Gale sisters won’t let pole vault final hamper inseparable bond

Already confounding to tell apart as identical twins with shared speech and thought patterns, Calvary Christian pole vault stars Emily Gale and Amanda Gale will keep the guessing game going by playfully answering to each other’s first names.

“I never got them right last season and finally their mother said there is a secret,” Calvary Christian coach Scott Sherrod said. “Because they are mirror twins, they part their hair on different sides. If the part is on the right, your left, looking straight ahead, its Emily. Now I never get it wrong.”

While not quite on the same perplexing level as trying to tell the twins apart, it’s anybody’s guess whether Emily, the reigning Class 1A state champion, or Amanda, the state runner-up, should be favored for the state title this time around.

Emily Gale’s second state title last April propelled the Eagles to its first state crown but Amanda served notice this could be her year after beating Emily in two jump-offs this season, including for the District 15-1A title on April 11.

No matter how Amanda, ranked No. 2 in Florida (12-0) or Emily (11-0, No. 6) fare at the Region 4-1A championships on Friday at Westminster Academy, competition will never threaten a loving and unique bond the twins share.

“In some ways it’s hard because Amanda is my sister and I want her to win it,” Emily Gale said. “It almost makes me less competitive and I wish it made me more competitive. If I am going to win it, I would rather beat somebody else than Amanda. Our goal is be first and second.”

The twins, who call themselves “best friends who could talk to each other all day about the same thing and not get tired of it ” are inseparable, and will stay that way for the foreseeable future after signing a letter of intent to vault for Louisiana at Lafayette on Wednesday. To nobody’s surprise, they both plan to major in Biology.

The Gales exhibit a rare synergy that shows in their mannerisms, including how they walk stride for stride, to their common likes in friends, music and movies.

“We’re very close,” Amanda Gale said. I’ll start a sentence and Emily will know where I am going with it and just continue the conversation. It’s really helpful to always have your best friend at your side. If I get second and she gets first to us it’s like a win between both of us. It’s like we both won the meet.”


All-American sprinter Kali Davis-White breezed to victories in the 100 (11.90), 200 (24.69) and anchored the winning 400-meter relay and Daeshon Gordon swept the 100 hurdles and 300 hurdles in emphatic fashion as reigning Class 4A state champion Boyd Anderson cruised to the District 11-4A title at South Plantation on Thursday.

“Everybody has really been doubting us after we finished second to St. Thomas at the county championships,” Davis-Whtie said. “But that was the middle of the season and it’s a long season. Just because some of us wasn’t on our ‘A” game at counties doesn’t mean we won’t be there for states.”

Boyd Anderson helped its cause in the 800 where Sapphire Daniel, Symone Lindsay and Destiny Byrd went 1-2-3. Meanwhile, Camora Sanders swept the shot put and discus titles.

The top four qualifiers advance to the Region 3-4A championships at Palm Beach Dwyer on April 25.

The Boyd Anderson boys’ team secured a title sweep behind freshman Phillip Lee, who won the high jump (6-3). Javon Patterson won the 800 while Deron Gordon swept the 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles.

It took two tries in the boys’ 100 meters to anoint South Plantation’s John Franklin, a prized FSU football recruit, the winner. Officials ruled a rerun in the 100 following a false start and Franklin capitalized by holding off Piper’s Fabian Joseph and Western’s Joshua Tracey to win in 10.99.

“It is a tough having to go back and race but you just have to stay focused and get the job done,’’ Franklin said. “I had a clean race. I would like to reach a 10.5 or 10.4 by states.”

Franklin returned to anchor the Paladins’ 400 meter relay team with Alex Collins, Rodick Archer and Taj Thomas to victory in 42.30 and place fourth in the 200.

South Plantation freshman Joel Lacy also fed off a vocal, partisan crowd to win the 1,600 meters in 4:41.44 and the 3,200 in 10:18.86.

