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    UPDATE: Heat crumple to Pacers on road in Indiana. 

    First of all we have never, ever, in over  dozen jury trials in Broward court, heard a clerk read a verdict that said anything other than "NOT guilty." 

    But what really gets us is that the court officer just [...]
    From JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG at March 26, 2014, 8:29pm in Law, News, Politics
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  • Knaus Berry Farm (Homestead)

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    ***** Knaus Berry Farm, 15980 Southwest 248th Street, Homestead, Florida 33031, (305)247-0668.

    Taken from Knaus Berry Farm website (

    “Knaus Berry Farm has been owned and operated by members of the Knaus family for over 50 years…*Assorted Baked Goods *Cinnamon Rolls *Honey Jams & Jellies *Lettuce & Herbs *Strawberries *Tomatoes & Peppers [...]

    From Jeff Eats at April 15, 2014, 11:51am in Food and Dining
  • World Cup trophy in town

    Among the many tourists visiting Miami this week: The World Cup trophy. Yes, THE World Cup trophy, in all its golden glory.

    Here's the press release...

    On April 14, Washington D.C. will be the first stop in the United States, during which the tour will visit the U.S. State Department and the [...]

    From Total Futbol at April 15, 2014, 11:39am in Blogs, Sports
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