Luis Fco. Arrojas Guzman

General Information
Current Name
Luis Fco. Arrojas Guzman
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Luis Fco. Arrojas Guzman
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Monday, August 14, 1961
Relocated To

Luis Fco.'s Story

I left Cuba on August 14, 1961 with my brother Jorge 8 and Isabel 7 we arrived in Miami and where taken to the Kendall camp where we stayed for only three days , we where put on an airplane and send...

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Luis, my name is Alina Andricain, I have not heard from you in a long time but please if you see this message and remember me, contact me via e-mail

Message by alina collazo | Feb 24th 2010

Luis I was at St. Vincent Home in Lansing Michigan. Arrived there in 1962 still living in the area.

Message by Felix Diaz | Dec 6th 2009

Hello Luis, my name is Raul Ruiz and I spent about four years in an orphanage in Saginaw Michigan, by the same name. As a matter of fact myself along with nine other boys and a young lady by the name of Elda Rodriguez where the first to arrive at St. Vincent Home in Saginaw. I was not aware there was another St. Vincent's Home in Lansing.Lucky for us the nuns( Sisters of Charity) at our location where not as austere with the shower thing, as a matter of fact they even checked behind our ears after the shower to be sure that we washed well. At least Sister Dorothy made sure we where clean. Any how, it's nice to meet you and hopefully we will speak again.

Message by Raul C Ruiz Cepero | May 18th 2009

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