Miami-Dade High School roundup

Miami High volleyball outlasts Hialeah Gardens


The Miami High Stingarees defeated Hialeah Gardens 25-21, 25-21, 28-26 on Tuesday.

Despite winning in three sets, the match was close. All three sets were decided by four points or less with the deciding final set won by two points.

Kristen Valdes led the Stingarees with 17 assists, five digs and two aces. Beatrice Mompremier added nine kills to go along with four blocks while Raven Bygrave registered five kills, nine blocks and four digs.

Miami improves to 8-1 on the season following the victory.

•  Miami d. Hialeah Gardens 25-21, 25-21, 28-26: Kristen Valdes 17 assists, 5 digs, 2 aces. Beatrice Mompremier 9 kills, 4 blocks. Raven Bygrave 5 kills, 9 blocks, 4 digs. MIA 8-1.

More volleyball

Ferguson took down Braddock 25-24, 25-16, 25-21 to improve to 7-1.

Juliette Hamilton led the Falcons with 26 assists and three aces while Daniella Diaz and Michelle Cuervo added seven and six kills, respectively.

•  Ferguson d. Braddock 25-14, 25-16, 25-21: Daniella Diaz 7 kills. Juliette Hamilton 26 assists, 3 aces. Michelle Cuervo 6 kills. FER 7-1.

•  Southwest d. Braddock 25-19, 25-22, 25-18: Sheyanne Sullivan 6 kills. Denise Rodriguez 6 kills, 6 digs. Annabell Fernandez 8 digs.

•  Westminster d. Marathon 25-11, 25-12, 25-11: Valentina Battistoni 6 kills, block. Quinn Blanco 12 assists, 6 digs, 4 aces. Sophie Poveda 5 digs, 3 aces, 7 points. Kia Benitez 3 kills, 2 digs, block. WCS 12-3.

•  Hialeah-Miami Lakes d. Westland 25-21, 20-25, 27-25, 25-8: Olivia Napoles 18 kills, 25 digs, 4 blocks. Fatima Madlum 4 kills, 32 assists, 10 digs, 11 aces. Shantall Suarez 10 kills, 14 digs. HML 3-4.

•  Gulliver d. Carrollton 25-20, 25-20, 25-17: Blanca Mengotti 10 kills, dig. Cat Arnholt 3 aces, 2 kills, 28 assists, 9 digs. Angie Mujica 6 digs, 15 kills. GUL 5-3.

•  St Brendan d. La Salle 20-25, 25-16, 25-14, 23-25, 15-7: Kasey Garcia 8 kills, 4 digs, 2 aces. Katherine Vazquez 9 kills, 5 digs, 3 aces. Tamara Araujo 10 kills, 4 blocks. SB 7-2.

•  Princeton Christian d. Westwood Christian 21-25, 25-17, 25-16, 25-13, 15-11: Tatiana Mullins 7 kills, 6 blocks. Aryanna Arce 6 aces, 13 digs. PR 6-3.

•  Miami Country Day d. Hialeah Educational 25-6, 25-8, 25-7: Winona Paez 24 points. Blake Kushner 11 aces.

•  Doctors Charter d. Somerset 25-14, 25-23, 25-17: Alex Kretzschmar 6 aces. Allison Yao 6 aces, 9 assists, 4 kills. Regina Tamayo 4 aces, 8 digs. DC 5-2.

•  Colonial Christian d. Redland Christian 25-13, 25-15, 25-14: Cynthia Suarez 6 aces. Ana Long 14 points. Chloe Gates 9 aces, 11 assists. CC 4-4.

•  Colonial Christian d. Riviera Prep 25-15, 23-25, 20-25, 25-19, 15-11: Sarah Morrissey 9 digs. Chloe Gates 8 aces, 14 assists. Ashley Martin 6 kills. CC 3-4.

•  Coral Park d. South Miami: Nicole Uzieda 22 assists. Chantal Guerrero 7 kills. Talia Lopez 6 kills. CP 4-6.


•  Belen 154, Archbishop McCarthy 162: For BEL: Guillermo Saade 37, Pedro Gomez 38, Armando Marquez 39. BEL 8-2.

•  Coral Park 219, American 253 (at Country Club of Miami): Gustavo Hernandez (AME) 43.


•  Ransom Everglades 150, St. Andrews 155 (at Riviera Country Club): Alexa Popowitz (SA) 35, Zora Gittens (SA) 35, Chloe Horton (RE) 36, Carolina Garrett (RE) 37, Katie Hanley (RE) 37.

