Super Blue

Boat Information

  • Vessel name: Super Blue
  • Arrival: May 25, 1980
  • Captain: n/a
  • Size: 65'
  • Use: Pleasure
  • Onboard when departed US: 13
  • Crew: 2
  • Refugees: 269
  • Total people onboard: 271
  • Coast guard remarks: Charter

Memories from the Passengers

jorge prieto's memory of Super Blue

I was 24 years when I left Cuba in this boat,
and was one of the sadest and at the same time joyfull day of my life,as a part of the crew's family we were at the bow of the ship, we start our journey at 12.00 pm, I remember watching how my beatifu (read the rest of this memory)l Havana
was turning small and small until disapear
completly in the horizon, that was the sad part of that journey, a new life and hope was
ahead , the day was beatiful , for the first
time in my life I was in the middle of the ocean in a trip to the unknown, with only one thing in my mind " at last freedom". I will never regret the decision I made to come to this country, I remember the flyingfish, and when we stop to tow an small
boat that until today I don't know if one of the passenger was sick or dead, the captain called the coast guard, and my god
what a huge ship, everybody remain silence
when that ship docked almost a few yards
from us, then we continue our trip to key west, the Superblue docked at 12.30 am of
May 26, 1980, I will never forget that day.
God bless all the "marielitas"

Carlos R Cabrera's memory of Super Blue

I was 11 years old when I left Cuba on this boat. The voyage took 12 long hours. I remember that there were many refugees on this boat as indicated in the boat information. I stayed 2 days in Abreu Fontan and 3 hours in El Mosquito. The stay there wa (read the rest of this memory)s horrible as we slept in the floor and had very little food to eat. But I was very happy to meet my family members back in Miami.

kenia gonzalez's memory of Super Blue

i was 9 years old when arrived to usa my uncle was at the boat with us i was able to come with my parents and sister the part of the journey i remember the most is when we towed a small boat and then the captain had to called the coastguard cuz i per (read the rest of this memory)son from the towed boat was sick due to the toxic inhalation and i saw the huge coastguard i was impressed ill never forget that was a good journey and never my parents or us regret coming to this wonderful country.....

Rigoberto Fundora's memory of Super Blue

I was 17 years old when i left Cuba by myself
tenia 17 anos cuando me fui de cuba yo solo
con un grupo de amigos del barrio , todos eramos estudiantes , nuestros padres nos ayudaron a venir a pesar de que no querian que vinieramos solos nos a (read the rest of this memory)yudaron , aunque salimos juntos del barrio al llegar al mosquito nos separaron y vinimos en diferentes barcos pero despues nos encontramos en cayo hueso otra vez y de ahi para pensylvania a un fuerte militar llamado fort indiantown nunca lo voy a olvidar , al tiempo nos volvimos a ver aqui en miami y nos hemos seguido viendo al cabo de todos estos anos , para mi vida el mariel ha sido lo mas grande que me ha pasado en mi vida doy gracias a los estados unidos por haberme recibido en este pais donde todos quieren venir y yo haber podido venir , a dios por haberme guiado el camino a seguir gracias dios gracias U.S.A