Maria M Villafuerte Perez

General Information
Current Name
Maria Gonzalez V
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Maria M Villafuerte Perez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, August 17, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City

Maria M's Story

I left Cuba with my brother (Enrique Villafuerte), I was 9 he was 11. When we were saying our goodbyes to our parents at the airport I didn't understand what was going on and why we had to leave. W...

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Maria...sad to hear that you lost your brother so young. I know time will ease the pain but in the meantime, it just hurts too much. Regards.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 24th 2009

Maria: Not really sure but he may have been with the older boys since he was probably around 13 or 14. I just thought I would ask. I saw him recently when I went to Miami for my brother's memorial service. He promised to sign up on this website but he hasn't. Thanks for responding to my message.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 24th 2009

Hi, Maria M.....I know a guy in Miami that was in Helena, Montana...his name is Bernardo (Bernie) you know him from there?

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 21st 2009

Maria: If possible please write the place and approximate date of the beutifull pictures you have posted. Thanks.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Aug 13th 2009

Maria: I was at St. Josephs same time as you and knew your brother well, though, I honestly remember few of the girls; due to our limited contact, I guess. I am in contact with Vivian and her brother and I've posted a couple of Montana pictures on my profile, some of which show your brother. One picture has has a couple of girls, but I don't know if you might be there. If you want me to forward you any of the pictures viae-mail attachment, let me know. They are a slightly larger format and may print with better quality. Look forward to hearing from you and best regards, Tony G.

Message by Antonio Gonzalez Perez | Jun 17th 2009

Hi Maria, I sent you an e-mail like 1 1/2 weeks ago. I don't know if I sent it to the right address. Hope everything is ok. Hope to hear from you soon. Carinos, Vivian

Message by Vivian A McCombie y Salort | Jun 16th 2009

Hi Maria, I am so happy to see that you found this website. I have not seen or heard from you for so long. We lost contact! Slowly we are finding the kids from the orphanage. How is your brother? Just this weekend Rafael & I were trying to remember the names of all the kids. Of course, we remembered both of you. If you know where anybody else is, please let me know. Hope to hear from you soon. Carinos, Vivian

Message by Vivian A McCombie y Salort | Jun 1st 2009

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