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  • Dangerous Productions: April 2014 update

    By Dangerous Productions

    Things are hopping in Frogtown, Saint Paul. Dangerous Productions has teamed up with a consortium of other local arts organizations and individuals to turn the once-troubled Saint Paul neighborhood into a unique and thriving cultural destination.

    How? By any means possible.

    For the past two years, Dangerous Productions’ HAPPY MINNESOTA [...]

    From Knight Arts at April 20, 2014, 4:12pm in Arts and Entertainment
  • Ethics Conference: A Must For Political Junkies

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    One of the biggest political issues in recent years is campaign financing.

    Now you have a chance to see two of the biggest legal players in that controversy discuss their experiences.  James Bopp and John Bonifaz will argue the merits of campaign finance laws in light of two recent Supreme [...]

    From at April 20, 2014, 1:57pm in News, Politics
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