Sports Scene: Matthew Fung, Randy Wilson team to win USTA Florida Bobby Curtis Junior State Doubles Championship


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The Miami Herald and the three-time world champion Miami Heat in partnership with Gatorade are sponsoring the Academic/Sportsmanship Team Player spotlight in Sunday’s youth sports pages in the Neighbors Sunday print section of the Miami Herald and online at

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Be sure to include a contact telephone number and complete mailing address in your correspondence and mail or e-mail a photograph to us. For Heat ticket information, call 786-777-HEAT and log on to


Miami’s Matthew Fung and Randy Wilson won the boys’ 12s doubles title during the 65th USTA Florida Bobby Curtis Junior State Doubles Championships at the Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach.

Aventura’s Harrison Gold teamed with Daniel Labrador of Tampa to reach the finals. In the championship match, Fung and Wilson defeated Gold and Labrador 6-4, 7-6 (7-5).

The USTA Florida Bobby Curtis Junior State Championships represents some of the best junior tennis players in the strongest of the 17 USTA sections across the country. The USTA Florida Bobby Curtis Junior State Doubles Championships is one of the few major events in the country that combine boys’, girls’, and mixed doubles in the same event.

Former Bobby Curtis state doubles winners include former WTA doubles No.1 and Wimbledon winner Corina Morariu (Girls 16s-1992, Girls 14s-1991), and current ATP player Wayne Odesnik (Boys 14s-1999).

Former world No.1s Chris Evert, Andy Roddick and Jim Courier are among the players that have raised trophies in singles at the USTA Florida Bobby Curtis Junior State Singles Championships, previously known as the USTA Florida Jr. State Closed. Florida’s top event was renamed to honor the legendary Florida junior tennis organizer Bobby Curtis in 2012. The tournament is annually a launching pad for future college stars and pros.

Kendall Hammocks football

Shamar Munroe scored the winner on a run as the Kendall Hammocks Warriors 14-and-under tackle football team edged North Miami Beach 6-0 in overtime in Miami Xtreme Youth Football.

The defense was outstanding en route to the shutout. After taking the lead in overtime, the defense stood strong with Diamonte Howard intercepting a pass to seal the win. The Warriors improved to 5-1.

Most of the Kendall Hammocks teams traveled to West Kendall.

Results: Pee Wees: West Kendall 30, KH 12. 8U: KH 26, WK 0. 10U: WK 20, KH 6. 11U: WK 25, KH 0. 13U: WK 18, KH 6. 12U: Miami Springs 30, KH 0.

Prime Time flag football

Arturo Jena scored on a run, threw two touchdown passes and on defense intercepted two passes as the Dolphins beat the Packers 19-12 in Seniors (5th-6th grade) of Prime Time Sports Flag Football at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center in North Miami Beach.

Aidan Gold had three receptions (one a touchdown), and Daniel Broides made two receptions. Ilan Koenig caught a pass, and Lindsey Weingard had four receptions (one a touchdown) and on defense intercepted a pass. For the Packers, Aidan Singer tossed a touchdown pass, and Elan Roffe scored on a run, caught thee passes and recorded two sacks. Henri Birol had three receptions, and Ido Yaari caught a pass and recorded a sack. Michael Efroni had three receptions (one a touchdown).

Bengals 12, Steelers 6: Ariel Bouskila three receptions (one a touchdown); Beny Bakar one reception; David Batievsky three receptions (one a touchdown), two interceptions; Noah Pierre three receptions; Sholom Marcus two touchdown passes. For the Steelers, Avi Alalu four receptions (one a touchdown); Noah Givner three receptions; Noah Markovsky one touchdown pass; Rafael Andrusier one reception.

•  Scouts (1st-2nd grade)

Packers 21, Dolphins 7: Aquiba Serfati one interception, one reception; Eithan Chocron three receptions; Evan Seder one touchdown run, three receptions (one a touchdown); Jake Manasse two receptions, one touchdown run; TJ Feely two receptions (one a touchdown).

For the Dolphins, Alejandro Berkman five receptions, one touchdown run; Alex Hausmann one interception; Benjamin Schwartz one interception; Dylan Wigoda one reception, one interception; Joel Dejman one reception, Jonathan Almosny three receptions, Noam Vainstein one reception, Vanessa Batievsky three receptions.

Packers 30, Vikings 12: Eithan Chocron one reception; Evan Seder one touchdown run, three receptions, one interception; Jake Manasse three receptions, three touchdown runs, one interception (Player of the Week); Zachary Banin two receptions, one touchdown run.

