José Antonio Amaro Reyes

General Information
Current Name
Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
José Antonio Amaro Reyes
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Tuesday, August 14, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Matecumbe

José Antonio's Story

Remarks:An English translation is provided below for non-Spanish speaking relatives and friends.

Nací en el antiguo municipio de Holguín de la antigua provincia de Oriente en el año 1948. Fui bauti...

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Thanks for all instructions...I've been swamped today so haven't had a chance to check it out On the plaque idea...what do you think if we ask the PP Administrator to post something about it..1) We'll get feedback....2) Maybe someone knows someone, who knows someone that can guide us on how to start our quest.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 12th 2009

Compay, que alivio que no fui yo la que tubo que escribir esas instrucciones. Kudos for an awsome job. Carmen

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Aug 12th 2009

Susana, thank you for your generous comments on getting things rolling on a commemorative plaque for the Florida City Camp. Bear in mind, however, that for it to become a reality we must all express an interest. As you know, no movement ever reaches critical mass without a large number of people getting behind it. Hopefully, the remainder of our Pedro Pan brothers and sisters will join us in expressing such an interest. Needless to say, it gratifies my heart immensily to know that you support it. Now we need to reach out to others for their support as well. As Carmen so wisely noted: "no hay peor gestión que la que no se hace." I'm very sorry you weren't able to see the current condition of what used to be the Florida City Camp using Google. Perhaps your memories of the camp are a bit too fuzzy at the moment. I would suggest you visit the Miami Herald's Pedro Pan website, where several pictures of the camp are on display. Better yet, you might want to paste the link included below to your browser and go directly to it. Image # 1 provides a panoramic view of the camp. The picture was taken from the second floor of the building where many of the girls'homes were located; that is, from a south to north direction. Looking westward, you'll see many of the individual houses where the boys lived while looking eastward you'll see the cafeteria (comedor)buiding as well as other buildings, which housed mostly boys also. Once you have refreshed your memory, you might want to go back to the Google instructions I provided. The address I chose will place you half-way the street that cuts across the camp from north to south. If you followed the directions correctly, you probably saw the front of the house that corresponds to the aforementioned address(one of the boys'houses). Next, look up at the Google navigating tool on the upper left corner; it looks like a car's steering wheel with 4 arrow heads. Click on the arrow head pointing left until you see s full view of the street appear on the screen. By the way, at the end of the street, in the far distance, you will see the girls' building. To travel up and down the street with the navigator, place the cursor or mouse pointer on the street and a line with arrow heads pointing in opposite directions will automatically appear. Assuming that you might want to travel towards the girls' building, you would have to click on the arrow head pointing in that direction. As you will notice every single time you click on it, you'll be moving closer toward the building. In other words, you'll be navigating. If along the way you feel like looking at the front of a house, go back to the navigation control on the upper left corner and click on the appropriate arrow head. By the way, whenever you move the cursor away from the street, the navigation line will disappear. Here's the http address to the Miami Herald's Florida City pictures I mentioned earlier: If, by any chance, you deem it necessary to ask for further assistance, please, do not hesitate to ask. Estoy a tu disposición. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Warm regards, José Antonio Amaro Reyes

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Aug 12th 2009

Thank you...I fiddled around w/it and more or less tried to picture things...however, it was hard for me to figure out what was time I'm in Miami, I'll ask my cousin to look at it w/me since she was older and was there for a longer period than I was. Saw your message w/Carmen Valdivia about the plaque...that's a great idea...It would be great if we could get the local government or maybe a 'historical society' to mark the spot.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 12th 2009

Jose Antonio, creo que no hay peor gention que la que no se hace. I will do what I can on my part and since this is now on "open forum", we will see what other ideas we get. Carmen

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Aug 11th 2009

Esto se esta poniendo interesante, quizas nuestro amigo Alberto Castillo pueda 'shed some light', puesto que alguien fue el que marco los papelitos, nosotros los Orientales seriamos incapaces de hacer algo asi.

Message by Carlos W J Bermudez Zayas | Aug 11th 2009

Jose Antonio, La ultima vez que estube en Florida City no encontre nada que marcara que habia sido un campamento PP. Yo camine por todo aquello con mi esposo, algo que no recomiendo, y los presentes habitantes del lugar estan muy concientes de la historia de aquel sitio. Con mucho orgullo me demostraron que sabian cual edificio habia sido el comedor, donde habia estado la capilla etc. Deben haber pasado un par de años desde que fui la ultima vez pero no creo que en el tiempo que a transcurrido desde entonces haya surgido algo de esa indole. Cariños, Carmen

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Aug 11th 2009

Jose no la quise asustar y ne le dije tambien que te ivamos a envitarte a ti. la pobre deja que si se deside a venir y te ve la pobre se va asustar. tu sabes que ella no se acuerda de mi pero ella conoce a una muchacha que estaba con ella en la casa quesada. que se llama OLGA SUAREZ CASTILLO. VEN ACA LA HERMANA del pende tambien no vivia ahi en esa casa?

Message by Fernando L Collado Gonzalez | Aug 11th 2009

Este mensaje está dirigido a todos los compañeros de Pedro Pan: ¿Alguien sabe si una lámina o placa ha sido colocada en el antiguo campamento de Florida City para señalar que fue campamento de Pedro Pan?

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Aug 11th 2009

Thank you, Jose Antonio....I'll check it out tonight...just realized can't download google earth at work...but I did get a satellite pic of the address...Ya te dejare saber how I make out with it.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 11th 2009

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