Maria Petronila Hernandez Valdivia

General Information
Current Name
Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Maria Petronila Hernandez Valdivia
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, January 5, 1962
Relocated To
St. Patrick's Home, 5961 Franklin Blvd., Sacramento, CA
Stayed With
Blanca & Ramon Gordon, Florida City

Maria Petronila's Story

I was delivered to Florida City on January 5 1962, by “George” a name, my father made sure I knew upside down and sideways. I remember the night he told me I was to leave Cuba and come to the United S...

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Maria me conmueve tu historia sobre tododo porque tu sabes la gran amistad que nos unia con tus Padres es un honor tenerte haciendo estos recuentos , eso hace falta para que las personas sepan la odisea de NUESTRO PAIS un fuerte abrazo te queremos Maria y Laureano Rodriguez

Message by Maria N. Rodriguez | Jan 5th 2014

I am a Santisteban without the "e" originally from Oriente.

Message by Iggy Santisteban | Sep 4th 2013

Que bonito encontrar tantos tuinuquenses tan recordados por mi. Feliz etapa de la niñez en aquel Central tan pintoresco y querido.

Message by Celia Maria Ramos Pedreira | Jun 11th 2012

Until I read your story, I was unaware there had been Pedro Paners in Sacramento, California. I currently reside in Sacramento and I am interested in meeting other Pedro Paners if they still reside in Sacramento. Thank You, Marta Valero

Message by Marta S Castillo Valero | Mar 5th 2012

Saludos, Si Gregorito erea uno de mis primos favoritos de mi papa. Como esta tu?

Message by Ofelia Colunga | Jun 10th 2011

Maria Petronila has uploaded new photos.

Status update | May 30th 2011

No le conoci personalmente, pero creo era primo lejano de mi suegro. Tambien entiendo que era parte de la Junta Editorial de la revista Herencia y una persona muy apreciada. Gracias por avisarme.

Message by Carmencita Romanach | Feb 18th 2011

Happy New Year!! I was wondering why I was not receiving any e-mails from you...Now I know. Here is my new e-mail address: Will be going in your website to see your paintings as soon as I finish this.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jan 22nd 2011

Maria Petronila says: I'm ecstatic to report that an old girlfriend from Jr High 1964-65 has found me thanks to this wonderful site!

Status update | Jan 2nd 2011

Dear Maria, My sister sent me the link to this website last night after we spoke to wish each other a Happy New Year. She urged me to go on it and share our story. I can't tell you what a wonderful surprise it was to find your message and read your story. It brought tears to my eyes as I recalled the memories of our times together in Pahokee. Please let me know where you are as I would love to get together with you. My e-mail address is I can't wait to hear from you!

Message by Adria Irene Silverman | Jan 1st 2011

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