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"I arrived in a Pan American flight by myself on February 8, 1961. I was told by my parents that I was supposed to speak to nobody, but that, only if asked, I would respond by saying that I was traveling to go to school outside of Cuba. Shortly before the ..."
Rene Lopez-Guerrero Meruelo
"I lived in Santa Clara with my Mami y Papi. Papi had been a farmer until the age of 20. He and his younger brother got tired of working their butts off and not making any money. They started selling yardage on horseback to the farmers in their smal..."
Jose D Pimienta Mesa
"I was born November 3, 1961 and arrived November 20th, 1961. I was only 17 days old. Wonder if I am the youngest of all?"
Antonio Miyar Rodríguez
"On March 21, 1962, my sister Magaly (age 6) and I (age 8) arrived at Miami's airport expecting to be reunited with our aunt and two older brothers who had come in July 1961,as our parents had told us. But our aunt never picked us up and eventually we we..."
María del Carmen Ferrer Mirallés
"Spend time in Florida City, Opa Locka and St. Rafael, after my parents came from Cuba back in June 1966 we move to New Orleans, LA. Graduated from John F. Kennedy High School. After attending Delgado Community College and received an Associated Degree in ..."
Antonio R. Rivera Martínez
"Well… I never really heard of “Pedro Pan” until years after I was in California and someone mentioned it to me. This is how really disconnected I was and have been. This all started one morning after about 4 hours at the Havana airport, going through ..."
Abelardo C. Roque Escobar Pardo
"Within year of arrival was joined by my parents and sistema Myriam and in Dec 1962, relocated to Hartford, CT. Studied HS in West Hartford and attended Villanova University (MSEE) and The Thunderbird School of International Business (MBA). After a brief..."
Pablo J. Alcázar Meruelo

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Sara fernandez Eunice C
Eunice me gust aria me llamaras soy de Mariano de tub barrio Anita y cooazo fueron comp mio de esculent y consider a tu fam
Thu 4pm
Maria Elena Prats Isolina
estoy buscando a la familia Prats, soy hija de Victor Prats,cubana
Thu 3pm
Raul montero Esther
Hi Esther I'm trying to remember those of us that stayed at the villa I arrived on jan 16 1961 please let me know if you remember how many ...
Wed 9am
Raul Montero Rene Luis
Rene I don't remember you but will like to refresh my memory I was at the villa from jan16 1961 till June 20 1961 then I was sent to Kennedy...
Wed 9am
Evelyn Gracia Jorge
Hola Jorge. Tu historia me llego al corazon, admiro todo lo que has logrado realizar, contactame : ) Bendiciones
Tue 4pm
Evelyn Gracia Luis
Que historia tan conmovejedora. Reciba muchas bendiciones. : )
Tue 4pm
Evelyn Gracia Luis
Que historia yan interesante. Dios aprieta pero no ahoga. Bendiciones
Tue 4pm
Oscar Hernandez Maqu... Armando C.
Yo tengo un amigo que recuerdo desde siempre. Siendo adoslecentes, el vino para Estados Unidos y nunca mas supimos el uno del otro, pero sie...
Tue 10am
Hola, Raimundo. ¿Recuerdas algunos de los nombres de los matrimonios que sirvieron de "housekeepers" en los "group homes" de los varones y l...
Sun 3pm
Hola, tocayo José. ¿Recuerdas algunos de los nombres de los matrimonios que sirvieron de "housekeepers" en los "group homes" de los varones ...
Sun 3pm
Hola melania si eres hija de lourdes por favor comunicate conmigo soy hija de mirna y pedro desde España
Sun 1pm
I know that the're a lot of Jose Rodriguez ,but not too many JoseManuelRodriguez San Pedro,. my name is Silvia, pero todo el mundo me conoce...
Jul 5th 2014
Oscar Valdes Yero Omara C
Omara: Tu primo Enrique quiere comunicarse con ustedes su correo es: Yo soy Oscarito el primo de Enrique. Si puedes me...
Jul 5th 2014
Emy soy yo Jesus queria solamente dejarte un mensage.Espero todos esten bien por alla,or aqui todos bien.
Jul 5th 2014
angeles castro marti... Rigoberto
Te acuerdas de Es paña y de Salamanca?.Un saludo
Jul 4th 2014

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