For the Vikings, Daniel Kleiner one reception; Eyal Waxman three receptions; Mark Szomstein six receptions, Michael Benzadon two touchdown runs, seven receptions, one interception.

•  Juniors (3rd-4th grade)

Patriots 18, Bengals 13: Pablo Sangranichne one touchdown pass, one touchdown run , one interception (pick 6); Adam Cohen two receptions; Benjamin Bronstein four receptions; Yaakov Marcus eight receptions (one a touchdown), Yoni Bugay one reception, Sam Szapiro one reception, David Lalo one reception.

For the Bengals, Allan Strimber two touchdown passes, one interception one reception; Jonathan Bacal seven receptions (one a touchdown), one interception; Joseph Abramowitz two receptions; Kayla Bigelman one reception; Marcos Romano six receptions (one a touchdown), one sack; Samuel Attias three receptions, one interception.

Dolphins 26, Packers 17: Ari Schottenstein four receptions; Jackson Gold three receptions (with two touchdown catches, Eli Silverman two touchdown passes, one touchdown run, four receptions, one interception (Player of the Week), Michael Stiberman one reception, Ricardo Koenig one touchdown reception.

For the Packers, Andres Ruah one interception; Rocco Lulinski two receptions (one a touchdown), Daniel Rosen two receptions. Sammy Sklar two receptions.

Giants 18, Steelers 13: Marc Wendrow two touchdown passes, one touchdown run, three receptions; Max Kertznus one touchdown reception, Daniel Brown five receptions (one a touchdown), Isiah Pierre four receptions (one a touchdown), Jaime Mizrahi one reception, one interception.

For the Steelers, Max Wagenber two touchdown passes; Ari Bakar one receptions; Tomer Spivak five receptions (one a touchdown), Aiden Hirsch, David Delarosa one, Jack Harris three receptions.

•  Varsity (7th-9th grade)

Steelers 18, Dolphins 12: Jared Weingard two touchdown passes; Jonas Senker one receptions; Rafael Suarez two receptions; Dylan Gabay one reception, Menachem Balkany four receptions, one touchdown run, two interceptions; Darren Hirsch five receptions (with two touchdown catches), two interceptions (Player of the Week); Joey Leizerowitz one reception.

For the Dolphins, Eric Getzel two receptions; Mendy Benamu seven receptions; Robert Behar one reception.


Prime Time basketball

Daniel Solomiany scored nine points to lead the Pirates over the Friars 22-18 in the Big East (3rd-4th grade) of Prime Time Sports Basketball at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center in North Miami Beach.

Samuel Courtney added seven points, and Michael Abbo and Benjamin Holcman each had three points. Jaime Mizrahi scored two points and Kenny Zafrani one point. For the Friars, Daniel Abbo had seven points. Benjamin Bronstein and Noah Khalil and Noah Volel had two points apiece. Lucas Korn chipped in three points.

Cardinals 23, Muskeeters 14: Marc Wendrow 17 pts, Meyer Cusnir 4 pts, Morris Tawil 2 pts. For the Muskeeters, David Amsalem 6 pts, Elie Bibliowicz 2 pts, Samuel Merenfeld 4 pts, William Shaoul 3 pts.

Fighting Irish 27, Bulls 25: Abie Bonkovski 14 pts, Andy Ginsberg 3 points, Daniel Rosen 4 pts, Jaime Biton 4 pts. For the Bulls, Allan Strimber 19 pts, Carlos Romano 4 pts, Adam Cohen 2 pts.

Golden Eagles 37, Red Storm 16: Jake Crowder 23 pts (Player of the Week), Dylan Gale 10 pts, Noah Katzman 2 pts, Benjamin Rabinowitz 2 pts. For the Red Storm, Abie Saada 10 pts, Tomer Spivak 2 pts, Eithan Yisrael 2 pts.

Wildcats 23, Hoyas 12: Avi Lalo 11 pts, Alex Ruah 4 pts, Daniel Brown 4 pts, David Lalo 2 pts. For the Hoyas, Joseph Abramowitz 5 pts, Jonathan Bacal 2 pts, Ariel Eisen 1 point, Ariel Almkies 4 pts.

