Broward High School roundup

Roger Pettingell leads Calvary Christian boys’ track team to a Region 4-1A title

Roger Pettingell was front and center in the Calvary Christian boys’ track team members joining their counterparts on the girls’ team as Region 4-1A champions at Westminster Academy Sports Complex on Friday.

Pettingell’s scintillating anchor leg sparked the Eagles’ 400-meter relay team to victory, and he finished second in the 200 before returning to lead the Eagles 1,600-meter relay team in a region-title clinching victory in 3:25.35.

As Pettingell crossed the finish line in the 400 relay, he screamed “Yeah baby!” and pointed to the sky.

“I was looking at my boys praying for them because I know the Lord gives us strength in the hardest times,’’ Pettingell said. “We wanted to get handoffs, speed, everthing and the Lord blessed us with that today.”

No race, however, provided as much drama as the boys’ 100 meters, which came down to a photo finish between Dade Christian’s Terrence Alls and John Carroll’s Edwin Thomas.

Both sprinters clocked 11.26 but following a lengthy review, Alls, who finished eighth in the state finals last season, was declared the winner.

“I knew it would be a good race because the John Carroll runner had the fastest time in the prelims,’’ Alls said. “I’ve just been going harder in practice this season. My teammates have been pushing me to go faster. I think I can compete with the best. I will have a chance at the gold.”

The top four finishers qualify for the FHSAA Class 1A state Finals at the University of North Florida on April 26.

Behind a 1-2 finish by Amanda Gale and Emily Gale in the pole vault, victories by its 3,200 relay team and Ebony Brown in the 200 (25.93), the Calvary Christian girls’ team put itself in prime position to defend its state title next week.

But it was Upperroom Christian’s Adanaca Brown who proved to be the biggest star on the girls’ side. Brown, the reigning state 300 hurdles champion, won that event in 44.65, barely holding off an upset bid by Coral Springs Christian’s Delise Williams (44.66), won the 100 hurdles and the long jump.

“This is an honor for me,’’ Brown said.”I’m not too happy about the 15.04 in the 100 hurdles because I’ve done better but states will be much better. It would be an honor to win both hurdles at states. I would cry.”

Westminster Academy star sophomore ong sprinter Andrew James, who missed the entire 2012 season after underoing an appendectomy, did everything in his power to keep the Lions’ boys team in contention for a repeat Region title, winning the 400 in 48.39 and the 200 in 21.84.

“This means everything,’’ James said. “I came back, worked hard and I am getting the results. My ultimate goal in the 400 at states is 47.7 or 47.8. I think I got out way too hard. I wasn’t able to finish how I wanted to.”

Highlands Christian’s Ryan Davis, in his typical hard-driving style, took a step closer to a repeat 300 hurcdles state title by winning in 38.76. Davis started his big night by winning the 110 hurldes in 14.74.

“With me it all starts in coming out of the blocks,’’Davis said. “This feels great. It is a good motivator going into states. Hopefully I can win both.”

Florida Christian struck some gold of its own when sophomore Victoria Camargo won the 800 in a school-record 2:25.18 and Marina Gatihno won the triple jump (35-5.50).

“Finally, I have been working all season to get the school record so it feels good to get there,’’ Camargo said. “It’s paid off. I was trying to get 1:08 in my first lap. That kind of boosted my confidence. In the last 300 I was able to give it all I had.”

