The Family Pride

Boat Information

  • Vessel name: The Family Pride
  • Arrival: May 8, 1980
  • Captain: n/a
  • Size: n/a
  • Use: n/a
  • Onboard when departed US: n/a
  • Crew: n/a
  • Refugees: n/a
  • Total people onboard: n/a
  • Coast guard remarks: n/a

Memories from the Passengers

Juan Luis Figueredo's memory of The Family Pride

Este barco Camaronero con alrededor de 250 o mas personas a bordo ,Partio del puerto del Mariel el 6 de Mayo de 1980 a las 4 PM y arribo a Cayo Hueso a las 4 AM del dia 7 de Mayo de 1980

juan salas's memory of The Family Pride

Yo llegue el siete pero fue a las ocho de la manana,estoy seguro que estábamos alla en cayo hueso ese dia.

Yoselin Gonzalez's memory of The Family Pride

I was only 5 and I remember some of the ride here. The captain opened an area in the boat where I was sitting and he had food. I remember eating crackers and sitting on my mothers lap inside. When we got to our destination I walked over a plank and r (read the rest of this memory)emember dropping my sweater, my mom screamed at me because it was the only one I had. I searched the data base and found my father, mother, sister, grandmother and uncle. It has brought tears to my eyes and I'm so grateful to be here. Thanks America but I will never forget where I came from.