District 11-4A championships – Boys’ results – 3,200 relay: 1. Boyd Anderson 8:09.27, 2. South Plantation 8:29.46, 3. Nova 8:37.05, 4. Western 8:37.83; 110 Hurdles: 1. Deron Gordon (BA) 14.61, 2. Cummings (West) 15.41, 3. Blackman (SP) 15.83, 4. Durosier (BA) 15.87; 1. John Franklin (SP) 10.99, 2. Joseph (Piper) 11.04, 3. Tracey (West) 11.10, 4. Colebrook (NE) 11.11; 1,600: 1. Joel Lacy (SP) 4:41.44, 2. Serrano (West) 4:46.68, 3. Gimenez-Beron (Nova) 4:50.81, 4. Yamashita (West) 4;51.28; 400 relay: 1. South Plantation 42.30, 2. Northeast 42.71, 3. Boyd Anderson 43.08, 4. Taravella 43.34; 400: 1. Landrick Thompson (Piper) 48.13, 2. Cummings (West) 48.92, 3. Palmer (Nova) 49.94, 4. Cetoute (Plan) 50.17; 300 hurdles: 1. Deron Gordon (BA) 37.66, 2. Francois (BA) 40.81, 3. Blackman (SP) 40.86, 4. Stevenson (Piper) 40.92; 800: 1. Javon Patterson (BA) 1:56.17, 2. Rankin (SP) 1:59.40, 3. G. Johnson (BA) 2:00.96, 4. Sapp (West) 2:02.26; 200: 1. Ewers Anders (Pip) 21.88, 2. Colebrook (NE) 22:19, 3. Tracey (West) 22.54, 4. Franklin (SP) 22.69; 3,200: 1. Joel Lacy (SP) 10:18.86, 2. D. Williams (Plant) 10:21.53, 3. Gimenez-Beron (Nova) 10:22.32, 4. Barrett (BA) 10:53.55; 1,600 relay: 1. Piper 3:17.42, 2. Boyd Anderson 3:18.36, 3. Plantation 3:27.61, 4. Western 3:28.91; High jump: 1. Phillip Lee (BA) 6-3, 2. Phipps (BA) 6-0, 3. Mckeithen (West) 6-0, 4. Atwell (West) 6-0; Long jump: 2. Adrienne Talan (West) 22-1, 2. Tindal BA) 21-6, 3. L. Thompson (Piper) 20-2.50; 4. Williams (Nova) 20-2; Triple jump: 1. Theodore Edwards (Nova) 42-5.50, 2. Talan (West) 41.2.50, 3. Ellis (Tara) 40-6.50, 4. Carmino (Tara) 39-3; Pole vault: 1. Austin Rinearson (Nova) 12-0, 2. Kim (West) 11-6, 3. Lewis (Tara) 11-6, 4. Brunson (SP) 10-6; Discus: 1. Keon Knight (SP) 153-11, 2. Petit Homme (BA) 138-4, 3. Stewart (SP) 138-0, 4. Dyer (Nova) 125-5; Shot put: 1. Sandley Jean-Felix (BA) 48-11.50, 2. Laguna (SP) 45-4, 3. Petit Homme (BA) 44-9, 4. Knight (SP) 43-2.50. Girls’ results – 3,200 relay: 1. Boyd Anderson 10:12.92, 2. South Plantation 10:57.37, 3. Piper 11:20.44, 4. Taravella 11:29.56; 100 Hurdles: 1. Daeshon Gordon (BA) 14.41, 2. Oglesby (BA) 15.17, 3. Fleurima (BA) 15.18, 4. Blackett (BA) 16.26; 100: 1. Kali Davis-White 11.90, 2. Gabor (BA) 12.25, 3. Stiverne (Nova) 12.27, 4. Melisa (Plant) 12.55; 1,600: 1. Mellissa Bruno-Piverger (West) 5:46.30, 2. Chauviere (SP) 6:14.19, 3. Avila (Piper) 6:18.99, 4. Cooper (West) 6:23.92; 400 relay: 1. Boyd Anderson 47.00, 2. Piper 49.81, 3. Taravella 49.95, 4. Northeast 51.33; 400: 1. Aiyanna Stiverne (Nova) 55.35, 2. Staton (BA) 58.03, 3. Lageroy (BA) 58.13, 4. Avrilien (BA) 1:04.17; 300 Hurdles: 1. Daeshon Gordon (BA) 43.21, 2. Style (BA) 45.23, 3. Oglesby (BA) 46.28, 4. DaCosta (BA) 46.28; 800: 1. Sapphire Daniel (BA) 2:22.85, 2. Lindsay (BA) 2:25.73, 3. Byrd (BA) 2:30.17, 4. Alexander (SP) 2:33.23; 200: 1. Kali Davis-White (BA) 24.69, 2. Gebor (BA) 25.21, 3. Howerton (West) 25.78, 4. Melisa (Plant) 25.95; 3,200: 1. Jasmine De Verteuil (Tara) 14:39.64, 2. Nairne (SP) 14:58.85, 3. Alexander (SP) 15:00.66, 4. Chauviere (SP) 15:01.76; 1,600 relay: 1. Boyd Anderson 3:57.18, 2. Plantation 4:11.07, 3. Piper 4:17.28, 4. South Plantation 4:28.96; Long jump: 1. Kaylene Jones (BA) 16-10, 2. Hosang (BA) 16-1, 3. Holmes (Nova) 16-0, 4. Fleurima (BA) 15-11; Triple jump: 1. Kaylene Jones (BA) 38-6.50, 2. Holmes (Nova) 36-0.25, 3. Fleurima (BA) 34-7, 4. Roberts (Nova) 34-6; High jump: 1. Alyssa Young (SP) 5-4 , 2. Roberts (Nova) 5-2, 3. Nelson (Nova) 4-10, 4. Holmes (Nova) 4-8; Pole vault: 1. Natalie Zeno (SP) 7-6, 2. Bhatra (SP) 7-6, 3. Barter (SP) 7-0, 4. Douglas (SP) 6-0; Shot put: 1. Camora Sanders (BA) 40-1; 2. Stephens (Nova) 33-5, 3. Lomax (Nova) 32-7, 4. Holmes (Nova) 30-11; Discus: 1. Camora Sanders (BA) 40-1, 2. Nai’Quisa Stephens (Nova) 33-5, 3. Lereine Lomax (Nova) 32-7, 4. Holmes (Nova) 30-11.