•  Lourdes 224, Ferguson 259, Sunset 288: Nicole Garcia Rivera (LOU) 48, Diana Sanchez (FER) 52, Beatriz Appelkvist (LOU) 58.


•  TERRA d. Sunset 3-0: Game highs: Kevin Morrissey (TER) 225, 230. Chris Bacallao (TER) 214. Vincent De Bonis (SUN) 197. High series: Morrissey (TER) 623. Bacallao (TER) 548. TERRA 4-1.

•  Southwest d. Columbus 7-0: High game: Alec Sanchez (SW) 226. High series: Alec Sanchez (SW) 682. SW 5-0.

•  American d. Goleman 7-0: High game: Orlando Perez (AM) 202, Richard Landin (GOL) 165. High Series: Perez (AM) 482.

•  South Dade d. Killian 5-2: High games: Carlos Forero (KIL) 258. High series: Carlos Forero (KIL) 663. Total pins: SD 2,569, KIL 2,251.

•  Coral Reef d. Palmetto 7-0: Peter Ross (CR) game-high 223, series 614.

Miami Beach d. North Miami 3-0: For MB: Noah Nusbaum 161, Bryan Corcoran 159, Mathieu Allouch 192.

•  South Miami d. Coral Gables 5-2: High games: Yordany Lopez (SM) 191. Matthew Monjarrez (CG) 179.

Hialeah-Miami Lakes d. Krop: High games: William Zepka (HML) 282. Joshua Arguellas (HML) 448.

•  Miami Christian d. Goleman 7-0: High games: Alex Yaniz (MC) 222, Alex Roque (MC) 191, Jeffrey Yaniz (MC) 183. High series: Alex Yaniz (MC) 614. MC 3-2.

•  Braddock d. Coral 5-2: High games: Andres Lascano (BRA) 156. Giovanni Andres (CP) 172. High series: Lascano (BRA) 434. Andres (CP) 450.

•  Reagan d. Mourning 5-2: High game: Omar Hafeez (MOU) 233. High series: Daniel Garanton (RE) 458.

•  Columbus d. Coral Reef 7-0: High game: Jonathan Stadmire (CR) 209. High series Jonathan Stadmire (CR) 614.


•  TERRA d. Sunset 3-0: High games: Kristi Perlberg (TER) 186, Tori Burstein (TER) 171, Samantha Boellard (TER) 162, Sabrina Perez (SUN) 130. High series: Perlberg (TER) 531. TERRA 5-0.

•  Goleman defeated American 4-3: High games: Catherine Gutierrez (GOL) 188, Briana Futch (AM) 183. High series: Futch (AM) 520, Gutierrez (GOL) 501. GOL 7-0.

•  Ferguson d. Hialeah Garden 7-0: High games: Irma Perez (HG) 153, Alexandra Gonzalez (FER) 142. Series highs: Perez (HG) 354, Kelsey Buell (FER) 363. FER 4-1.

•  South Dade d. Killian 7-0: High games: Kristin Smith (SD) 144. High series: Kristin Smith (SD) 418. Total pins: SD 1,545, KILL 1,278.

•  Palmetto d. Coral Reef 5-2: Amanda Henize (CR) game-high 138. Taylor Rouviere (PAL) series-high 364.

•  Miami Beach d. North Miami 3-0: For MB: Brianna Schwartz 131, Selena Aseff 119, Elluz Martinez 119.

•  South Miami d. Coral Gables 7-0: High games: Catalina Pontillo (SM) 166. Julia Zuriarraw (CG) 139.

•  Hialeah-Miami Lakes d. Krop: Total pins: HML 1,341, KR 1,180. High games: Marla Montero (HML) 289. Alicia Loredo (HML) 278.

•  Braddock d. Coral Park 7-0: High games: Brianna Colon (BRA) 154, Alexandra Pupiro (CP) 137. High series: Colon (BRA) 399, Pupiro (CP) 370.

•  Reagan d. Mourning 7-0: High game: Natalie Ochoa-Odon (RE) 157. High series: Natalie Ochoa-Odon (RE) 410.



