• 08232013

    FBR: Sawgrass Mills welcoming more luxury retailers

    Sawgrass Mills proudly announced the addition of a Jimmy Choo store to the mall. In recent years though, Sawgrass Mills has welcomed a number of luxury retailers to the property. The Miami Herald's Karen Rundlet reports.audio Listen now

  • 08192013

    FBR: Saving on his gas bill, hoping to make a fortune

    A South Florida entrepreneur has built a company that sells compressed natural gas. He says in terms of making a fortune, he has a ways to go, but you wouldn't believe how much he's saving on filling up his tank every year. WLRN/Miami Herald News reporter Karen Rundlet brings us the story.audio Listen now

  • 08162013

    FBR: Two cents from an outgoing vocal Chamber boss

    Bill Diggs is the outgoing President of the Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce. The chamber serves minority entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals. Before he takes on his new role as Director of the Mourning Family Foundation, Diggs shared some very frank opinions about the business climate for minorities in South Florida.audio Listen now

  • 08022013

    FBR: The fairy tale with a happy ending for a home buyer

    All you hear these days is that South Florida is a "seller's" market. Miami Herald business journalist Karen Rundlet tracked one buyer for more than two years. Did she end up finding a fairy tale ending to her search?audio Listen now