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Pedro Pan Administrator
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Friday, January 1, 1960
Haiti Pedro Pan
Pedro has volunteered to help the children of Haiti. Find out how you can help, too.

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This is the Pedro Pan Administrator account.

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PEDRO PAN STORY OF THE DAY: I arrived on 2/4/61, with two older boys and two girls. I believe one of the boys' name was Octavio. On 2/16/61, I flew to Wash DC, with my sister Olga and six other Cuban girls. I lived in St. Joseph's Home for Boys and went to school at Archbishop Carroll HS. I remember being treated very well, and I try to treat my students and their parents in the same respectful (high expectations) way I was treated. As a person, an individual, not a minority, not a "pobrecito." I have always been very grateful to all that had a part in helping me come here and get established. I remember that I was supposed to ask for "Mr Baker" when I arrived at Miami airport. And thanks to The Miami Herald (which I delivered when I moved back to Miami in June 62), for setting this thing up. - SAMUEL NODARSE SERRA

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Jul 4th 2009

Is there a way to send out the word to all the states that this web-site exsits? Letting people know that this website contains the names of the children that entered without their parents from 1960 to 1962. Many of the children who are Pedro Pan are not here in Miami and some (like me) didn't even know that we were considered Pedro Pan. I love this web-site. I have always wanted to remember my experience & feelings, which I have lost in my subconscious. Reading these stories has helped me remember some of my feelings & experiences. My brother & I went to St. Joseph Orphanage in Helena, Montana. The Orphanage consisted of about 40 Pedro Pan Children. Of the 40 only 6 including my brother & I have found this web-site. Is there a way you can help us find the rest of the children?

Message by Vivian A McCombie y Salort | Jul 3rd 2009

A PEDRO PAN TELLS WHY SHE LOVES THIS SITE: "From those of us who suffered, to the lucky ones like me who had a relatively easy time of it, we all felt the same fear, and cried the same tears. This site has provided a glue for us that was lacking for many, many years, and I truly believe that now that this glue is spreading, the pieces are coming together and the whole picture is coming into the light. Not only does the site honor us for what we endured, but it honors our parents for what they endured and their courage. Now our children and their children will have access to all the stories." - MARIA PETRONILA HERNANDEZ MILLS

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Jul 1st 2009

Me han dicho que se puden pedir los "files" de cada uno de los Pedro Pans. Que requiere pedir un permiso para ver nuestro "file". A quien y donde se pueden ver los contenidos de nuestros "file"?

Message by Leonardo Viota Sesin | Jun 30th 2009

hola soy de argentina y me he interesado por sus historias. Estoy buscando el video de "la manzana perdida" "the lost apple". Alguien tiene idea como puedo ubicarlo o conseguirlo. Si no lo puedo conseguir podrian contarme de que se trata. Muchas gracias Saludos, Lucia

Message by lucia blasco | Jun 29th 2009

REQUEST OF THE DAY: Pedro Pan Niurka Monfort Strong needs help finding her childhood friend, Angelita Alayon. SHE WRITES: "We lost contact a year later after we left Cuba. Does anyone know where she is? She's in the database,too, but she has not registered.Any information will be appreciated, and if any of you know of me, please contact me. I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance. My email is

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Jun 28th 2009

NEWS OF THE DAY: A group of Pedro Pans who resettled in Fort Wayne, Ind. are having a reunion today, Sat., June 27, 2009. To read a story in the local newspaper go to Fort and search for Pedro Pan. Let us know if you attend the event.

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Jun 27th 2009

ITEM OF THE DAY: Back in 1961, Pedro Pan Mario Garcia had dreams of becoming an actor in Cuba and made an appearance in a movie called "The Young Rebel." Days after shooting ended, his parents thankfully put him on plane to Miami as a Pedro Pan. Today, Garcia is newspaper design guru. To read his story and see a clip of the movie go to

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Jun 25th 2009

while in Kendall an then in OpaLocka I will always remember the ladies who use to work in the laundry an in the kitchen I wonder if anybody else remember them they were always there with an smile an something nice to say

Message by raimundo espinosa | Jun 24th 2009

Excerpt from a Pedro Pan story: "To the many American families who sheltered Pedro Pans like me, a belated and public thank you. I have tried to “pay it forward” along my life but my debt of gratitude will always remain. - Vicky del Rio

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Jun 24th 2009

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