Divine Savior vs. Riviera Prep (Riviera Prep), 4

Archbishop Curley vs. Doctors Charter (Pepper Park), 4

Mater Academy Charter vs. Jackson (Jackson), 5

Westland Hialeah vs. Krop (Home), 5

Northwestern vs. Homestead (Homestead), 5

Miami Springs vs. Coral Park (CP), 5

Monsignor Pace vs. Mourning (Mourning), 5:30

Southridge vs. Varela (Var), 7:15

Miami Palmetto vs. Coral Reef (CR), 7:15

Doral Academy vs. TERRA (TERRA), 7:30

Sunset vs. South Dade (SD), 7:30



Miami Beach vs. South Miami (Tropical), 3

Miami High vs. South Miami (Home), 3

Hialeah Gardens vs. South Miami (Tropical), 3

Coral Reef vs. Ferguson (Larry and Penny), 3

TERRA vs. Ferguson (Larry and Penny), 3


Westland Hialeah vs. American (Milander), 7

South Miami vs. Braddock (Tropical), 7

Coral Gables vs. Coral Reef (FIU), 7

Mourning vs. Goleman (N.Miami), 7

Ransom Everglades vs. LaSalle ( LaSalle), 7

Varela vs. South Dade (Harris), 7


TERRA vs. Sunset (Miccosukee), 1

Killian vs. Coral Reef (Palmetto GC), 2

Miami Palmetto vs. Coral Reef (Palmetto GC), 2

Miami Springs vs. Coral Reef (Palmetto GC), 2

Miami Country Day vs. Chaminade-Madonna (Hillcrest), 3

Miami Beach vs. South Dade (Redland), 3

Palmer Trinity vs. Gulliver Prep (Biltmore), 4:30


Brito Miami vs. Miami Christian (MCS), 1:45

Brito Miami vs. Miami Christian (MCS), 3:15

MAST vs. Booker T. Washington (Booker T. Washington), 4

Princeton Christian vs. Redland Christian (Redland Christian), 4

Pinecrest Prep vs. Riviera Prep (Riviera Prep), 4:30

Broward Charter vs. Archbishop Curley (Curley), 4:30

Coral Gables vs. Coral Park (CP), 5

Mater Lakes vs. Monsignor Pace (Pace), 5

Ferguson vs. Southwest (SW), 5

Gulliver Prep vs. Ransom Everglades (Ransom Everglades), 5

Varela vs. Hialeah (Hialeah), 5

Krop vs. Goleman (Home), 5

Miami High vs. Miami Springs (MSP), 5

Northwest Christian vs. Sheridan Hills Christian ( ), 5

Miami Central vs. American (American), 5

North Miami Beach vs. Hialeah-Miami Lakes (HML), 5

Ronald Reagan vs. Westland Hialeah (Westland Hialeah), 5

Carrollton vs. St. Brendan (St. Brendan), 5:30

Archemedian vs. Westminster Christian (WCS), 6

Dade Christian vs. Miami Country Day (MCD), 6:30

South Miami vs. Braddock (Braddock), 7:15


Hialeah Gardens vs. South Miami (Tropical), 3

Miami Beach vs. South Miami (Tropical), 3

Miami High vs. South Miami (Tropical), 3

Coral Reef vs. Ferguson (Larry and Penny), 3

TERRA vs. Ferguson (Larry and Penny), 3



Northwestern at Ely, 7

Coral Shores at Florida Christian, 7:30

Carroll at Somerset, 4

Northwest Christian vs. Zion Lutheran (Deerfield Middle), 6

Curley vs. Miami Country Day, 7:30

Belen at South Fort Myers , 7

Booker T. Washington at Pace, 7:30

Carol City vs. Southridge (Southridge), 7:30

Champagnat vs. Inlet Grove (Inlet Grove), 7

Columbus vs. Norland (North Miami), 7:30

Ferguson vs. Coral Park (Tropical), 7

Dade Christian vs. Clewiston (Clewiston), 7

Edison vs. Jackson (Traz), 7:30

Gulliver Prep vs. Martin County (Bob Collins Stadium), 7

Sunset at Hialeah Gardens, 4

Miami Springs vs. Hialeah-Miami Lakes (Hendricks), 7:30

Killian vs. Homestead (Harris), 7:30

Westminster Christian vs. Keys Gate (Harris), 4

North Miami vs. Miami Beach (Memorial), 7

Southwest vs. Miami High (Curtis), 7:30

North Miami Beach at Lakeland, 7

Palmetto at Lake Gibson, 7:30


Ransom at Chaminade, 6

Hialeah Educational vs. Doctors Charter (Pepper Park), 3:30

St. Brendan vs. Keys Gate (Keys Gate), 5

Coral Gables vs. Miami High (MHS), 5

Miami Christian vs. Archbishop Curley (Curley), 5:30

LaSalle vs. Edison (Edison), 5:30

Miami Country Day vs. Palmer Trinity (PT), 5:30

Miami Palmetto vs. Lourdes (Columbus), 6

Florida Christian vs. Doral Academy (Doral), 7:30

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