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  • Burger Brawl Review

    Burger Brawl’s Best Burgers Burgers have experienced a glorified Renaissance period over the past decade. We are proud that Miami has been a staunch contributor to this deliriously delicious movement. This city has introduced Pincho Factory’s Toston Burger and Quesadilla Burger, Swine’s orgasmic Swine Burger and Eating House’s celestial Carbonara Burger. All these superb and unique [...]

    *UPDATE*- the jury room manager just confirmed all of the information below is accurate, while adding in no uncertain terms judicial administration's Jack Tuter and Clerk of Courts Howard Forman deserve the credit for the revised May 28th list, which deleted Rosenthal, Richards, and Feren from the rotation.  Well done![...]

    From JAABlog at June 08, 2014, 9:30pm in News, Politics

            It's been quite awhile, but sometimes one has to take a break to see what really is going on.  I took several months off to find out what was next.  Then while watching the show Nashville with everyone performing in an auditorium in Nashville itself, [...]
    From Sessions with Dr. Mimi Scott at June 08, 2014, 8:05pm in Personal
  • Daddy Loves the Forge

      Father’s Day is around the corner  and in honor of Dad, The Forge is rolling out their Prime Rib Sundays on June 15th.  Here are the details:   WHAT: Prime Rib + Chef Lee “Popover” + Wine, Beer, or Cognac ($39) WHEN: Sunday, June 15th WHERE: 432 41st Street, Miami Beach, FL Enjoy Daddies!!!! [...]
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