•  NBA (7th-9th grade)

Bulls 45, Lakers 36: Yomtov Bejar 21 pts (Player of the Week), Sion Cherem 9 pts, Daniel Shaferman 5 pts, Christian Yol 6 pts, Yannick Waingarten 2 pts. For the Lakers, Andre Ramos-Katsner 10 pts, Enzo Collomba 10 pts, Jonas Senker 6 pts, Jonathan Solomiany 8 points, Mijael Shapiro 1 pts.

Celtics 35, Nets 32: Ariel Golan 4 pts, Brian Mars 11 pts, Cory Mars 5 pts, Justin Moskovitz 9 pts, Stefano Schaffrath 4 pts, David Arria-Devoe 2 pts. For the Nets, Adrian Garcia 9 pts, Benjamin Wolk 2 pts, Joshua Silverman 6 pts, Lenardo Castillo 6 pts, Samuel Mejia 7 pts.

Clippers 44, Pacers 31: Ariel Taieb 16 pts, Avi Weisskoff 19 pts, Eithan Cherem 2 pts, Jake Wax 2 pts, Matheus Maia 3 pts, Max Weisinger 2pts. For the Pacers, George Kaswan 12 pts, Joshua Klein 15 pts, Shaul Levy 2 pts.

Spurs 50, Heat 25: Dan Berflein 18 pts, Daniel Hassoun 2 pts, Ethan Ayache 14 pts, Jonathan Abbo 2 pts, Saul Birmaher 12 pts. For the Heat, Alex Bitchatchi 10 pts, Brandon Weinstein 2pts, Jordan Weinstein 13 pts.

Knicks 67, Thunder 30: Darren Hirsch 27 pts, Benjamin Brener 20 pts, Aaron Ben-Shmuel 14 pts, Josh Exposito 5 pts, Jake Singer 2 pts, Tal Emano 1point. For the Thunder, Jordan Kasimow 13 pts, Andres Bacal 4 pts, Ian Schillinger 6 pts, Nathan Meyer 3 pts, Sammy Bitchatchi 2 pts, Joel Yisrael 1 point.

•  SEC (5th-6th grade)

LSU 40, Volunteers 34: Nathaniel Elharrar 12 pts, Avi Alalu 26 pts (Player of the Week), Chaz Castro 5 pts, Daniel Mundlak 2 pts. For the Volunteers, Mylaes Gilbert 11 pts , Eric Ramos-Katsner 3 pts, Ariel Yecutieli 5pts, Nissim Chaillo 9 pts, Aaron Sherit 2 pts, Ariel Bouskila 2 pts.

Gators 32, Crimson Tide 31: Asher Courtney 23 pts, Daniel Gutkin 3 pts, Adam Rimeris 2 pts. For the Crimson Tide, Jaime Acherman 18 pts, Jack Brown 6 pts, Brendan Katz 6 pts.

Tigers 38, Wildcats 27: Samuel Taieb 23 pts, Evan Scheck 5 pts, Lauren Hornstein 4 pts, Elan Roffe 6 pts. For the Wildcats, Liam Senker 7 pts, Michael Berenstein 8 pts, Oren Borax 6, Jake Moss 2 pts, Oliver Sejas 2pts.

Auburn 31, Aggies 29: Alan Berkman 21 pts, Eli Gelb 6 pts, Pryce Markson 4 pts. For the Aggies, Jeremy Saunders 12 pts, Amit Sapir 2 pts, Simon Waxman 9 pts, Jordan Ben-Shalom 6 pts, Michell Bruder 2 pts.

Razorbacks 36, Rebels 27: Benjamin Yogev 20 pts, Daniel Broides 11pts, Val Share 2 pts, Aden Ben-Sadon 2 pts, Isaac Almkies 1 point. For the Rebels, Saul Birmaher 11 pts, Noah Pierre 4 pts, Alan Wainer 2 pts, Joshua Schmutter 9 pts, Jared Brody 2 pts.


Coral Reef cross-country

The Coral Reef Senior High School girls’ cross-country team won the Invitational at Chain of Lakes Park in Titusville.

The Barracudas bested more than 30 teams. The last time Coral Reef captured this title was more than 10 years ago.

The champs are Gabriella Khawly, Kaelyn Korovich, Carla Rodriguez, Virginia Ramirez, Captain Lauren Holian, Rachel Osman, Veronica Barreiro, Alondra Ortiz, Anna Ballate and Sarah Cordier.

The Invitational is one of the biggest meets in the Southeast with more than 4,400 athletes competing over the course of two days.

• On the boys side at the Invitational, Coral Reef junior Kurt Convey broke the school record at 15 minutes 24.30 seconds, finishing fourth overall in the Race of Champions. The boys’ team placed fifth.