• It was business as usual for St. Thomas Aquinas’ water polo teams at the District 10 finals at Fort Lauderdale High School Aquatic Center as the boys and girls’ teams won titles.

St. Thomas Aquinas (20-1) jumped out to an early 5-0 lead after the first quarter and never trailed as the Raiders defeated Fort Lauderdale (11-8) 16-8 in the boys’ final.

Senior Bruce Espinoza scored six goals to lead the Raiders.

The Raiders take its next step in a possible return trip to the state championship as they host Riviera Beach Suncoast in the First Round Play-in next Tuesday.

Led by Carolina Vargas and Anna Smith-Johnson, St. Thomas Aquinas captured the District 10 girls’ championship with an 18-8 win over Cardinal Gibbons (6-7).

Smith-Johnson and Vargas led St. Thomas (10-10) with five goals each. Vargas also added four assists and three steals.



•  District 26 final — Pine Crest 26, Calvary Christian 15: Pine Crest senior Sam Talkow and sophomore Zack Smith dominated Calvary Christian leading the Panthers to a win.

Talkow finished with 10 goals, five assists and 32 groundballs while owning the Calvary Christian on face offs from start to finish.

When Talkow wasn’t scoring, Smith was, finishing with eight goals and five assists.

The Eagles (13-5) opened up strong playing with passion early leading 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2, but once the Panthers got the lead, they never let it go. They scored four straight goals turning a 3-2 deficit into a 6-3 lead.

Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat


•  District 23 final — St. Thomas 13, Pine Crest 8: Rachelle Serafini 4 goals, 3 assists. Chloe Mujwit 3 goals, assist. Madison Cunningham 13 saves


•  Archbishop McCarthy d. Nova 25-8, 25-8, 25-9: Alec Rodriguez 7 kills. Brandon Duren 5 kills, 3 blocks. Nick Monaco 5 kills. AM 16-6



District 12-8A final at Western: 6:30


Region 4-2A at Belle Glade Glades Central – Prelims: 1; Finals: 7

Region 4-1A at Westminster Academy – Prelims: 1; Finals: 7

District 15-3A at Hallandale: 4


State championships in Altamonte Springs and Casselberry


District 12 championship at Pines Charter – Semifinals: Pines Charter vs. South Broward, 10:30 a.m.; Cooper City vs. Flanagan, 1:30; Final: 4:30


District 12 championship at Pines Charter – Semifinals: Pines Charter vs. Cooper City, 9 a.m.; South Broward vs. Flanagan, noon; Final: 3


District 28 final at Cooper City: 7


District 24 final at Pine Crest: Cardinal Gibbons-Pine Crest winner vs. St. Thomas Aquinas, 7

District 11-8A quarterfinals at Coral Glades:

District 16-7A quarterfinals at St. Thomas Aquinas:

District 15-6A quarterfinal at Archbishop McCarthy:

District 13-4A quarterfinal at Broward College:

District 14-3A quarterfinal at Highlands Christian:

District 26 semifinals at Coral Glades:

District 27 semifinals at PAL Field:

District 28 semifinals at South Broward:

District 11-8A semifinals at Coral Glades:

District 15-7A semifinal at Monarch:

District 15-6A semifinals at Archbishop McCarthy:

District 16-5A semifinals at American Heritage:

District 13-4A semifinals at Broward College:

District 14-3A semifinals at Highlands Christian:

State play-ins

State play-ins

First round state play-ins

First round state play-ins

District 25 semifinals at Deerfield Beach:

District 26 final at Coral Glades:

District 28 final at South Broward:

District 29 semifinals at Western:

District 30 semifinals at Cypress Bay:

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