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    Openings  Tuesday in the tragic and contentious case of the murder of Miami Detective James Walker. The defendant Andrew Rolle is represented by David Peckins and Stuart Adelstein. ASA Abby Rifkin laid out the prosecution's case in her opening statement in which she told the jury that Rolle was trying' [...]
    From JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG at June 25, 2014, 4:00am in Law, News, Politics

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    UPDATE: BLOOM CONFIRMED. Judge Beth Bloom was confirmed by the US Senate Tuesday morning by a vote of 95-0. She joins a now long line of former county court judges who worked their way up to the Federal Bench. Judge Gayles, Judge Moreno, and  Judge Altonaga also make up that [...]
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  • Let's Have a DQ Party!

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    If the glove fits, you must be ok with it throw a fit serve a writ dq that twit:

    Beginning in 2010, the law firm of Jordan Burt represented the Tribe and Tribal members with the IRS’ investigation of Non-Taxable Distribution Revenues (“NTDR”). Specifically, James Jordan, Esquire and [...]

    From South Florida Lawyers at June 09, 2014, 6:00am in
  • D-DAY

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    Seventy years ago today was the day of days. 

    When people are asked about meeting a person from history or being at a historical moment they will say things like they want to meet Jesus, or be at his resurrection,  or at Kennedy's inaugural address or at the launch' [...]
    From JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG at June 06, 2014, 12:01am in Law, News, Politics
  • Boating accident at Dinner Key

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    There was a major boating accident involving three boats in a colission on July 4 near Dinner Key at 10:45 pm. Four people were killed, nine people were transported to various hospitals. A lady and man died in one hospital and two others' bodies were found in the water. 
    From Coconut Grove Grapevine at July 06, 2014, 10:00am in Communities
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