Flight of the century

  • This postcard commemorates Domingo Rosillo's historic flight from Key West to Havana.

  • Domingo Rosillo had this plane shipped by rail to Key West, where it was put together to make the historic flight to Havana, Cuba, on May 17, 1913. Sebastian del Marmol

  • Domingo Rosillo (left) and Augustin Parla became bitter rivals in the race to become the first to fly a plane from Key West to Havana, Cuba. Sebastian del Marmol

  • Domingo Rosillo served as honorary captain of the Cuban Red Cross. Sebastian del Marmol

  • Domingo Rosillo received his international pilot's license on Oct. 22, 1912 after attending a school run by French aviation pioneer Louis Bleriot.

  • Domingo Rosillo (sitting next to the Cuban flag in the back) was honored for his historical flight during a parade in Key West in 1950. Sebastian del Marmol / Key West Public Libraries

  • Domingo Rosillo learned to fly at an aviation school in Paris run by Frenchman Louis Bleriot, the first to cross the English Channel by airplane.

  • Domingo Rosillo's takeoff from Key West for his 1913 record-setting crossing of the Florida Straits was captured on film. Sebastian del Marmol