For the techie

As a start-up cheerleader, Dr. Susan Amat’s career is rooted in gift giving, in the form of resources and mentorship passed on to the next generation of entrepreneurs. The self-described serial entrepreneur co-developed the University of Miami’s Launch Pad, which has become an international model for entrepreneurship education at schools across the U.S., only to turn around and perform another slam dunk with Venture Hive in downtown Miami. The tech accelerator doles out grants and then some to international start-ups within the city’s strongest fields, like healthcare and hospitality. As a working mother of two young children, Amat certainly knows the pressures of buying holiday gifts. Here, she shares those that will light up a techie’s eyes.

  • “Netflix’s original hit show Orange is the New Black proved cable TV is no longer the only game in town. With Apple TV, recipients can be endlessly entertained by iTunes, HBO, ESPN and more, plus play content from their iOS devices. You just may never see them again!” $99.

  • “Silicon Valley isn’t exactly known as a style hub, but some tech lovers may get into customizing an Instawatch with a photo uploaded from cameras, phones or Instagram. They even get to choose a wristband from 14 colors.” $44.

  • “The problem with taking phone photos is that they tend to be forgotten. Hammacher Schlemmer’s Smartphone Photo Printer for Android and iPhone creates gorgeous prints that are gifts in themselves. There’s also a wireless version for iPhone.” $160.

  • “Since this crowd likes cracking codes and crunching numbers, why should that stop during cocktail hour? Toast the season with these exclusive, clever math glasses.” $38 for a set of 4.

  • “James Bond only wishes he had a Livescribe Smartpen that records everything written and heard. The new Sky WiFi model syncs automatically to Evernote whether using a smartphone, computer or tablet.” $200 for 4GB.

  • “With all these gadgets, power is always an issue. Why not harness Florida’s plentiful sunshine for XTG’s Premium Solar Charger that also features an LED reading light?” $20.

  • “Most people know about Jawbone’s Jambox speakers, but this San Francisco company also makes incredible headsets like the ICON HD, which reduces background noise thanks to military technology. Even non-techies will appreciate the sound of silence.” $100.