Belen Jesuit cross-country

The Belen Jesuit Middle School cross-country team won the Dade County Youth Fair Championship at Larry and Penny Thompson Park.

The Wolverines won the Varsity and JV races, giving the program its 18th title.

Belen won the title in the Varsity middle school race with a near perfect score of 18 points to finish ahead of Ammons (69 points) and 13 other schools from throughout Miami-Dade County. Belen’s Joshua Collins was first overall in 11 minutes 49 seconds. Teammate Rodrigo Madiedo was runner-up in 12:23.

The JV race was won by the Wolverines Alejandro Alvarez in 13:28, and he was followed by teammates Jorge Morasso (14:03) and Vicente Sanchez (14:07).

Conchita Espinosa sports

The Conchita Espinosa Academy Varsity volleyball team (8th grade) defeated Rainbow Christian Academy in two sets.

The JV volleyball team (6th-7th grade) beat Greater Miami Academy in straight sets.

The JV volleyball then finished third at the Divine Savior Tournament. Victoria Rodriguez (6th grade) led the team with 52 service points, followed by Ana Moros with 33 service points.

• The Conchita cross-country teams competed at the Holy Rosary Invitational.

Henrique Souza (7th grade) and Alejandra Moros (8th grade) won medals in their races with Top 15 finishes. Andrea Comas (2nd grade) and Emily Barreto (3rd grade) were Conchita’s top runners in the Primary division as was Marcus Mata (4th grade).

Against Divine Savior, all four Conchita runners finished either first or second. Victoria Baez (8th grade) and Souza won their respective races, and Alexandra Navarro (7th grade) and Mata were second.

• Conchita Espinosa Academy announces its first elementary school level volleyball team, under the direction of Coach Carlos Salvat. The team consists of 4th, 5th and 6th grade students who are practicing very hard.

The inaugural team includes Joseline Migenes, Angelica Guzman, Leslie Andreu, Victoria Rodriguez, Barbara Silva, Danielle Ladron de Guevara, Natalia Cappellaro, Nicole Alonha, Chloe Jova, Lia Ballester and Anna Moros.

• Founded in 1933, Conchita Espinosa Academy is a private, co-educational, K3-8 school. It is an institution renowned for its exceptional academic program and a strong arts foundation. For information on the school or its Conservatory of the Arts, visit

Miami Country Day sports

Miami Country Day School: Middle School Female Athlete of the Week: Jade Iadarola (junior varsity volleyball) led the Spartans with 25 kills, 20 service points and 18 digs during the Florida Christian Invitational.

Middle School Male Athlete of the Week: Oleg Shabanets (cross-country) ran personal bests at the Spanish River Invitational in Boca Raton and at a home meet at Greynolds Park.

Upper School Female Athlete of the Week: Kayla Kotalik (volleyball) led the Spartans with 11 kills in a win against Dade Christian.

Upper School Male Athlete of the Week: Julian Schultz (cross-country) finished first for the Spartans (20th overall) during the Spanish River Invitational.

Spartan Super Fan: Coach Chaka Bainbridge.

Richmond Heights Fab 50

Some Richmond Heights Middle School students visited the University of Miami.

The students chosen are members of the school’s FAB 50 Club. To become a member of the FAB 50 Club, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better, display perfect attendance and have no suspensions. The group was 55 strong, and they had a blast.

The University of Miami football coaching staff rolled out the red carpet for these stellar students.

The festivities included a tour of the college’s academic and athletic facilities, and the students met Hurricanes football players.

The fun-filled day ended with a presentation from the college’s dean of education on the importance of a well-rounded education.


USA Triathlon announced that Miami’s Connie Sol will serve on the coaching staff for the USA Paratriathlon Worlds team at the 2013 ITU Paratriathlon World Championships in London.

She will help lead more than 40 of the nation’s top paratriathletes as they represent the United States in a sprint-distance triathlon event on Sept. 13. The World Team is comprised of a number of past national and world championship medalists competing in seven classification divisions. In 2012, the United States earned 13 podium finishes to top the overall medal count.

Sol (Miami, Fla.) is a USA Triathlon Level III certified coach and has been developing coaching and biomechanical rehabilitation programs for athletes since 1995, with a specialization in paratriathlon since 2004. She helped introduce the sport to the Miami-Dade Parks program in 2013 and assists with talent identification in the paratriathlon pipeline.

Sol was also part of the coaching staff at the first paratriathlon-specific high performance camp by USA Triathlon in July 2012.