Region 4-1A championships — Boys’ individual results — 3,200 relay: 1. Dade Christian 8:20.16; 2. Westminster Acadermy 8:26.04; 3. Calvary Christian 8:29.06; 4. King’s Academy 8:29.89; 110 hurdles: Ryan Davis (HC) 14.74; 2. Erwin (FC) 15.36; 3. Audet (HC) 15.54; 4. Ricket (WA) 15.62; 100: 1. Terrence Alls (DC) 11.26, 2. Thomas (JC) 11.26, 3. Batten (DC) 11.41, 4. Spragg (Ben) 11.45; 1,600: 1. Brandon Berajano (WA) 4:31.70, 2. Guilbert (CalvChr) 4:32.18, 3. Simpson (KA) 4:33.61, 4. Swanson (SC) 4:33.69; 400 relay: 1. Calvary Christian 42.85, 2. Dade Christian 43.36, 3. Westminster Academy 44.52, 4. Doctors Charter 44.73; 400: 1. Andrew James (WA) 48.39, 2. Smith (VA) 49.88, 3. Brown Calvch 50.46, 4. Bryan (DC) 50.62; 300 hurdles: 1. Ryan Davis (HC) 38.76, 2. Swinton (CalvChr) 40.60, 3. Audet (HC) 41.04, 4. Graden (DC) 41.08; 800: 1. Ben Manuel (TC) 1:56.73, 2. Acuna (JC) 1:58.09, 3. McCabe (PJP 2:00.54, 4. Bejarano (WA) 2:01.21; 200: 1. Andrew James (WA) 21.84, 2. Pettingell (CalvChr) 22.11, 3. Lee (JC) 22.71, 4. Cabral (CalvChr) 22.91 ; 3,200: 1. Pasha Guilbert (CalvChr) 10:09.23, 2. McCracken (WA) 10;12.64, 3. Ramos (DC) 10:1520 4. Bradford (JC) 10:16.58; 1,600 relay: 1. Calvary Christian 3:25.35, 2. Dade Christian 3:26.35, 3. Westminster Academy 3:27.97, 4. Florida Christian 3:30.87; Shot put: 1. Andrew Florvil (DC) 52-2.75; 2. Crowley (KA) 49-4.25; 3. Brihm (VA) 48-10; 4. Grey (WA) 47-5; Discus: 1. Kyle Audet (HC) 135-2; 2. Crowley (KA) 130-5; 3. Abugattas (CalvChr) 126-10; 4. Hankerson (WA) 125-8; High jump: 1. Ryan Rickel (WA) 6-0; 2. Mallory (DC) 6-0; 3. Simmonds (SC) 5-8; 4. Swinton (CalvChr) 5-6; Long jump: 1. Jordan Cabral (CalvChr) 21-9.75; 2. Saintil (DC) 21-6; 3. Dorcius (URC) 21-5; 4. Davis (HC) 21-1.5; Triple jump: 1. Jonathan Saintil (DC) 45-1.5;2. Samson (DC) 44-7.5; 3. Cabral (CalvChr) 44-5; Schmacher (KA) 43-7; Pole vault: 1. Benjamin Horowitz (B) 14-0; Shashaty (CalvChr) 13-6; Van Houtteghem (CSC) 13-0; Reising (WA) 13-0. Top 5 boys’ team scores: 1. Calvary Christian 117, 2. Westminster Academy 114, 3. Dade Christian 111, 4. Highlands Christian 58, 5. King’s Academy 45.

Girls individual results – 3,200 relay: 1. Calvary Christian 10:04.73; 2. King’s Academy 10:05.08; 3. South Florida HEAT 10:22.38; 4. Westminster Christian 10:25.06; 100 hurdles: 1. Adanaca Brown (URC) 15.04; 2. Isabelle (SFH) 16.39; 3. Cogsil (B) 16.84; 4. Christie (SFH) 17.01; 100: Sarah Collins (KA) 12.71; 2. Laurent (WA) 12.81; 3. Patterson (VA) 13.08; 4. Pierre (AC) 13.10; 1,600: 1. Julia Corley (KA) 5:35.37, 2. Hoppe (WC) 5:42.43, 3. Goebel (KA) 5:44.34, 4. Serda (SFH) 5:50.19 ; 400 relay: 1. King’s Academy 49.39, 2. Westminster Academy 50.50, 3. Calvary Christian 50.61, 4. Archbishop Curley 51.95; 400: 1. Riley Burke (Ben) 58.65, 2. Sieradzan (CalvChr) 59.21, 3. Reid (Ber) 59.94, 4. Campbell (KA) 1:00.95; 300 hurdles: 1. Adanaca Brown (URC) 44.65, 2. Williams (CSC) 44.66, 3. Panskyy (IC) 46.48, 4. Brownell (CalvChr) 48.90; 800: 1. Victoria Camargo (FC) 2:25.18, 2. Harris (Ben) 2:26.85, 3. Powers (JC) 2:28.38, 4. Urso (KA) 2:29.53; 200: 1. Ebony Brown (CalvChr) 25.93, 2. Burke (Ben) 26.54, 3. Wentz (KA) 26.87, 4. Patterson (VA) 27.23; 3,200: 1. Christine Sullivan (PJP) 12:07.28, 2. Stuart (DC) 12:12.63, 3. Corley (KA) 12:14.37; 4. Romero (DC) 12:24.75; 1,600 relay: 1. King’s Academy 4:02.76, 2. South Florida HEAT 4:07.33, 3. Calvary Christian 4:15.64, 4. Upperroom Christian 4:20.02; Shot put: 1. Hunter Sullivan (JoC) 37-7; 2. McDuffie (CalvChr) 3. 36-5.75; 4. Powers (JC) 32-5.75; 4. Burt (KA) 32-5.25; Discus: 1. Isabella Luke (WA) 101-2; 2. Sullivan (JoC) 96-9; 3. Smith (SFH) 92-1; 4. Gross (B) 91-4; High jump: 1. Keeley Casey (WA) 5-2; 2. Lindberg (CSC) 5-2; 3. Cogsil (B) 5-2; 4. Hammer (CalvChr) 5-2; Long jump: 1. Adanaca Brown (URC) 18-5.25; 2. Christie (SFH) 16-4; 3. Cline (B) 16-1.75; 4. Sodergren (SFH) 16-1.5; Triple jump: 1. Marina Gatihno (FC) 35-5.5; 2. Sieradzan (CC) 35-3.5; 3. Brown (CalvChr) 34-5.5; 4. Smith (WA) 33-5; Pole vault: 1. A. Gale (CalvChr) 11-0; 2. E. Gale (CC) 10-6; 3. Wentz (KA) 9-6; 4. Sastre (CC) 9-0. Top 5 girls team scores: 1. Calvary Christian 108.50, 2. King’s Academy 99, 3. South Florida HEAT 80, 4. Benjamin 63, 5. Westminster Academy 58, 6. Upperroom Christian 40.


