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    There was a time, before legislators reacted to Hollywood movies and began enacting sentencing guidelines and minimum mandatory laws, when Judges could be Judges instead of calculators. 
    There was a time when Judges like Ed Cowart, Tom Scott, Tom Carney, Herb Klein, David Tobin, were trusted with deciding a sentence. [...]
    From JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG at July 21, 2014, 9:59pm in Law, News, Politics

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    Miami Dade Judicial races bring out nah.  Brightest? Hardly. 

    But a lawyer with an ethics probe or two? 
    Take a number, get in line, pay your entrance fee and jump in the race. 

    You wanna dance, you gotta pay the band. 
    You wanna run for judge, you [...]
    From JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG at July 19, 2014, 5:07pm in Law, News, Politics
  • Runcie Defies His Bosses At The School Board

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    Five Broward School Board members caved in to Superintendent Robert Runcie on Tuesday, reversing an earlier vote and giving huge raises to three administrators.

    But that’s not the whole story.

    The vote was 5-4.

    That is not exactly an overwhelming show of support for the superintendent who in the past could [...]

    From at July 20, 2014, 10:19am in News, Politics
  • Dispatch from the desk of despair

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    What, me worry? I am untouchable. As I told you in South Africa, at Mandela's funeral, Mr. Obama: "I AM Castro." my epaulets clearly indicate, I am also a five-star general!

    Calls for investigation of the murder of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero still fall on deaf ears two' [...]

    From Babalú Blog at July 21, 2014, 10:44pm in Cuba
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