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I would like to register but I am having difficulties as I am REALLY new at the internet. (kind of trying an old dog new tricks!)

Message by janet martinez | Jun 2nd 2010

My name is Janet Martinez. D.. I can not logg in..B. 11-09-1945. I arrived on Sept. 15,1962 with my now defunct brother Manuel Genaro Fandino

Message by janet martinez | Jun 2nd 2010

Msgr. Walsh's 80th birthday would have been next June 19th! We want to request from all pedropans that have pictures with him (we know he was present in many weddings, baptisms, etc.) to post these pictures in their profiles as an homage to his memory. Also, we are compiling personal stories about Msgr. Walsh from all pedropans that were in close contact with him to publish a small booklet. Write a short story of your experience and please forward them to:

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Jun 1st 2010

The CNBC documentary was, in my opinion, excellent. It brought forth through the personal stories of individuals already known to the community, the serious issues that afflicted all of us. A one hour account cannot contain all the stories, but the issues selected were fairly representative. Except for the fellows that did not make, whose number is still not clear.

Message by Antonio Gordon | May 31st 2010

I was able to watch Escape from Havana tonight. It brought back many memories; it was a difficult separation but I have no regrets. We were told in three months we would be back, it never happened. Yes, there are many more successful Peter Panes. Each and everyone of us have a story to tell and a book to write. Like Jose Manuel said, by God's grace we have survived, thrived and excelled.

Message by Lidia Gamble (Lili) | May 30th 2010

I initially did not watch the program because I thought it would be biased. I thought it would point out the successes of several individuals, most of them well known anyways. I knew that the sad stories would not be told. For exmaple, I was very impressed when the group form our camp in Jacksonvile, St. John's Camp met in the Big Five Club severral years ago. Four of the boys that lived in the barrack where I slept had died. Going back to the documentary, someone called me after it aired on Wednesday to point out that my aunt who worked as a houseparent in Florida City appeared in the footage. So, wiht that in mind and after reading the comments of everyone in this PEDRO PAN SITE, I plan to see the program this Memorial Day Weekend. I will write down a few coments in my blog UN SOLO PUEBLO: CUBA SIN FRONTERAS.

Message by Antonio Gordon | May 30th 2010

Although I enjoyed the documentary, I was surprised to see how it was made to look like OPP was a US government covert operation, and as thankful as I am to the United States, I always understood OPP to be a half and half operation; one half was accomplished here, the other half in Cuba. While I agreed with Carlos Eire about not going back, I also think that the embargo has never hurt anyone but the population. The dollars just took a long way around through another country to get there. I think if relations normalized, in time, when the people's lives start to normalize, the regime would fall. It would be, if nothing else, old and outdated and it would crumble from within; maybe a coup to begin with and then the people would take over and turn it into a republic the way it should have always been.

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | May 30th 2010

I watched last night. I was overwhelmed with what I had seen. I am the daughter of a Pedro Pan.(montecumbe) My father Carlos Iglesias Bernal left Cuba Oct.62 He told us only little of what had happened as a child. My sister and I had seen the documentary and understand why he kept it from us. My grandparents did everything they could to protect my father and my uncle. I was honored to meet my grandmother a few years back. Unfortunately my grandfather passed when I was 8. My father was not able to see him ever again, after he said goodbye to him at the airport. My father is now part of Alpha 66. I want the world to know I am proud to be the daughter of a Pedro Pan.

Message by Jane Iglesias Rodriguez | May 28th 2010

This a copy of the message I just sent to CNBC. A response to the Special “Escape from Havana” on CNBC – May 27, 2010 I must confess that I finished watching your special with mixed feelings. I'm a 74 years old Cuban with many close Peter Pan friends. I was glad to see that finally this long forgotten and ignored American and Cuban Saga was finally given its well deserved attention but a combination of factors left me confused, upset and disappointed: 1. The inevitable "MTV Syndrome" used today in Television montage and editing which is pathetic! (The younger generation in TV editing are clueless as to the normal function of the Human mind and attention span. A total waste of resources!!!); 2. A better chronological development of the topic; There was nothing secret at the time when the Airlift occurred!!! 3. More emphasis on the incredible function of the Catholic Church and Msgr. Walsh in the entire operation; 4. Some statistics as to the actual result of the operation, Successes and failures, number of professionals, thousands of incredible stories, not 4 or five. 5. Where are they now? , Etc. 6. Why did you not asked Andy Garcia or another Cuban Professional to produce this project? There is a lack of empathy and understanding of the entire episode, its roots, development and consequences. 6. Why Now? - Is there, a hidden economic and political agenda on doing this Special now for political gains? I could go on and on... and I'm almost tempted to say thanks, but no thanks. Cordially. Valdivieso

Message by Luis Valdivieso | May 28th 2010

I did watch escape from Havana and it stirred up so many memories I thought I had forgotten all about. Born in May 1948, I left at 13 in January 27 (or 28) 1962 and came under the notion I was to go back soon to be reunited with my family, in my case with my mother and grandparents since I am orphaned of my father. To my good fortune it is very evident now, I was picked up at the airport by my then recently arrived aunt and with her I lived many years. Others were not as fortunate as I was. We expected Fidel to fail and fall, and evidently he has done the former but his regime is still in power. Cuba has never been under a blockade but an embargo, meaning that the Castros have been able to do bussiness throughout the entire world and cubans are eating dirt due to the utter failure of such a mindless,crooked and murderous regime.There is no one else to blame but the tyrants themselves. I was particularly impressed and delighted by Prof. Carlos Eire, whom I tried to e-mail last night at his address at Yale U. but was unsuccessful at that. His testimony was powerful, and his stance solid on why he does not return to visit the island under the current conditions. He never ever had a chance to see his father again. Prof. Eire stands on principle and this dear reader, is a very strange and rare occurrence in this day and age of compromise and fluid morality. I will watch it again this Sunday the 30th and this time my wife will be able to see in in its totality. I was also glad I got to see Carmen in the film, wife to my best friend "Guille" (Guillermo). This special group of 14,000 children, despite the odds, by the grace of Almighty God has overall has survived, thrived and excelled in all the different things in which they have been involved. So who says that adversity does not help elevate the human condition closer to the peak of its capacities and God-given talents?

Message by Jose Manuel | May 28th 2010

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