Maria del Carmen Valdivia Martinez

General Information
Current Name
Carmen Valdivia
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Maria del Carmen Valdivia Martinez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Wednesday, August 8, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City
Stayed With
Casa Suarez
Haiti Pedro Pan
Maria del Carmen has volunteered to help the children of Haiti. Find out how you can help, too.

Maria del Carmen's Story

Florida Heritage Landmark Dedication Ceremony, Historical Reference

By Carmen Valdivia,

OPPG Historic Committee Chairperson

OPPG Board of Directors

Florida City Alumni

The state of Florida ha...

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Si Dios y La Virgen quieren estare presente en el proximo desayuno.Que casualidad, veo que le pides a tu esposo que se acabe de registrar Ahora somos dos pues si vas a mi "Site" te podras fijar que yo llegue el primer dia a Kendall en Octubre 10, 1961.Despues me enviaron con mi hermano Pepe a Matecumbe. Por favor pidele a mi companero de vuelo que se acabe de registrar para poder hablar con el. Carinos a ustedes MELVIN

Message by Melvin F Noriega Plasencia | Aug 8th 2009

Dear Carmen, I just did,I left a message for your beautiful sister. I am so sorry to hear about Ileana. These are the news you least expect to hear, because it was too early in her life as well as your sister's life. Silvia Portu also responded to me with the news about Ileana. Thanks, and my best to you.

Message by Niurka A Strong | Aug 6th 2009

Carmen gracias por recordarme el apellido de las Mesas. Sabes de ellas?. Tambien me preguntas por Haydee Gabeiras ella se caso con Juanito Gil y mas nunca he sabido de ellos.Cuanta gente querida encuentro entre las fotografias de Isa.Me puse a mirarlas y regrese de nuevo a Florida City.Mi papa Pepe Arturo mi mama Lala y mi hermano Pepe viviamos en la casa detraz del laundry.Cuando veo la foto de la casa de los Suarez me recuerdo lo correcto que siempre era el y que agrasable Aimee, Pepe y yo somos amigos de su hijo Mannel ahora Dr. Manuel Suarez. Sigo revisando y veo a las Valdivia a las Pando a Carmen Medina A Haydee Gabeiras a Tete Extremera a Maria Elena Pomar a Lilita y a una que se me parece a Clarita Alonso. Que clase de grupo el de la guagua. Como se llama la rubia que esta sentada al lado de Carmen Medina?.En la ultima photo vi a Guichi yo me llevaba muy bien con ella. En la foto a color que estan ustedes dos con Ivonne la muchaca que esta a la derecha creo que es Conchita Gandara. Tremenda descarga! Que fotos tan lindas, cuantos recuerdos. Si sabes de toda esta gente Cuentame. Muchos carinos a ustedes. MELVIN

Message by Melvin F Noriega Plasencia | Aug 6th 2009

Good to hear from you. My best wishes for your family and I will look up to heaven and say hello to your sister. I am sure she will hear me....

Message by Niurka A Strong | Aug 6th 2009

Carmen: I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. However, I may be more extreme than you, in the sense that whatever system you have, if it oppresses people, denies their humanity, seeks to control every aspect of their lives, denies their basic right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...then they are a Communist system, regardless their flag, their underlying political theory or their allegiance.. I may use a braod stroke and ignore differences such as Fascists allowing the upper class to remain, while Communists replacing the elite with an imperial Party class of their own. But, when you get right down to it, whether a Hitler, a Stalin, a Castro or a Duvalier, they're all monsters whose lives and actions conform to the Communist Manifesto, as well as to Mein Kampf. I appreciate your optimism and remain optimistic as well. Yes, Chavez is trying, but by the day, he's losing more and more followers who are opening their eyes. Likewise, Ortega, the little monkey. The people of Latin America are wiser after Cuba. The truth is out. In that regard, if there is a book on this issue that is a "must read" it is: The Isle of Dr. Castro, written by Rene Rousseau. Check it out online. Rousseau arrived in Cuba a naive Fench reporter with Pro-Castro tendencies. Four years later he was expelled because his writings had turned the French people against Castro...their eyes were opened. It is an incredible read. It is available in Spanish and English and published by Planeta publishing. Regards and let's keep the truth spreading. Tony G.

Message by Antonio Gonzalez Perez | Aug 5th 2009

Maria Del Carmen, I was reading your story again. I recognize your face. Iam so very sorry about your sister. You have a lovely family. Niurka (Monfort) Strong

Message by Niurka A Strong | Aug 5th 2009

Maria de Carmen es Caruca Cesari hija de Nino y Peluc espero que nos podamos hablar un poco mas ya que nos hemos enconctrao despues de tantos anos, cuentame de ti tengo 3 vaones y 4 nietos una familia muy linda bueno te escribo con mas calma tengo a Melvin ensenandome carinos

Message by Caridad Cesari Quevedo | Aug 5th 2009

Dear Carmen: Many thanks for your kind words and I'm impressed and overjoyed by those "Peter Panners," such as you, who carry the mantle for freedom in their hearts. Beyond words and token gestures, we know that to live freedom, we must practice it every day, How? by respectting the rights of others to have their say, whether fool, lumpen or luminary. Marti faced this exact challenge, just as victory drew near. While he was busy raising money for the cause in America, Maximo Gomez and Antonio Maceo etc. were crafting plans to establish a military junta to rule Cuba, once the Spaniards were driven out. On my book's website I quote Marti's comment concerning that tendency of ours to see the "strong man" as the solution to all our problems: "otro gobierno funesto." I lived in West Berlin during the summer of 1980. I learned first hand how communism needs isolation and insulation (via walls, mine fields, fictitious embargos etc.) in order to survive. Why? because it is a human abomination that cannot survive in the face of true freedom. If you want examples of "leftist" dictatorships that crumbled into dust, take a look at East Germany, Checkoslovakia, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Rumania etc. The truth is out and people now manage to topple dictatorships of either left or right, because both are inhuman dribble. Let's make sure that Cuba, who's time is rapidly approaching, embraces real democracy and returns to the center from Where Batista yanked it with his Coup. Let's make sure that Marti is used for more than lip service. Too many of our brethren in exile quote him ad nauseum, while pushing for a right wing Caudillo for Post-Castro Cuba. Cuba's had enough Tyrants inflicting scars to last it a millenium. Basta Ya! Warmest regards, Tony G.

Message by Antonio Gonzalez Perez | Aug 4th 2009

Carmen han pasado muchos anos pero al ver las fotografias de Las Valdivia y de Las Pando se abrio el baul de mis recuerdos de Florida City. Supe de tu hermanita, lo siento mucho.Dios solo nos separa por breves momentos. Algun dia estaremos todos juntos. Quizas el cielo se parezca al "Campamento" y poder estar en compania de todos nuestros seres queridos y amigos. Las recuerdo con carino MELVIN

Message by Melvin F Noriega Plasencia | Aug 1st 2009

Hi Carmensita te dire que tengo varias fotos del campamento ya pronto las voy a poner, de mi prima Virginia Vargas pues vive a una cuadra de mis padres y ayer estuvo con mi mami en su casa yo se lo voy a desir pues no la veo hace un tiempo, enseguida que la contacte te lo dejo saber, te digo que tienes una familia bien linda, yo tengo una hija y dos nietos ya pronto pondre las fotos, muchos bezos, Silvia

Message by Silvia Budejen Trujillo | Jul 25th 2009

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