Coral Reef

Boat Information

  • Vessel name: Coral Reef
  • Arrival: May 26, 1980
  • Captain: n/a
  • Size: 62.2'
  • Use: Fishing
  • Onboard when departed US: 6
  • Crew: 4
  • Refugees: 183
  • Total people onboard: 193
  • Coast guard remarks: n/a

Memories from the Passengers

Zoraida Rodriguez's memory of Coral Reef

We left Cuba early in the morning of May 25th, but arrvied about 15 minutes past midnight. What an amazing experience.

Jose m. naya's memory of Coral Reef

Me,my mother, my wife and my 2 childrens, came in the Coral Reef thanks to the crew...

Juan J De La Nuez's memory of Coral Reef

i did see my bother Alexis for the first time in 18 years on board of this boat, he went to cuba to get me and my mother, he left cuba in the early 60's to this day that day stay in my heart for ever ,on the way to Key West all we did was talk and go (read the rest of this memory)t to know each other and my mother was very scare of the sea but we din't give her any time to think

Jorge Armely Diaz's memory of Coral Reef

Thanks to the Coral Reef Crew, To Jimmy Carter, To USA for the FREEDOOM. Ihave been too many times in Key West, and also once at Fort Indiantown Gap, in PA, Area # 13 wher I expend my 32 first days in USA. Too many memories that I will take with me f (read the rest of this memory)or the rest of my life.... Thanks to all 33 years after those days...

Paula L Perez's memory of Coral Reef

First Memory
Three years old, out at sea
waves toss us around.
My mother is lying down on some sort of platform.
My brother
One year old sits beside her, legs dangling.
She vomits into a plastic bag
My did ties it and tells me (read the rest of this memory)r>"Pa los tiburones"
and throws it overboard.
Primera memoria
de tres aņitos
las olas nos revuelven sobre el mar
Mi mama esta acostada en algun tipo de plataforma.
Mi hermano
Un aņito se sienta a su lado,
sus piernitas guindando.
Ella vomita en una bolsa plastica
Mi papa la amara y me dice
"Pa los tiburones"
y la tira al agua.
Le sumba el mango