Maria del Carmen Valdivia Martinez

General Information
Current Name
Carmen Valdivia
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Maria del Carmen Valdivia Martinez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Wednesday, August 8, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City
Stayed With
Casa Suarez
Haiti Pedro Pan
Maria del Carmen has volunteered to help the children of Haiti. Find out how you can help, too.

Maria del Carmen's Story

Florida Heritage Landmark Dedication Ceremony, Historical Reference

By Carmen Valdivia,

OPPG Historic Committee Chairperson

OPPG Board of Directors

Florida City Alumni

The state of Florida ha...

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It is very important to realize that there is no freedom of expression in Cuba, for those that live on the island, or for anyone that intends to travel there, be it a TV producer, a political science professor, an activist, a singer or a businessman; once you make the determination to travel to Cuba, you either shut up or repeat the talking points: 1) Miami Cubans are an intolerant terrorist mafia that threaten and destroy anyone who dares to differ from their opinion. Communist tactic 101: project your own actions on the enemy. Cuba’s government DOES NOT TOLERATE DISSENT. They PROMOTE TERRORISM AROUND THE WORLD and DESTROY ANYONE THAT DARES TO DIFFER FROM THEIR OPINION. 2) Operación Pedro Pan, known in Cuba and within their circles as Operation Peter Pan, happened because Cuban parents panicked due to a lie by the CIA about “Patria Potestad”. Communist tactic 101; project your own actions on the enemy. The only parents that were fooled were the ones that believed the LIES OF THE REVOLUTION and gave Castro their children to do as he pleased. 3) The children of Operation Pedro Pan were mistreated and abused. Communist tactic 101: project your own actions on the enemy. We all know that the children that remained in Cuba were the ones that were mistreated and abused in the different WORK PROJECTS imposed on all children and the FORCED LABOR CAMPS for those that the revolution considered dangerous, for example: Catholics, Protestants, members of the wrong social class and homosexual, to name a few. THIS IS WHY I DON’T TRAVEL TO CUBA; I AM NOT WILLING TO RENOUNCE MY FREEDOM.

Message by Carmen Valdivia | May 28th 2010

Maria del Carmen says: Dear Pedro Pan administrator, I can not find the names of two particular Pedro Pan veterans, that were featured in the documentary last night; Help!

Status update | May 28th 2010

as one of the oldest kid on the PEDRO PAN OPERATION i must state that nor the CIA. or the US goverment had nothing to do with my decision to leave my beloved country, i was force by the persecution and oprecion of the Castro's brother communist type of sistem imposed by force to the Cuban people, i did never had a free ride at Matecumbe or any special treadment nor did became famous and i may had it was a very up hill road for me but by no means put the blame on OPERATION PEDRO PAN, farther more IAM VERY THANKSFULL TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN OPERATION PEDRO PAN that made it posible to escape the worst DICTADOR and OPRESOR that Cuba had since the Spanish INDEPENDENCY of Cuba, once more i want to thank averyone at OPERATION PDERO PAN , i had been a free man ever since, bye now un abrazo "El Frances"

Message by Eddie Enrique Fernandez Tramezaygues | May 28th 2010

Prima, acabo de ver el documental y estoy de acuerdo con tus comentarios. Ya un amigo me habia preguntado sobre ese tema, lo leyo en Wikipedia. Le dije a Camille, "esa muchacha se parece a mi prima" y entonces dijeron tu nombre. Porque no habran puesto nada de Matecumbe? Anyway, saludame a todos los PedroPanes, a toda la familia y tu, cuidate. Si Dios permite, nos vemos en Septiembre. Te quiero. Rafe

Message by Rafael Quintero Valdivia | May 28th 2010

Repeating a lie does not make it true, and so it goes that repeating Castro’s talking points, that our parents sent us to the United States because they were fooled by the CIA with a lie about “Patria Potestad” does not make it true either. It does, however, make those that repeat it, liars; Communist enablers and liars. Whatever the CIA did, or did not do, had no impact on my parent’s decision. What was happening inside Cuba, under Castro, was the sole reason for their actions. I am forever grateful to them, to the Catholic Church and to the US Government for Operation Pedro Pan. I apologize to all of the above, for the ungratefulness of some that claiming to be Pedro Pan, disgrace the Operation.

Message by Carmen Valdivia | May 27th 2010

Thanks you. and remember this NOT AS LEAN, NOT AS MEAN , BUT STILL A MARINE!!!!!!!!! SEMPER FI TO YOU ALSO. saludos a Guille y les deseo un buen MEMORIAL DAY WEEK END bye FERNANDO PS Iam not DON FERNANDO just a plain godfather!!!!!! thats what my wife FLORENCE tells me

Message by Fernando L Collado Gonzalez | May 27th 2010

Maria del Carmen has updated their profile.

Status update | May 27th 2010

Hello Carmen esa familia son amigos de mis padres que yo fui el padrino de la hija de esa señora esa foto fue tomada creo que unos meses antes de QUE me fuera en el 1967 para los US MARINES.

Message by Fernando L Collado Gonzalez | May 26th 2010

Prima, obviamente no me recuerdo de haber tomado la foto, pero siempre me ha gustado la fotografía y se me hacía bien fácil tomar buenas fotos cuando los sujetos de la fotos eran tan fotogénicos... Cuídate, saludos a Guillermo, Eric y Toto. Si Dios quiere, voy a Miami en Septiembre.

Message by Rafael Quintero Valdivia | May 22nd 2010

Prima, como anda todo por allá? Rafe

Message by Rafael Quintero Valdivia | May 21st 2010

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