Cypress Bay’s Sarah Malony struck out 13 and pitched a complete game, three-hit shutout as the visiting Lightning captured the District 12-8A softball title for the second consecutive season with a 2-0 win over Western (17-7) in Davie.

“She has the ability to be dominate,” Cypress Bay coach Lonny Shapiro said of Malony. “When she starts going well and has confidence and her teammates behind her, that is what she can give you.”

Cypress Bay(17-5) broke up the scoreless game in the fifth with a four-hit inning.

After a leadoff double to right field by Lily Pruneda, center fielder Lexi DiEmmanule hit a one-out double down the left-field line, scoring Pruneda from second to give the Lightning the lead.

“[The pitch] was down the middle and I took advantage of it,” DiEmmanule said.


Cypress Bay 2, Western 0


WP: Malony. LP: Kalasunas. Top performers: Malony 7 IP, 13 K, 3 H 0 ER. DiEmmanule 1-3, RBI. Gott 1-4, RBI. Pruneda 2-3, single, double. Kalasunas 5 IP 3 K 2 ER.


After a sluggish start, Columbus attacker Steven Hernandez helped jump-start the Explorers to a 16-10 win over Ransom Everglades on Friday to win the District 29 championship.

Hernandez gave the Raiders defense fits throughout the game, pacing the Explorers offense with seven goals and three assists.

“He had a great game and he did exactly what we thought he would do,” Columbus coach James DeLang said of Hernandez’s performance. “He’s playing with a lot of confidence right now and it shows.”

After falling behind 2-1 at the end of the first quarter, the Explorers opened up the second quarter with four unanswered goals, three of them coming from Hernandez, to take a lead that they never relented.



The Florida Association of Basketball Coaches and Source Hoops named Miami Ransom Everglades guard Sam Singer and Fort Lauderdale University forward Maquedius Bain to its Class 4A All-State first team. Miami Archbishop Carroll center Amidah Brimah and Miami Booker T. Washington guard Richie Spiller each earned second team honors.

In Class 5A, American Heritage guard Kobe Eubanks earned first team All-State honors as well. Heritage forward Drake Lamont was named to the third team.


• Miami Palmetto swimmer Blake Manganiello signed with the University of Florida this week.

• Plantation American Heritage had two athletes sign with colleges Friday. Track star Khadeeja Dooling signed with the University of South Florida and swimmer Dylan Carter signed with USC.

• Hollywood Chaminade junior girls’ soccer midfielder Bridget Callahan committed to Virginia Commonwealth this week. Callahan had 28 goals and 18 assists leading the Lions to the Class 2A regional semifinals.