Sol will serve as a key resource for U.S. paratriathletes in the lead up to Worlds and on site during race week. She will provide mentorship and training advice prior to the event, and as on-site coaches, they will discuss race strategies with the athletes. She will also help organize group rides, runs, swims and transition practices in the lead up to race day. The 2013 paratriathlon events will occur at the same Hyde Park venue as the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Interest in paratriathlon is at an all-time high and the sport continues to grow following its inclusion in the Paralympic Games program. Paratriathlon will make its official debut at the Paralympic Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. For more on the sport of paratriathlon and the seven classifications, visit

FIU soccer

The Florida International University men’s soccer team beat the Penn Quakers 2-0 in Philadelphia.

In the 19th minute, senior Gonzalo Frechilla of Miami crossed the ball into the center of the box that found his freshman teammate’s feet as Luis Betancur one timed it to give FIU a 1-0 lead. The Panthers improved to 4-5-0.

Follow the Panthers on Twitter (@FIUMensSoccer) and become a fan on Facebook ( for the latest FIU men’s soccer news. Follow FIU’s 18 athletic teams on Google+ (FIU Athletics), (@FIUAthletics), Facebook (, YouTube (FIUPanthers) and Instagram (FIUathletics).

Sports Society golf tournament

The Sports Society is hosting the Bob Graham Golf Classic on Saturday, Oct. 26 at Shula’s Golf Club, 7601 Miami Lakes Dr., Miami Lakes 33014.

Established in 1982, the Sports Society is a non-profit organization of community leaders and educators who honor local females (elementary school age and older) in athletics and promote opportunities for them in sports.

Each year at the society’s banquet, the organization awards the Dorothy B. Shula and Patricia C. Graham scholarships to distinguished young ladies in amateur sports. Dr. Marjorie “Marge” Wessel, one of the group’s founding members, is dedicated to that effort.

The golf outing, which raises funds for this worthwhile cause, begins at 1 p.m. with a shotgun start.

For information call 305-828-6419.

Senior Games

Florida senior athletes have the opportunity to register for the 2013 Florida International Senior Games & State Championships.

The event, presented by the Florida Sports Foundation in conjunction with the Lee County Sports Authority, is Dec. 7-15 in Lee County.

Online registration is open in 22 sports of the annual Olympic-style Sports Festival for athletes age 50 and older. Visit and fill out registration forms in pdf documents and send the completed forms to the Florida Sports Foundation. Registration deadlines are in mid-to-late November, and entry fees vary by sport.

Basketball league

South Florida Basketball Mania is hosting an AAU eight-week preseason youth league.

Each team is guaranteed eight games, and all games are played at one facility. Cost $650 per team.

Contact or call 305-336-3237. Visit

WWE in Miami

A World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view will be in South Florida on Sunday, Oct. 27 at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami.

This is the first pay-per-view at the AAA since WWE’s Survivor Series in November 2010.

The AAA is a long-time host of WWE events including the first SmackDown of 2013, the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony during WrestleMania Week in 2012, the Raw after WrestleMania in 2012 and the Rock’s birthday on Raw in 2011.

Tickets are on sale at the AAA box office and via TicketMaster. Keep posted at

More events, leagues, programs

Tennis classes, programs

Tennis classes and programs for all ages are at the Penny Sugarman Tennis Center at Sans Souci, 1795 Sans Souci Blvd., North Miami. Call for information on group lessons, annual passes, court rates and private lessons. Tennis pro is Ross Dubins. Call 305-893-7130.


The USA Swimming Foundation granted more than $250,000 to help local Make a Splash partners in 19 states provide children with life-saving, learn-to-swim instruction for free or at a reduced cost.

More than 130 applications were received, and 41 local programs were selected as recipients of 2013 Make a Splash grants. Among the 41 recipients nationwide was Hialeah.

Make a Splash is the national child-focused, water-safety initiative of the USA Swimming Foundation. Make a Splash partners with more than 600 learn-to-swim providers in all 50 states in an effort to provide the opportunity for every child in America to learn to swim.

“This funding allows our local partners to provide swimming lessons to children who otherwise may never have the opportunity to learn the life-skills of swimming,” said Debbie Hesse, Executive Director of the USA Swimming Foundation. “The USA Swimming Foundation is excited to see continued growth, as we now have programs in all 50 states and have reached nearly 2 million children since 2007. We are incredibly grateful to our donors and corporate sponsors who are dedicated to making sure all children in American learn to swim.”

