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Pedro Pan Administrator
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Friday, January 1, 1960
Haiti Pedro Pan
Pedro has volunteered to help the children of Haiti. Find out how you can help, too.

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This is the Pedro Pan Administrator account.

Please feel free to message me and ask me questions. Or you can view our FAQ page by clicking on the Need Help? link at the top of the page.

I c...

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ATTENTION NEW MEXICO Pedro Pan: The Pedro Pan that went to Albuquerque, New Mexico are planning a 50th Anniversary Weekend-Reunion in May 2012. Please contact Ernesto Perez-Bermudez at for more information if you were part of this group. Don't miss this opportunity!!!

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | May 17th 2011

I arrived in Miami on August 10, 1961 at the age of 6. I was unescorted. Would I be considered part of the Pedro Pan program if I was in no way associated with the Cahtolic Church or related programs?

Message by Juan Jose Valdes | May 6th 2011

My brother and I arrived in Miami on Oct. 16 1961, and stayed in the camps until April 12+/- 1962, He stayed in Matecumbe, and I first in Kendall and then in Florida City/Homestead. In April we were re-united and sent to Evansville Indiana......

Message by Guillermo/Willy Seoane Gonzalez | May 5th 2011

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC will present "The Legacy of Operation Pedro Pan: A Round Table Conversation" on Tuesday, May 3, 2011, at 6:30 pm, Carmichael Auditorium, National Museum of American History, 14th Street & Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington DC. Miami Dade Pedro Pan Eloisa Echazabal will be one of the panelists. For more information, please go to Read more:

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Apr 28th 2011

PEDRO PAN - MARIANA BOYS HOME 50 YEAR REUNION Thusday, June 23rd .....Mariana Home visit 3:00 to 6:00 Dinner at Tommy's Restaurant. Open bar, dance floor, Open dinner Menu. Friday, June 24th .....Civic Act of Appreciation to Wichita and others. Ceremony and lunch at Eberly Farm. 10:00 - 4:00. $50.00 per person. Pay Valentin Gomez ahead of time or make arrangements with him. Evening on your own. Spend time with old friends. Open Grouping. Saturday, June 25th......Visit and tour of Bishop Carroll at 9:00 AM. Starting at noon Linda and Julian Guerra will host with LECHON ASADO AND TRIMMINGS until you want to leave. Beer provided. Bring other drinks if you care to do so. Sunday, June 26th......Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Joseph's Church. Tour of the grounds after mass. Official end of the event. If you have any questions, please contact: Lazaro San Martin 316-640-3421

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Apr 21st 2011

My mother was a pedro pan and is now being told she entered the country illegally. She came to the US when she was 13 and married my father (a U.S. Citizen) when she was 18. She is trying to receive Social Security benefits as well as my father's retirement benefits, but is now being told she entered illegally and that they have no record of her. She does not have her green card and she has never become a citizen. Immigration is questioning the existence of the Pedro Pan program due to the age difference between my mother and the representatives at the immigration offices. All of my mother's family from Cuba is deceased and she has only her birth certificate. At one point she was issued a Social Security card. Can you please advise as to where or whom I can contact to get some kind of documentation to prove my mother came into this country legally. Thank you very much.

Message by Marietta Ross | Mar 26th 2011

Attention all Pedropan! Christina Diaz Gonzalez is going to be at the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts Topic: Operation Pedro Pan – A Child’s View (discussion & book-signing of The Red Umbrella) March 19, 2011 at 1:00pm Barnes & Noble at The Walk on University Drive (2790 University Drive, Coral Springs) Let's join her at this event as she successfully continues to share our pedropan story....

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Mar 6th 2011

5th Annual Florida Book Awards Best 2010- The Red Umbrella awarded Gold Medal (Young Adult Category).Congratulations to Christina Diaz Gonzalez as she continues to spread the knowledge of our exodus in such a successful way! See link:

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Mar 1st 2011

To All Pedro Pans, Please welcome Jose March Naon to the network. He wins the honor of being the 1,500 Pedro Pan to register into the network since it was unveiled two years ago.

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Feb 23rd 2011

The Red Umbrella has been chosen by Primary Source ( ) as the Global Read for the month of March. This is a great opportunity to get the OPP story out to educators around the country and around the world. The author, Christina Diaz Gonzalez will be participating in a live chat on March 9, 2011. Primary Source Primary Source Educating for Global Understanding

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Feb 9th 2011

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