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WE have two questions: 1) We were foster parents of Emilio Armenteros from the summer 1963 to May of 1964. He had lived with an uncle, but it didn't work out. We are not sure when/how he had arrived in Miami, and are wondering if he was one of the Pedro Pan children. 2) My wife (Mrs. Pattie Linton) taught a special class of Cuban children at the first grade level at Comstock Elementary School for the school year of 1962-63. She would be most interested in hearing from any of those children. I (Mr. David Linton) taught music at Citrus Grove Junior High during 1961-1970. I would also be very interested in hearing from any of my students. Thank you.

Message by David and Pattie Linton | May 17th 2009

Can not find my name in data base. Arrived alone in May 1961,on a KLM flight from Havana. I was 14 years old. Came to live with an uncle immediately. Maybe it was 19, 20, or 21 of May 1961

Message by alberto l vega | May 17th 2009

I also cannot find my name nor my brother's name. Nor was I able to track the flight or other at camp in Orlando. I arrived in Miami on March 21, 1961 with my older brother Eduardo J. Alvarez (Hidalgo), today better known as Father Eddy, Pastor of Gesu Church in Downtown Miami. We were released to an uncle residing in Miami and spent 7 days in a downtown hotel waiting relocation. After 7 days, we went to the CWB and were sent to Kendall, then to St. Pete (Bishop Barry H.S.) and then Maitland (Orlando) where we enrolled at Bishop Moore H.S., Florida. We returned to Miami on August 1961.

Message by Carlos A. Alvarez Hidalgo | May 17th 2009

Soy Terry Vallina Rivas y he escrito antes, creo que no le he dado suficiente gratitud a la familia que me acogio en este pais. Sus nombres son Jose Luis and Josefina Garcia, mil gracias por su ayuda en esos dificiles momentos. Tambien a la famila de Raul y Luisa Puga, sobretodo a Raulito

Message by TERRY VALLINA RIVAS | May 17th 2009

I arrived in Miami on September 22, 1962 and reading this story in the Herald has been very emotional, outstanding work by all involved. We are extremely grateful to all those people that made Operation Pedro Pan possible. I will forever be grateful to my Aunt Mercedes Vega and my Uncle Armando Vega who provided for me and loved me as if I was their own son, and a Special Thanks to my Aunt and Godmother Esther Gort who made it possible for me and others to arrive.

Message by Leo Llanos Fresneda | May 17th 2009

Would like to know about a friend I had in Habana, his name is Heriberto Sedeno.

Message by TERRY VALLINA RIVAS | May 17th 2009

thank you for this important historical work!!! i have been getting the courage all morning to look for my record and just finding my name was very emotional. lots of work to be done here and there is a great opportunity thru your data base. my daughter found her dad and i first thing when she woke up this morning. my date of birth is incorrect and i would like to be able to register but it does not allow it please tell me what to do. again my great appreciation for your wonderful work and to George for the Chiclets and his record keeping and to my tia anita for taking me in

Message by Patricia Pino Hernandez | May 17th 2009

HI,I just want to say thank you to everyone that made this possible.I know that it was hard to part from our parents when we were so young but it was for our own good.I'm sure that they fell the same way we did.I arrived on 10/03/62 with my brother.He was 13,and I was 10.We lived with my aunt till my parents arrived 5 years later.It was really hard for us too.I remenbered how I used to cried every night before I went to sleep, thinking of when will I see my parents again.But still in my heart I keep no hate towards their dicisions for doing what they had to do.I will always love my parents and the people that help us be where we are today,Thank you everybody!

Message by Maria E Fernandez | May 17th 2009

My name is Hiram E. Varona, I arrived on January 3, 1962. Am I the only one to admitt that sending a 10 year old to live with an aunt and her family in Miami, was cruel, insensitive, and unnecesary? I had just turned 10 in the previuos November. I did not see my father until 1966, and my mother and brother until 1968. I have two children and two grandchildren. I could never bring myself to put them through what I lived through during my separation from my parents! As a result of my parent's decision to send me on my own to Miami, I never really had a normal relationship with either my father or mother after their arrival in the U.S. I will never forgive nor forget their senseless act of shipping me off to the U.S. After 47 years of living in exile, I've slowly regained my identity, my sense of decency, and my self worth that was robbed from me the moment that I climbed the steps of a KLM DC-6 flight to Miami on January 3 of 1963. Many point out how "lucky" I was to have escaped from Cuba when I did. Those who say that, never sat in the front porch of strange house in Coconout Grove patiently waiting for my parents to show up. This I did for about 6 months, then eventually gave up hope of ever seeing them again. Sorry, this kind of "luck" I don't wish on anyone. For too many years I've maintained my silence on this subject. If I sound ungrateful, maybe it is because I have never once seen the positive side of this issue. There are those whose experience was different than mine, but then again not everyone reacts eqully. I know that their is a great deal I must come to grips with in order to overcome my bitterness, but slowly and eventually I will arrive there.

Message by Hiram E. Varona | May 17th 2009

Yeah: I also arrived here at Miami Int'l Airport direct from Rancho Boyeros August 3rd, 1962 as a refugee alien, under the auspices of The Catholic Church's Pedro Pan Operation Program. I was 12 years old then. I spent about three years in the program, the latest location 'Florida City.'I reunited with Mom in 1965 and moved to California, The City of Los Angeles. I came back to Florida late 2003 in a permanent basis. It was all very nostalgic and at times emotionally troubling-the separation from our parents-but man's destiny is always full of twists and turns. Looking forward to communicate with any other Pedro Pan.! Exchange notes and so forth. Bye, bye!!!

Message by Manuel E Gutierrez Arnao | May 17th 2009

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