Maria Petronila Hernandez Valdivia

General Information
Current Name
Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Maria Petronila Hernandez Valdivia
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, January 5, 1962
Relocated To
St. Patrick's Home, 5961 Franklin Blvd., Sacramento, CA
Stayed With
Blanca & Ramon Gordon, Florida City

Maria Petronila's Story

I was delivered to Florida City on January 5 1962, by “George” a name, my father made sure I knew upside down and sideways. I remember the night he told me I was to leave Cuba and come to the United S...

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Hola Mary Que gusto que seas la primera en contestarme, el Santiesteban is por mi esposo, su familia es de Holguin y no reconocio ninguno de los nombres que me distes, que pena, pues Santiesteban no son muchos, mi apellido de soltera era Nodar. Carinos y abrazos. Olga Maria

Message by Olga Maria Santiesteban | Mar 18th 2010

Hola, Mari: Has puesto la foto perfecta para St. Patty's Day y te ves magnífica. Tu foto con la muñeca está super tierna. Yo todavia no me he metido a escanear en el nuevo aparato que compré especificamente para poner mis fotos viejas aquí. Voy a tener que embullarme contigo. Me alegro de verte volver a poner tus tremendas fotos y que hayas puesto dos de tus pinturas. Un abrazo, yoli

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Mar 17th 2010

Maria Petronila has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Mar 17th 2010

Maria Petronila says: Please see link and leave a message for this family. Thanx!-Mary

Status update | Mar 17th 2010

Maria Petronila says: Still looking for Adanelys Cherta, Hilda, Margarita, Ana and Rosa Fernandez who were with me and Miriam Fernandez in St. Patrick's Home in Sacrameto.

Status update | Mar 11th 2010

Hi Mari, Muchas felicidades y que el anyo nuevo sea mejor que el 2009. Muchos carinos, Esther

Message by Esther M Gutierrez Martinez | Dec 26th 2009

Concho!! What's the matter en el timbeque??? How come everyone has been off from this wonderful page?? Oh bueno probablemente it has been me only..pero alla here to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, unas Noche Buena buenisima y un Prospero Anyo nuevo, que Dios y mi Caridad del Cobre les culme con mucha salud, paz, amor, y dinero y si se ganan la lotto DO NOT FORGET ME !! HERE I AM !! Besos Ileana/Minico

Message by Ileana Arriola (Minico) | Dec 24th 2009

Hola Maria, Veo que en tu historia mencionas que tu padre trabajo en Osceola Farms hasta el 1976. Yo fui ingeniero alli en 1973-1976. Como se llamaba tu padre y en que area trabajaba? Yo estoy seguro que tuve algo que ver con el en ese tiempo. Un fuerte saludo, Frank Corral

Message by Frank J. Corral | Dec 22nd 2009

Hey, Mary...haven't touched base with you in a's the painting proyects coming along? Would you be going to Miami next week for any of the 'affairs'? Cariños,

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Oct 26th 2009

Dear Maria thank-you for your story.and the sweet comments on mine. I'm new to this site but the stories and emotions they evoke have been sleeping for so long in the cold. Their sudden awakening has been enlightening to say the least. Also, the love and the tenderness of the words in all the comments are uniquely Cuban, and remind me of my mother who passed away and others that I have grown distant from. I'm glad you found painting, who is your favorite? Mine is the 'Prince of Painters,' Velazquez. Again thanks for the thoughts and maybe someday we will all meet. Enrique Flores-Galbis

Message by Enrique Flores Galbis | Oct 25th 2009

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