: Bienvenida a nuestra casa.....viniste muy pequeña y me imagino que te sentiste "madrecita" de tus hermanitas. Soy curiosa te recuerdas de que parte de Cuba eres? Que Dios las bendiga abundantemente, Tu hermana, Otmara

Message by Otmara Capote | Sep 29th 2009

Hi Maria, I loved your story, you were very lucky to find a family to take you for 4 1/2 years, I can imagine the adaptation back to the "chaperonas" was very hard. Wellcome to our website and enjoy the connection with all your pedropan brothers and sisters! Love

Message by Carmencita Romanach | Sep 29th 2009

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