The USA Swimming Foundation grants money to partner organizations on an annual basis, and, to date, has disbursed more than $2.8 million. Grants are made possible by the support of donors, foundations and corporate partners.

Since June of 2007, more than 1.8 million children have taken lessons though local Make a Splash partners. Grant recipients like Hialeah provide a portion of its lessons for free or at a reduced cost, or provide free water safety education in their communities.

• About USA Swimming Foundation

The USA Swimming Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of USA Swimming. Established in 2004, the Foundation works to strengthen the sport by saving lives and building champions – in the pool and in life. Whether we’re equipping our children with the life-saving skill of learn-to-swim, or providing financial support to our heroes on the U.S. National Team, the USA Swimming Foundation aims to provide the wonderful experience of swimming to kids at all levels across the country.

The Foundation also serves as the home for our National and Olympic Team Alumni reunions and regional events. The development efforts of the USA Swimming Foundation aim to establish an endowment to strengthen the future of USA Swimming’s programs and services. To learn more, visit

USA Duathlon

With the aim of introducing more athletes to the exciting multisport discipline of duathlon, USA Triathlon unveiled the 10 events that will comprise the 2013 USA Triathlon Duathlon Race Series including one in Florida.

Ten races comprise USA Triathlon’s 2013 Duathlon Race Series. (David Sanders/USA Triathlon)

With one event in each of USA Triathlon’s 10 regions, athletes across the country will have the opportunity to compete in a top run-bike-run event. Each event is sanctioned by USA Triathlon and will count toward the popular end-of-year Duathlon National Rankings for USA Triathlon annual members.

Awards will be presented to the top finishers in each series event.

The series will continue through the Oct. 20 Longboat Key Duathlon in Longboat Key. USA Triathlon’s Duathlon National Championships is Oct. 26 in Tucson/Oro Valley, Ariz. Visit for information on Duathlon Nationals.

USA Triathlon sanctioned nearly 600 duathlon races in 2012, more than doubling the number of sanctioned races from 2006.

Florida Race: Oct. 20: Longboat Key Duathlon. Distances: 2-mile run, 20-mile bike, 5-mile run. Website: Contact: or 813-966-7844.

Soccer 5 Academy

Soccer 5 Academy Mini Soccer Program, also referred to as small-sided soccer, makes its South Florida debut at three Miami-Dade County-owned parks – Tropical Park (7900 SW 40 St. in Miami), Kendall Soccer Park (8011 SW 127 Ave.) and Amelia Earhart Park (401 E. 65th St in Hialeah).

Headed by Soccer 5’s Director of Coaching Development Alan Georgeson, who has more than 15 years of experience in Europe in mini/small-sided soccer, kids, age 3-12, will learn the history of mini soccer, the basics of how to play, reasons why mini soccer is the preferred form of soccer play for kids, youth and even adults, and will have the opportunity to play in 3v3 to 7v7 matches.

With Kendall Park, ts recent grand opening of Soccer 5 Tropical Park and its third location at Amelia Earhart Park, mini/small-sided soccer will be available across the county, providing a greater opportunity for children and families to access the proper 4G turf game fields specifically designed for “5v5,” “6v6” and “7v7” games.

With smaller fields, mini soccer is much easier for young children or children who have never played. In addition, mini soccer is designed for competitive play against less number of players, providing more opportunity for pick-up games, as well as more opportunity to play the ball making mini soccer popular with older players, too.

Soccer 5 Tropical Park is open 3 p.m.-midnight Mondays through Fridays and 9 a.m.-midnight Saturdays and Sundays.

“I cannot thank Miami Dade Parks and our Soccer 5 coaching staff enough for making our dream of developing small-sided soccer for kids in the Greater Miami area a reality,” Georgeson said. “It is an exciting time for us at Soccer 5 as we continue to expand our Kids Academy in South Florida built on the success of our public/private partnership with Miami Dade Parks and the Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade.”

Allison Diego, Director of Business Development, Fundraising and Advocacy for Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, added: “The Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade is delighted to partner with The Soccer 5 vision to provide an outstanding experience for this community through soccer. We are happy to be a part of this important child sports development.”

For information or to register, visit


South Kendall Sun Blazers ( at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, 11395 SW 79 St. (305-630-3314).

Miami Dade Soccer League ( at Three Lakes Park, 13375 SW 136 St. (786-488-5216).

Soccer 5 ( at Kendall Soccer Park, 8011 SW 127 Ave. (1-888-575-2976).

