Sun Dance II

Boat Information

  • Vessel name: Sun Dance II
  • Arrival: May 12, 1980
  • Captain: n/a
  • Size: n/a
  • Use: shrimp boat
  • Onboard when departed US: n/a
  • Crew: 4
  • Refugees: n/a
  • Total people onboard: n/a
  • Coast guard remarks: n/a

Memories from the Passengers

Miguel A Morgado's memory of Sun Dance Ii

Like many thousands of Cuban refugees my life story is also an interesting journey. I left Cuba alone from the Mariel port. I was put on a boat straight out of Castro jail. I was then just a 17 years old kid but taught to be tough thru all other pre (read the rest of this memory)vious experiences is communist Cuba. I was the oldest of 6 siblings (4 sisters and a 7 years old little brother). They all had stayed behind with my parents back in the island's central town of Santic-Spiritus. If I could leave the island this would be our only chance to get the whole family, I had to find a way out because of the predicament that I was in. Notice prior to this event I was kicked out of the national educational system because Castro thru one of his state agency the "Ministerio del Interior" had taken students out the school system simply because co-applicant with their parents requesting permission to leave the island. Out of school I was just about to be round up by police into the Castro labor camps a false military service called "El Servicio Militar" from the experiences of other youth I knew this was nothing more than Stalin and Hitler styled concentration camps of able working bodies forced for 3 consecutive years to work for the state in medial agricultural jobs cutting sugar cane in Castro's plantation under the most inhumane conditions housed like animals, worked 7 days a week, daily transported in open trucks to endless sugar cane fields to work up tp16 hours shifts with little or no breaks, water and minimal food intake.
In early April upon arriving at Havana to get political asylum from the Peruvian Embassy. I was jailed and quickly charged under false accusations to serve a minimum of 3 years, but this was God's mighty hand, all alone an answered prayer that He choose this route to get me here and then my parents by way of Costa Rica.
Arrival: May 11, 1980. Key west, Fl. Naval / Coast Guard base.
"Sunday morning Mothers day, the most glorious and beautiful day in my life, thank God".
Vessel Name: Sundace-II. (a modern styled and powerful fishing or work vessel ?)
Flown to: Ft. Chaffee, AK. An army military base capable of housing thousands of others like me.
Settled in: Ft Lauderdale since June 3/4th 1980. Lived here ever since.
Married :24 years/ 2 children. (my wife I met here, at 2 years old she came with her parents, 1969)
Work status/field: Technician, Supervisor, Superintendent (over 27 years with same company).
God Bless America!!!!!!

Maria Elena Figueroa's memory of Sun Dance Ii

yo era muy nina mis tios me pusieron la monita

jorge o roque's memory of Sun Dance Ii

An increible feeling, such a mix emotion. The sadness of leaving the country one loves so much, family and friends was almost unbearable, but the knowing that a new life awaits ahead full of opportunities, freedom and away from a land destroyed by a (read the rest of this memory)murderous dictardor made it all worth the agony. I remember the boat slow advance, like a wounded whale trying to reach safety, carring so many life to the promessed land, running from a monster who feast on the blood of so many inocents, whom have no choice but to kneel at his presence to worship this devil and corrupt desires. Thank God for the opportunity to be in The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave.

Raquel Ruiz Perez's memory of Sun Dance Ii

todo fue como un sueno