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I arrived on August 4, 1961 and stayed in Kendall for a couple of weeks. One of my mother's sisters lived in Miami since 1954 and my brother was already living with her. She took me out & I stayed with her until my parents came in February 1962. I went to Miami Sr. High School and graduated in 1964. I went to Lindsey Hopkins Vocational School and later on to Miami-Dade North Campus. I got married in 1973 to William Gimenez Bascuas and we have 2 married children and 1 grandson. My daughter has her own Web-Design business and my son is an Electrical Engineer and works for Siemens. I worked at Florida Power & Light for 36 years and retired in 2006. I own my business and I manage some rental property. My husband and I love to dine out and we enjoy being with our children and grandchildren.

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Mi Pedro Pan favorita. How are you??? I have been looking for you for a while. You look good as always. Besitos your favorite Pedro Pan; Bertica.

Message by Berta Ayo | Jul 22nd 2013

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Status update | Jan 23rd 2011

Hello Silvia The world is small!!!! After working for many years together at Florida Power and Light we found out we had been together in Kindergarten In Ciego de Avila's Escuela Teresiana. Your uncle was one of my father's best friends at Crusellas y Co. en Cuba. Now after all these years I find out that we are also Pedro Pan sisters. What a small world. Your grandchild is beautiful. I wish you the best to you and your family. With all my love Idania Idania

Message by Idania Pazos Garcia | Oct 7th 2009

Hi Silvita - you may not remember me as you were a year ahead of me at Sagrado Corazon. My name is Lucy Alonso. Let me hear from you. Lucy

Message by Lucy Alonso Rivero | Jul 30th 2009

Hola amiguita.. yo te quiero mucho.. aunque no aparezca en la lista de Pedro Pan, pero tu fuistes el alma que calmo mi llanto esa triste noche que llegue a Kendall y mi catre estaba al lado tuyo

Message by Rita Rodriguez- Pardinas | Jul 7th 2009

Thanks for always being an inspiration to all of us. We love you! Your children :0)

Message by Sol | Jun 23rd 2009

Hola Silvia, hace años que no nos comunicamos. Nosotros muy bien. Saludos a tu familia.

Message by Gladys Oliva Stolz | Jun 9th 2009

Silvita, you were one of my first dear Pedro Pan friends, from way back in the late 80s. God bless you and Willy! Eloisa

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Jun 5th 2009

To my other mother who I admire so much and gives me so much support, Thank you for always being the guiding light for your family, for being the glue that holds things together, and for always being a positive force in our lives. You are an amazing person and dear loved one. Te quiero. Thank God for Pedro Pan allowing you to come to America. Besos...y no voy a llorar Willy! Love Vicky

Message by Victoria Mendez | Jun 4th 2009

Silva, gracias por tu mensaje, anoche cuando vi a Willi,le pregunta que si te habias registrado, el me dijo que creia que si. saludos,

Message by Paco Echeverria | Jun 4th 2009

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