Vivian Aleida Salort y del Castillo

General Information
Current Name
Vivian A McCombie y Salort
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Vivian Aleida Salort y del Castillo
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Sunday, August 12, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City

Vivian Aleida's Story

I arrived in Florida City with my brother Rafael (11) on August 12, 1962. I had just turned 8 years old. I don't remember much about that day except how scared and nervous I was and that my brother w...

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My email is: and my cell is 305-542-7879 Un abrazo, Damaso

Message by Damaso V Santana Vega | Mar 3rd 2014

I bought my house 2 years ago. It is located in the most beautiful area of Port St Lucie, it is called Sandpiper Bay and it is located between Westmoreland Blvd on the West/South and Port St Lucie Blvd. It is gorgeous, Club Med is located here. It has a homeowners assos. but the fee is only $25. per year and that is to maintain the entrances to Sandpiper, nicely flowered and with Sandpiper Bay as a Gate type of concrete thing. I used to live years ago at PGA Village but houses there are right on top of each other, unless in the million plus area and I did not like it. I have 3/4 of an acre corner, 3/2 Pool. It is a very private, quiet area and the layout is outstanding, no two houses are the same, all custom built.

Message by Damaso V Santana Vega | Mar 3rd 2014

Vivian, Port St Lucie is still a place where you can get a lot of property for your money. Having said that the only reason we are here is because my in laws had moved here. It is somewhat of a boring place, not so much traffic except in winter when snowbirds come down by the thousands) it actually has what you can call a Florida Winter-This year we have had a few days in the 30's, usually early morning and night. mostly a steady low 70's during days and 50's at night. They have great Tiki Bars along the Treasure Coast, Stuart to Vero Beach, however there is not much to do, some great restaurants but a bit boring. I have grandkids in Miami and I am involved with selling the Coconut Grove Art Festival, Miami is becoming a possibility. So that you have an idea my house here would cost in Miami approximately $ 800,000+, we paid $ 190,000 for it.

Message by Damaso V Santana Vega | Mar 3rd 2014

Dear Vivian, Sorry to hear about your Dad, one of my biggest regrets was not getting him and my Dad together before my Dad passed. My condolences to your brother and Mom. I am still in Port St Lucie but seriously considering returning to Miami. Un abrazo, Damaso

Message by Damaso V Santana Vega | Mar 3rd 2014

Hi, How have you been, long time no hear from you. Hope all is well. Un abrazo, Damaso

Message by Damaso | Feb 6th 2014

Hello Vivian, my name is Silvio Rodriguez, and I was also sent to Helena, MT in 1962. I lived in Brondel Hall till 1965, and stayed in Montana until 1997. I don't mind telling you that we read your story and my wife and I both broke down. I did not know how hard it was for the younger kids in the St. Joseph Orphanage. I am truly sorry you and the other kids that had such a bad time at the orphanage. Now, after more than 50-years of arriving in Helena, mt, we are organizing a reunion of all the Cubans that were sent there. We would like for you and your family to join us for this reunion. Please go to this link for I am very glad to have found you. I would also appreciated if you could share any information on the kids that were housed in the orphanage. I hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Silvio

Message by Silvio Rodriguez Cuesta | Mar 6th 2013

Vivuan,both my brother and I live in Phoenix AZ not too far from each other. Please send me any info, we wuould like to reunite and see everyone from the orphanage again.

Message by Rosie C Rivero Suarez | Oct 24th 2011

Hello Vivian Aleida....I happened to be in the neigborhood and figured I would stop by your page to say a quick hello. Who is that handsome guy with the nice suit on the far right of your photo? He reminds me of George Clooney. Cariños..Ozzie

Message by Ozzie Mora | Feb 25th 2011

Well that took all of 5 minutes...actually got my brother out of the shower to give me Bernie's #. I'm emailing it to you. Is 'el Bernie" as we call him in any of those pics of Helena? Regards,

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Feb 17th 2011

I may be able to help you with that. I saw Bernie last 1 1/2 years ago at my brother's memorial and I had his phone number but apparently it got erased when I changed phones. However, I'm almost sure that I can get it from my brother Tony. I'm so glad somebody remembers Bernie from Helena. I've asked various PPs that were there and no one knows him. He is such a sweetheart! We love Bernie very much. His favorite phrase is "eso esta querido"! Now that you and I have connected, I'll probably be able to see your email address so when I get the number, I'll email it to you.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Feb 17th 2011

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