Club Atletico De Miami ( at Kendall Soccer Park, 8011 SW 127 Ave. (305-764-5783).

Soccer Academy of the Americas ( at Tamiami Park, 11201 SW 24 St. (786-486-3804)

Pinecrest Premier Soccer ( at Deerwood Bonita Lakes, 11511 S. Dixie Hwy. (305-255-3422).

Optimist Club of Westchester ( at Tropical Park, 7900 SW 40 St. (786-370-4222).

Coral Estates Soccer Club ( at Coral Estates Park, 1411 SW 97 Ave. (305-279-2328)

South Kendall Soccer Club ( at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, 11395 SW 79 St. (305-630-3314).

Southern Soccer Coalition-AYSO ( at Millers Pond Park, 13350 SW 47 St. and Westwind Lakes Park, 6805 SW 152 Ave. (305-965-0083).

Thunder basketball

Thunder Basketball opened its new year-round facility at ThunderPleX, 1440 NW 82 Ave., Miami.

Thunder Basketball is currently running a day camp and summer league, open to boys and girls, age 5-17. Thunder Basketball’s mission is to teach the principles, fundamentals and basic skills of the game. They stress the importance of team and sportsmanship.

Thunder also encourages players to succeed in the classroom and all aspects of life. For information visit Registration is now open. Contact or call 786-505-5585.

Miami Lady Express basketball

The Miami Lady Express girls’ basketball team needs funding to continue competing in tournaments throughout the United States. The coaches volunteered to train the girls, giving them something positive to do, and the parents have been fundraising.

Travel costs, food, tournament fees and lodging are very expensive for these girls. They practice at the Keys Gate Gym in Florida City and South Dade High School where their coaches teach. Contact Coach Larry Hicks at 786-301-2577.

Tamiami basketball

Tamiami youth basketball registration is open for girls and boys, age 5-16. Email or call 305 -273-1145.

Moments of Month

Liberty Mutual Insurance announced the annual search for the most responsible youth sports moments of the year, in partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance.

Now in its third year, the “Top 10 Responsible Sports Moments” of 2013 seeks to identify and applaud acts of sportsmanship, selflessness, integrity, fairness and honesty from youth sports fields, rinks, courts, mats and pools around the country.

This year, with the help of U.S. Olympic skiing legend and youth sports parent Picabo Street, Liberty Mutual Insurance will name the “Top 10 Responsible Sports Moments” at the close of 2013.

Aligning with the brand’s ongoing commitment to responsibility, Liberty Mutual Insurance recently announced its partnership with the United States Olympic Committee and Team USA as the Official Property and Casualty and Life Insurance Partner of the 2014 and 2016 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams that will compete in Sochi, Russia, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Street, best known for her gold medal performance in the super-G at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, and silver medal downhill performance in 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway, joins Liberty Mutual’s commitment to youth sports as a mother and avid supporter of sportsmanship at all levels.

“As an athlete and now a mother of four young sons, I know first-hand the influence youth sports have in enriching a child with the values of sportsmanship and responsibility,” Street said. “To see U.S. Olympic Team partners like Liberty Mutual Insurance celebrate responsibility on the youth sports level is something I am proud to be a part of, and I urge fans across the country to share their examples of selflessness with us as nominees for 2013’s ‘Top 10 Responsible Sports Moments.’”

Now through Nov. 30, coaches and parents can submit a moment that celebrates the inherent goodness in youth sports at or by tweeting a nomination using #RSMoments. In addition, throughout 2013, Liberty Mutual Insurance and PCA will scour local headlines across the country and identify additional moments that exemplify sportsmanship within local communities.

Each month, three nominees will be highlighted on the Responsible Sports site where fans can tweet their vote for the most responsible “Moment of the Month.”

Winning moments will be announced at the close of 2013 and be honored by Liberty Mutual Insurance with a charitable donation of $1,000 to the 10 organizations that are responsible for each Responsible Sports moment. The Top “Moment of the Year” winner, as voted on by fans on Twitter, will also earn an extra $1,000 honorarium for its organization.

For information, visit or join the conversation @RespSports.

Heads Up

Former tight end Troy Drayton played nine seasons in the NFL, including 1996-99 with the Miami Dolphins, and he is now the Dolphins’ youth program coordinator.

Drayton is adding a new title to his listing – NFL Ambassador for Heads Up Football.

