Is someone pinching pennies at Guantánamo prison?

Lawyers report Guantánamo’s detainees are looking tattered, and the prison won’t say why

Detainees describe short supplies, an austerity kick inside the Most Expensive Prison on Earth

The prison spokesman says there’s no supply problem, and nothing there has changed

Miami-Dade commissioners not yet sold on Vizcaya becoming independent

In its push to break away from county government — and instead be managed by its own nonprofit board — Vizcaya Museum & Gardens still has some political persuading to do. A Miami-Dade County Commission workshop on Thursday showed that not all commissioners are comfortable with the idea.

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Reform and larger police presence making Hondurans feel safer

In Honduras, police security has long been treated like a private privilege more than a public right

But reform is underway including more modern and professional practices

And it’s having an impact with homicide rates expected to drop by as much as 30 percent

Tampa Democrat Arthenia Joyner explains why she asked the Senate to change its official seal. Video by Kristen M. Clark

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