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  • Imagine a history without Castro

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    Internationally, Fidel Castro has exported social chaos, death and destruction, both as Moscow's proxy and independently with illegally obtained financing. He has spread violence and terror around the globe by supplying Cuban troops, military advisors, weapons, terrorist training, exported guerilla fighters, drugs, weapons and persons trafficking, and propaganda.

    Look at [...]

    From Babalú Blog at June 10, 2014, 2:17pm in Cuba
  • Campaign Advantage Cancelled For Judges

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    Administrative Judge Jack Tuter and Clerk of the Courts Howard Forman deserve praise, according to the local courthouse website JAABlog.

    Tuter and Forman have cancelled the practice of providing the three judges running for re-election the jury room as a campaign forum.

    Judges Lynn Rosenthal, Ian Richards and Steve Feren [...]

    From at June 10, 2014, 1:25pm in News, Politics
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