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Pedro Pan Administrator
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Friday, January 1, 1960
Haiti Pedro Pan
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My sister and I arrived on September 5, 1961. We were met by our Aunt Elena Franklin. I was 5 and my sister Lourdes was a month short of her second birthday.

Message by Clara Delgado | May 18th 2009

My name is Isabel Suarez, I arrived on May 8, 1962 with my 2 younger sisters - Elsia Dolores Suarez and Maria Eugenia Suarez. Our ages were 7 - 5 and 4

Message by ISABEL YOUNG | May 18th 2009

Hola, por favor quisiera saber como puedo comunicarme con Jose Aragon que vino por Pedro Pan,lo conoci en Alcala de Henares,Espana.Jose pertenecia a la Base de Torrejon de Madrid Espana como controlador de aviones.Su senora se llama Bonny.Estoy hace anos buscandolo Se que el llego aqui con su hermano menor.Tuvimos una amistad muy unida Por elano 76 nos visito y no me he podido comunicarme con ellos.Se que sus padres tenian en Puerto Rico un negocio de fotografias.Gracias Isabel Perez Borroto vdade Rene Perez-Borroto

Message by M.Isabel Perez-Borroto | May 18th 2009

All: Just a reminder that if you're able to find your record, please try to register it. If you register it, you can make corrections to the spelling of your name or your arrival date. If your date of birth is recorded incorrectly, please let us know here. We'll be working through the week to correct any errors in the database. Thanks!

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | May 17th 2009

Hola, Pedro: I registered yesterday while at Cuba Nostalgia. This is awesome and hope that our stories will be shared outside of South FLorida. I'd love to know the name of the family that I stayed with in Florida City. Also, I'd be curious to know the name of the kids that flew to Chicago with me on 1/31/62. Thanks! Anita Wydra (nee Ana Alvarez Saiz)

Message by Ana Isabel Alvarez Saiz | May 17th 2009

Trying to locate Arturo Robles, I believe he arrived early during 1961.

Message by Ruben Mastrapa | May 17th 2009

Is there a way of obtaining a photocopy of the manual entry in George's log with my name? My family would like to have it.

Message by Ricardo Fernandez Guerra | May 17th 2009

I left Cuba on July 4, 1961 aboard the Jr. Parrot Ferry and arrived on July 5 at the Port of Palm Beach. I had a visa waiver. I remember that my mom told me,when she broke the news to me on July 3 that I was leaving the next day, that she obtained the visa waiver through Operacion Pedro Pan. I cannot find my name on the data base, and I assume it is because I did not arrive at the Miami Airport. Are there any other Pedro Panes who arrived at the Port of Palm Beach? Where can I find the records of my arrival? My name then was Elena Bibiana Muller Mulkay.

Message by Elena Muller Garcia | May 17th 2009

I remember the day that we, my sister and my brother left the Airport in Cuba and the faces of my families left behind but the most important was my mother that staid for the Prisoners for Bahia De Cochinos, Brigada De Asalto 2506. We had to go just to be able to survive and not be taken from our mother's shelter and send to the fields to what the regime called "Alfabetisar". I have not been able to forget that moment and all that we went through but it was all worth because knowing freedom and been able to grow in a country that will never fall under the blackness of tiranies is wonderful. God made free and knowing God will always keep me free indeed. I love The United States of America and proud to be a citizen and proud that my uncle Humberto Chamizo and my father Natividad Eugenio Navarrete who, was taken prisoner and transporter from the Hospital Naval in Cuba in the back of a truck with other prisoners and survive, gave their lives so that we could return to a free Cuba. I feel sorry for the youth that live in Cuba and did not have the opportunity to see the real Cuba, that Cuba which had no frontiers and always welcome people from every where in the world. La Perla De Las Aantillas. Thank you for the opportunity and I would like to say one more thing, I remember George, always because the first chocolate was given to me by this wonderful man who we got to know by "George". Thank you very much for caring. Maria Emma Navarrete.

Message by Maria Emma Navarrete Chamizo | May 17th 2009

Mi nombre es Rosa Maria Llerena Suzarte y despues de estar como unos 15 dias en Miami, me enviaron a Our Lady of Lourdes en Nogales, Arizona junto a otras 19 niñas, quisiera saber de algunas de ellas, me acuerdo de Pilar Feijoo, Maria de los Angeles Hernandez, Miriam Hernandez, me gustaria saber de ellas y de las otras compañeritas de escuela y de ese tiempo tan importante de mi vida.Que todavia me es dificil hablar de ella.

Message by Rosa Maria Llerena Suzarte | May 17th 2009

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