The NFL and USA Football jointly announced the national launch of Heads Up Football, a youth football program aimed at making the game of football better and safer for all who play it. The program is being supported with a $1.5 million grant from the NFL Foundation.

Three million kids already play tackle football and the game can be even safer. Heads Up Football includes a tackling model that removes the head from the game.

Heads Up Football has five core elements: 1) The use of the Heads Up Tackling model, 2) coaching certification, 3) Player Safety Coaches, 4) concussion education, and 5) proper equipment fitting.

The program was launched in three pilot markets last year. This year, it will expand to more than 600 youth leagues throughout 50 states. Of these leagues, 100 will be assigned a former NFL player mentor. Drayton will serve as a mentor to a local Heads Up League – the Tamiami Colts of the Miami Xtreme Youth Football League.

Rebelle volleyball

Rebelle Athletics Club offers girls’ volleyball tryouts at Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School, 4949 NE 2nd Ave.

The volleyball club, a member of the United States Volleyball Association, is under the direction of Mandi Tate, Dee Rey and former Barry University player Kelly Dantas. They are former coaches with South Florida Volleyball Club and currently coach at Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High School in Biscayne Bay.

Rebelle Athletics is dedicated to providing developmental and participatory athletic sports programs beginning at the youth development level. It offers a progression of sports activities for persons of all ages, races and creeds. It strives to enhance the physical, mental and moral development of amateur athletes at all levels, promoting sportsmanship and active citizenship.


Marlins Tours

The Miami Marlins offer behind the scenes tours of Marlins Park. The tours are open to the public on non-event days for $10 a person.

The tour includes visits to the field (behind home plate), home clubhouse, home batting cage area and Diamond Club, Promenade Level featuring the art in the facility, the bobblehead museum and the premium areas including the Suites.

Tours operate from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday, except when the Marlins play at home or when other major events are scheduled at Marlins Park. Group tours, accommodating between 10 and 25 people, are available by appointment.

For information, fans can call 1-877-MARLINS or e-mail Tickets can be purchased at the ticket windows on Felo Ramirez Drive (NW 6 Street between NW 14 Avenue and NW 15 Avenue) and are for the time and date specified.

Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

HOF baseball

Hall Of Fame Baseball is sponsoring travel baseball teams for 11-12, 13-14, 15-18 (high school).

Hall Of Fame Coach Rich Hofman and his staff will coach the teams which will practice and play in tournaments and leagues. Register for a tryout at or call David Hofman at 954-804-5600 or Ed Tisdale at 803-463-2591.

Youth Rugby South Miami

The Miami Rugby Youth Division, boys age 6-18, practices 6-8 p.m. Mondays at Murray Park and Wednesdays at Palmer Park, 6120 SW 67th Ave., South Miami. Call 305-400-0134, ext. 101. Visiti


Jai-alai is open to anyone, age 10 to 80.

With a rubber ball and cestas, the amateur jai-alai facility is at 1935 NE 150th St. in North Miami, near FIU’s north campus.

It is indoors, air-conditioned and open to all. Contact Luis at 305-389-2313 or Bob at 786-556-3574.

Jai-Alai for women

Who said you have to be a male to play jai-alai? Just as females play the sport in Spain, France and Mexico, and gals can play it in South Florida at an amateur indoor air-conditioned fronton at 1935 NE 150 St., North Miami, near FIU’s north campus.

There are also leagues for males and children. Rubber or plastic balls used with free lessons by former pros. Cestas and balls also provided free with a nominal court fee. Open everyday. Email or call Brucio 786-629-5428. The American Amateur Jai-Alai Academy is a not-for-profit organization.

Got Milk

The National Milk Mustache “got milk?” campaign launched the call for entries for the 15th annual Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY) Awards.

The SAMMY scholarship recognizes 25 student-athletes who excel in academics, athletics, community service, leadership and who fuel their daily success with milk.

Milk Mustache celebrity judges will help select 25 winners from across the country who will receive a $7,500 college scholarship, an awards ceremony at Walt Disney World and an opportunity to appear in their own special Milk Mustache ad.

For complete contest rules and applications log onto where visitors can also learn more about the exclusive SAMMY awards weekend and view behind the scenes footage.

CB Sports Leagues

CB Sports Club offers Youth Basketball, Flag Football, Youth Soccer, Adult Soccer and Adult Basketball. Visit Call 786-273-5639.

Physically Challenged

Miami-Dade Parks welcomes children with disabilities in its youth leagues. If you need accommodations to participate, call 305-735-7847 (V/TDD).

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