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Pedro Pan Administrator
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United States of America
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Pedro Pan Administrator
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Friday, January 1, 1960
Haiti Pedro Pan
Pedro has volunteered to help the children of Haiti. Find out how you can help, too.

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This is the Pedro Pan Administrator account.

Please feel free to message me and ask me questions. Or you can view our FAQ page by clicking on the Need Help? link at the top of the page.

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Good morning Pedro Pan Administrator, First, thank you again for such wonderful database. I have a few questions: 1. Can I delete old messages left on my profile by others who contacted me? 2. Are you projecting a way that we could post more than 8 photos? 3. Yo pensé que nuestro database iba a ser accesible a PedroPanes nada mas. He visto gente hasta de otros paises; porqué? 4. Me puedes explicar las ventajas de estar o no estar registrado? Muchas gracias por la labor tan fantastica; es muy emocionante poder leer las historias tan similares pero distintas de otros hermanitos. Betty (Beatriz)

Message by Beatriz Amézaga-Wolf | Jul 16th 2009

Quisiera saber por que lo mensajes que yo mando tienen la palabra delete en azul en la esquina derecha en la parte de arriba y como removerlo Gracias

Message by Silvia E Portu | Jul 15th 2009

Dear Pedro Pan Administrator: Would it be possible to locate in your database the Pan American Airlines flight number for they flight I took? It's the only piece of information I lack as I reconstruct the details of my departure from Cuba back in 1962. Incidentally, how does one go about in determining the type of personal information that is preserved on the Pedro Pan Archives at Barry College? Thank you very much for your time and cooperation in this matter. Warm regards and best wishes, Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes.

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Jul 15th 2009

Thank you, Pedro Pan Administrator. I'm delighted that you like my pictures. It is my hope they might be of some use in preserving the history of Operation Pedro Pan. By posting them, I wish to pay tribute to the memories of Carmina and Manuel Martinez, who were always very kind to me. They, along with their daughters, Carmencita and Eliza, made my Pedro Pan experience much more bearable than it would have been otherwise. Warm regards and best wishes.

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Jul 14th 2009

Hola Pedro, me gustaria localizar a las Pedro Pan's que estuvieron en Stella Niagara Seminary, N.Y. y en Holy Family Academy, en Beaverville, Illinois Gracias, Betty

Message by Betty Gonzalez Penton | Jul 12th 2009

Thank you for posting about my brother, George...he would have loved it!

Message by Jorge Garrandes Gonzalez | Jul 12th 2009

SAD NEWS. PEDRO PAN PASSES AWAY: Jorge "George" Garrandes of Miami, who came to the U.S. as a 9-year-old during Operation Pedro Pan, passed away last week after a brief illness. His sister, Susana Garrandes, who is registered here, wanted us to know how proud he was to be a Pedro Pan. Garrandes attended LaSalle. We have posted his obituary, which also appeared in the Sunday Miami Herald. A Mass will be held in Jorge's honor at 11 a.m. Saturday, July 18 at St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, 900 SW 26th Rd. Please send your condolences to Susana.

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | Jul 12th 2009

Hola Pedro, once again! Can you please post that I am looking for any girls or boys that were sent to St. Patrick's Home in Sacramento, California. We were so few, I consider myself very fortunate to have found one, but continue looking for more. Thank you.

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Jul 12th 2009

Pedro: My brother, George (Jorge) knew many Pedro Pans from St. Peter & Paul School & La Salle High School in Miami...he was also a Pedro Pan and passed away this week...wanted to post his obituary here for anyone that knew him and we have not been able to contact. Jorge (George) Garrandés passed away on July 8th peacefully at his home after a short illness surrounded by his mother Eladia, step-father Vila, twin daughters Janine and Janessa, son Emilio, his much beloved Eileen, his twin brother Tony and sister Susy. He is also survived by his grandson Julian, son-in-law J.C., nephews Jorge & Tony, nieces Erika & Naty, aunts and cousins. George was born in Habana, Cuba and together with his twin brother Tony and sister Susy, arrived in the U.S. in 1962 at age 9 in the exodus of children from Cuba known as Operation Pedro Pan. He was an avid fisherman with an outgoing and adventurous personality that allowed him to make friends wherever he went. As a great admirer of Hemingway and Michener, George was inspired to visit Pamplona, Spain to run with the bulls during the Fiesta de San Fermin. For the past 22 years, every July 6th-14, he traveled to Pamplona for the San Fermines, living out the tradition and completing nearly 90 runs. George not only always had a joke or two to share but also had a very charitable heart. He supported St. Jude Children’s Hospital and proudly displayed photos of ‘his’ many children on his desk. He lived his life without regrets and always said that no matter what may happen to him, he wanted everyone to know, “I lived my life to the fullest!” George will be sorely missed by his family and friends. A mass in celebration of his very full life will take place on 7/18/09 at St Peter & Paul Church in Miami, Florida at 11:00am. WE LOVE YOU BULL GEORGE!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jul 12th 2009

Pedro; Since this site arose from the Miami Herald, why not spread the word through the news services? I have wondered about the same thing. As a matter of fact I wrote you sometime back about spreading the word. For example, my neighbor worked and was on the board of the local Chamber of Commerce. I know she would help me to get the word to the local TV stations in West Palm Beach and the Treasure coast. Let me know what you think and if I have permission to do so. Saludos Pedro Pan - Mary

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Jul 9th 2009

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