The following Miami-Dade County players earned a spot on the Florida Athletic Coaches Association All-State soccer teams. Girls – Class 1A: Avery Watson, Miami Country Day; Class 2A: Sophia Trujillo, Gulliver; Nicole Harris, Gulliver; Kai-Lia Hernandez, Gulliver; Hansina Vexlund, Gulliver; Samantha Earle, Gulliver; Class 4A: Elexus Martin, Mater, Brianna Garcia, Mater; Rachel Clanton, Mater; Class 5A: Bailey Plummer, Lourdes; Nicole Perez, Lourdes; Cristina Rodriquez, Lourdes; Vanessa Placencia, Southwest; Boys – Class 1A: Eduardo Macedo, Miami Country Day; Daniel Mendez, Miami Country Day; Ricky Gonzalez, Miami Country Day; Ben Vaisberg, Hillel; Daniel Furmanski, Hillel; Matthew Bryan, Dade Christian; Lucas Pagano, Palmer Trinity; Joey Alamo, Westminster Christian; Daniel Dufeu, Palmer Trinity; Tyler Ursuy, Westminster Christian; Alex Salgado, Palmer Trinity; Connor Brannon, Westminster Christian; Class 2A: Alejandro Varela, Booker T.; Maximileu Tejera, Jackson; Bryan Ruiz-Unger, Gulliver; Damian Danaire, MAST; Casey Colucci, Ransom; Jesus Bolivar, Gulliver; Jeremy Peters, Ransom; Bryan Defreitas, LaSalle; Class 3A: Ivan Barriga, Mourning; Abraham Bibas, Mourning; Class 4A: Diego Arcon, American; Kenneth Rosales, Westland Hialeah; Maykol Valdes, Westland Hialeah; Willie Milan, American; Danny Zuluaga, American; Diego Mion, Belen; Francy Moreno, Homestead; Josh Almanza, Homestead; Eduardo Valle, Belen; Kevin Gonzalez, Belen; Class 5A: Widlin Alexis, North Miami; Kareem Baajour, Reagan; Tomas Moffat, Miami Beach; Jhan Guzman, Miami Beach; Roger Sermeno, Hialeah; Frank Hernandez, North Miami Beach; Eddy Pineiro, Sunset; Juan Marquez, Sunset; Humberto Blanco, South Dade; Juan Gannan, Coral Park; Sanfryo Gonzalez, Varela; Josue Rodriquez, Miami High.


District 13-4A final — Late Thursday — Coral Springs Charter 4, North Broward Prep 3 (8)


WP: P. Fairchild (8-2). LP: A. Muraskin (9-4). Top performers: Brianna Stella 2-3, RBI, R, BB, SB. Gianna Wyatt 2-4, double, GW R. Megan Ashworth 1-2, 2 BB, 2 SB. CSC 20-6. NBP 14-4.

District 14-3A final — Late Thursday — Calvary Christian 10, Highlands Christian 2


WP: C. Chang (13-5). LP: Valdes. Top performers: S. Gilreath 3-4, 2 doubles, 4 RBI. C. Chang CG; 3-4, RBI. CCA 16-5.


Hollywood Hills 7, Plantation 3


WP: Gene Starvish (6-1). LP: Yearsley. Top performers: D’Andre Diaz (HH) 2-3, double, RBI. Anthony Devlin 3-R triple. Reich (PLA) 2-3.


•  District 12 final — Cooper City 11, Pines Charter 8: Brandon Bogumill 5 goals. Sam Culver 15 saves. CC 14-7.

•  District 12 semifinal — Cooper City 12, Flanagan 5: Brandon Bogumill 4 goals. Connor Geair 4 goals.


•  District 12 final — Cooper City 8, South Broward 4: Sarah Lehman 3 goals. Morgan Huck 8 saves.

•  District 12 semifinal — Cooper City 9, Pines Charter 6: Kelly Chmura 5 goals. Josalina Hernandez 12 saves.


•  Late Thursday — Chaminade-Madonna d. South Broward 25-17, 25-22, 25-21: Victor Zamudio 7 kills, 8 digs, 9 points, 4 aces. Dan Callahan 10 kills, 4 blocks. Tyler McCurdy 9 kills, 10 assists, 6 points, 3 aces. CHA 18-4.

•  Late Thursday — St. Thomas Aquinas d. Cardinal Gibbons 22-25, 23-25, 20-25: Corry Short 16 kills, 3 points, 4 blocks, 11 digs. Dylan Hall 13 kills, 8 points, 2 blocks, 13 digs. Brandon Veliky 6 kills, 14 assists, 3 points, 3 blocks, 4 digs.

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