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Haiti Pedro Pan
Pedro has volunteered to help the children of Haiti. Find out how you can help, too.

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I did watch escape from Havana and it stirred up so many memories I thought I had forgotten all about. Born in May 1948, I left at 13 in January 27 (or 28) 1962 and came under the notion I was to go back soon to be reunited with my family, in my case with my mother and grandparents since I am orphaned of my father. To my good fortune it is very evident now, I was picked up at the airport by my then recently arrived aunt and with her I lived many years. Others were not as fortunate as I was. We expected Fidel to fail and fall, and evidently he has done the former but his regime is still in power. Cuba has never been under a blockade but an embargo, meaning that the Castros have been able to do bussiness throughout the entire world and cubans are eating dirt due to the utter failure of such a mindless,crooked and murderous regime.There is no one else to blame but the tyrants themselves. I was particularly impressed and delighted by Prof. Carlos Eire, whom I tried to e-mail last night at his address at Yale U. but was unsuccessful at that. His testimony was powerful, and his stance solid on why he does not return to visit the island under the current conditions. He never ever had a chance to see his father again. Prof. Eire stands on principle and this dear reader, is a very strange and rare occurrence in this day and age of compromise and fluid morality. I will watch it again this Sunday the 30th and this time my wife will be able to see in in its totality. I was also glad I got to see Carmen in the film, wife to my best friend "Guille" (Guillermo). This special group of 14,000 children, despite the odds, by the grace of Almighty God has overall has survived, thrived and excelled in all the different things in which they have been involved. So who says that adversity does not help elevate the human condition closer to the peak of its capacities and God-given talents?

Message by Jose Manuel | May 28th 2010

We all have different experiences, but the one in common is we came here alone and the oldest child turned into a parent over night. I never questioned my Mom on her choice of sending us here alone my sister did and her answer was the same one as Carlo's father. It was hard for us as children and hard for them as parents. Living a long life is not a right but a gift from God, so I pray he would grant me the gift of one day being able to take my children and grandchildren to a FREE.....CUBITA LA BELLA ..!!

Message by Marta Amalia Villa | May 28th 2010

I agree with Carlos Eire and Tomas Regalado.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | May 28th 2010


Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | May 28th 2010

Pedro says: Check out the new Mariel database!

Status update | May 21st 2010

After a short stay in Matecumbe, on April 18, 1962, I boarded a flight with my younger brother and older sister, along with other Cuban children . Our destinations were orphanages in St. Louis, Missouri; Denver, Colorado and Helena, Montana. As our plane banked at the Stapleton Airport in Denver, we thought the city had burned, as the trees had no leaves and the snow on the ground was grey and appeared to be ashes. My brother, Jose and I stayed at the St. Vincent’s Home For Boys, and our sister, Consuelo, stayed at the Queen of Heaven Orphanage a mile away. Cuban boys at St. Vincent’s, who had sisters in Queen of Heaven, were allowed to walk over and visit them once a month, weather permitting. I graduated from the University of Colorado, received a medical degree from Michigan State University, and now practice medicine in southwest Florida. Juan R. Puerto, M.D.

Message by Juan Puerto Lagarza | May 16th 2010

Hello Pedro, I have written and recorded 2 songs that are very relevant to this period of time in Cuba. The most recent song that I have just completed is called "New Jersey Gained" which is the story of Barbara Rangel's mother who had to part with her two children in order to exile them to the U.S. and then to New Jersey. I would like to send the song to you but you don't have an email posted here. George, at posts my music video "You don't know Che" which was also produced by Agustin Blazquez. He is using the song and video for his newest release; Che, the other side of an icon. Humberto Fontova has blogged about this song twice on babalu. This song is about the Hollywood celebraties that wear Che clothing and the like and idolize him. My video exposes them for who they are. I hope you will watch it. I would like to produce a similar video for "New Jersey Gained" but I am in need of pictures, footage, or whatever I can get my hands on. Agustin would likely help me with the video production. If you could possibly contact, via email, the children of Pedro Pan, then maybe I could get some photos from them. I hope to hear from you! Sincerely, Steve Pichan - Composer / singer / songwriter

Message by Steve Pichan | May 15th 2010

Im looking for a cousin name Caridad Perez, not sure of date of entry, I'm helping her half sister she arrived from Cuba back on 2006, please help us. Thanks.

Message by Mayra Casallas | May 14th 2010

I Uploaded one now, will try to upload another, listen could you post if any of us wants to adopt a puppy, they are english terries, but I do not sell them, i just want them to go togood homes just like us when we came from Cuba...I will have a picture of them in my profile and they are 1 1/2 month old...thanks

Message by Ileana Arriola (Minico) | May 13th 2010

Pedro says: The Pedro Pan Network was down last night. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Status update | May 13th 2010

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