Message from Pedro Pan Eloísa Echazábal. Below the link to the Miami Dade College announcement dated July 8th regarding the upcoming Freedom Tower exhibit about the Cuban exile experience. This exhibit will be launched in mid-September. The first exile focus will be on the Pedro Pan exodus. Most of us who reunited with our parents in Miami remember visiting the Freedom Tower for the services the U.S. government made available to the newly arriving Cuban exiles. The Pedro Pan exhibit will last about two years. Miami Dade College and The Miami Herald Media Company invited me to collaborate with them when the plans were first developed about two years ago, and I was ecstatic with the opportunity. Also collaborating with their memorabilia and photos are Operation Pedro Pan Group Inc.organization, Barry University Archives and Special Collections, University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection and Florida International University Libraries. As soon as the next official announcement comes out, I will forward. In the meantime, I would like to let you know that a "collecting day" is being planned for Saturday, July 26th, from 12 to 4 p.m. at the Freedom Tower. This is the day when Pedro Pans will have the opportunity to bring memorabilia regarding our Pedro Pan days to be loaned to the exhibit. Required receipts and documentation will be available there. Courtesy parking on the open lot across the street south of the Tower. Entrance on N.E. 5th street. Just let the attendant know you are coming to the Tower to bring your items. This is a great opportunity to showcase our experience. Again, as additional announcements are released, I'll forward.

Maria Petronila Hernandez Valdivia

General Information
Current Name
Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Maria Petronila Hernandez Valdivia
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, January 5, 1962
Relocated To
St. Patrick's Home, 5961 Franklin Blvd., Sacramento, CA
Stayed With
Blanca & Ramon Gordon, Florida City

Maria Petronila's Story

I was delivered to Florida City on January 5 1962, by “George” a name, my father made sure I knew upside down and sideways. I remember the night he told me I was to leave Cuba and come to the United S...

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Mary, I was in South Florida and missed you again! This is getting ridiculous. I just saw the last photos you posted and loved them. You continue to inspire me to get my mother's old photos out of the boxes and bedraggled albums and organize them once and for all. Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Nov 22nd 2010

Maria Petronila has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Sep 3rd 2010

Hi Mary, just wanted to say hello and see how you have been doing. Have you been painting? Love to see them. Love, Esther

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Aug 29th 2010

Muy buena idea. Lo hablaré con el Herald.

Message by Eloisa Echazabal | Jul 15th 2010

Por una casualidad encontre leyendo el Herald On-line, el Network de los Pedro Pan. Tu historia me ha conmovido muchisimo y te felicito por la manera que escribes. Me senti por un momento dentro de tus recuerdos y se me saltaron las lagrimas. Aunque no soy Pedro Pan, vivi intensamente los momentos que vivieron atraves de tu fabuloso recuento. Gracias por ser una gran Cubana y por recordar con gran amor a tus padres, nunca olvidandote del gran sacrificio que hicieron por ti.

Message by Alina Arnoldson | Jul 14th 2010

Esa es una idea muy buena, María Petronila. Yo ya le sugerí hace unos meses al board de OPPG que se creara un sub-grupo para los hijos de los Pedro Pans. También se ha comentado en algunos de los desayunos mensuales. La versión que tu sugieres, de crear un link en este Network complementaría muy bien a la del sub-grupo. Trataré de que se le dé seguimiento a la idea. Cariños, Eloísa

Message by Eloisa Echazabal | Jul 14th 2010

Maria Petronila says: Has anyone been contacted by Tomika Anderson from a scholastic magazine in NY about an interviewing PP kids? Her email is

Status update | Jun 10th 2010

I enjoyed reading your story and I am little envious of all your memories. I came to Florida City in 1962 at the age of 16 yet I remember almost nothing about leaving Cuba, the flight and my arrival at the camp. I lived with Mamioli and Papioli Mora, my twin sister and about 18 other girls for almost a year. It took a long time to find foster parents for two 16 y/o's, I guess. My foster parents in Chicago were wonderful and I stayed with them till I finished high school. My mother eventually got out of Cuba and my father never did. I plan to go to the 50 year reunion. If you go, let's try to get acquainted.

Message by Rose Gomez, M.D., D.F.A.P.A. | Jun 10th 2010

Maria, my name is Tomika Anderson and I am a reporter with the Scholastic Magazine for children in New York. I am interviewing Pedro Pan kids for an upcoming piece. If you are interested in telling your story please reach out to me at the email address below. I hope we get to connect soon. All the best, Tomika

Message by Tomika Anderson | Jun 9th 2010

Maria Petronila has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Jun 9th 2010

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