Broward High School roundup

Northeast boys, Westminster girls take home District 9 water polo titles


Special to The Miami Herald

Freshman Brian Mahan scored the game-winning goal with 10 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter as Northeast’s boys defeated defending district champion Westminster Academy 9-8 in the District 9 water polo final.

With Northeast (7-5) holding onto a 6-4 lead to begin the fourth quarter, Westminster Academy (8-13) scored three consecutive goals to take a 7-6 lead.

Senior Taylor Stewart led Northeast in the final minutes as he followed with two consecutive goals to give the Hurricanes an 8-7 lead.

Then the Lions tied it at eight with 1:01 remaining on a goal by Will Scasserra.

The Hurricanes relied on two freshmen in the fourth quarter after two starters were disqualified from the match.

“I wasn’t sure that I was going to put them in,” Northeast coach Loren Price said. “It worked out. They played their positions.”

Northeast worked the ball around the goal and Mahan snuck in a shot on the right post to give the Hurricanes the deciding goal.

“I really didn’t think I was going to get the ball,” Mahan said. “I threw it and apparently it curved and went in the goal.”

The win secured the Hurricanes’ first district title since the 2009 season.

“We have been working for this for the past four years. It’s a great feeling,” Stewart said.

In the girls’ final, senior Caroline Israels led the Lions with 12 goals, three assists and three steals as Westminster Academy defeated Douglas 21-5.

Koral LaStella scored five goals and Naomi Sanders added two for the Lions.

Israels scored seven in the first quarter. For the remainder of the match, Israels focused on other elements of the game to lead the Lions to the win.

“She has been trying to get the other girls their stats,” Lions coach Denise Israels said. “She has been more of a defensive specialist helping our goalie.”

The win secured the Lions fifth consecutive district title.

“We are using these games to prepare for states,” Israels said. “Our goal is to win states.”


Douglas and Coral Springs were tied for first with 155.50 points going into to the final event, the 1600 relay, in the District 10-4A championship.

In the end it was home team, Coral Springs, that came away with a come-from-behind win as Springs’ Oderline Excellent came from about 30 meters behind on the third leg to take the lead on the final curve, giving the Colts a huge lead going into the final leg. They held on to win the race as Delray Atlantic passed Douglas on the anchor leg to finish second. Coral Springs finished with 165.50 points while Douglas finished in second with 161.50.

Douglas freshman Gillian Morrison won the high jump (5-4), 100 hurdles (15.70) and 300 hurdles (47.23). Senior Lauren Chabarek won the triple jump (33-4) and pole vault (10-0). She also finished fourth in the 100 meter hurdles.

The boys’ 1600 relay was just as exciting as the girls as Jevon Jackson came from 15 meters back on the anchor leg to win the relay for Douglas. Jackson also won the 400m. The Eagles ran away with the district championship, outscoring second place Coral Springs 162 to 128.

Douglas’ Trevor Butts qualified for the regional meet in two events, having won the 110 hurdles and finishing second in the 300 hurdles. The top four finishers in each event will advance to the Region 3-4A meet next Thursday at Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer.

Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat

Boys Team Results: 1. Douglas 162, 2. Douglas 128, 3. Coral Glades 102, 4. Delray Atlantic 67, 5. Boca Raton 66, 6. Monarch 61, 7. West Boca Raton 26, 8. Deerfield Beach 25, 9. Spanish River 20. High Jump: 1. Cooper (CS) 6-2, 2. Zamir (CG) 5-10, 3. Rountree (BR) 5-8, 4. Poulton (D) 5-8. Long Jump: 1. Yang (CS) 21-2.5, 2. Fernandez (CG) 20-8, 3. Joseph (D) 20-4, 4. Jean-Pierre (CS) 20-1. Triple Jump: 1. Butts (D) 43-8.5, 2. Yang (CS) 42-9, 3. Ripert (A) 39-9.5, 4. Simmons (CS) 39-5.5. Discus: 1. Santos (M) 145-4, 2. Lynn (BR) 138-7, 3. Thaddies (A) 129-6, 4. Mosley (A) 124-6. Shot Put: 1. Kelley (A) 43-10-5, 2. Lynn (BR) 42-10, 3. Mosley (A) 42-2, 4. Burrel (CG) 37-3.5. Pole Vault: 1. Simmons (CS) 12-9, 2. Detig (CS) 11-6, 3. Belancourt (CS) 11-0, 4. Paek (D) 10-0. 4X800: 1. Coral Springs 8:26.05, 2. Coral Glades 8:26.48, 3. Douglas 8:37.89, 4. Atlantic 8:55.06. 110M Hurdles: 1. Butts (D) 15.04, 2. Jones (WBR) 15.83, 3. Pineda (DB) 16.15, 4. Williams (CS) 16.35. 100M: 1. Smith (CG) 11.11, 2. Victoria (M) 11.16, 3. Jackson (D) 11.30, 4. Jean-Pierre (CS) 11.40. 1600M: 1. Bell (CS) 4:34.69, 2. Delvea (CG) 4:35.59, 3. Baglieri (M) 4:37.40, 4. Buytenhuys (D) 4:41.38. 4X100M: 1. Coral Springs 43.48, 2. Coral Glades 44.25, 3. Douglas 44.55, 4. West Boca Raton 44.84. 400M: 1. Jackson (D) 50.58, 2. Joseph (D) 50.81, 3. Delice (CG) 51.41, 4. Roseme (DB) 51.96. 300M Hurdles: 1. Williams (CS) 39.56, 2. Butts (D) 39.99, 3. Shuler (A) 42.52, 4. Pineda (DB) 43.47. 800M: 1. Fernandez (CG) 2:01.76, 2. Vidal (SR) 2:01.96, 3. Schwartz (D) 2:02.47, 4. Clark (D) 2:03.16. 200M: 1. Smith (CG) 22.48, 2. Victoria (M) 22.90, 3. Joseph (D) 22.98, 4. Pleban (WBR) 23.05. 3200M: 1. Fay (A) 9:53.24, 2. Ozery (D) 9:58.57, 3. Deleva (CG) 10:16.88, 4. Rader (SR) 10:21.71. 4X400M: 1. Douglas 3:27.43, 2. Boca Raton 3:29.43, 3. Monarch 3:30.54, 4. Coral Glades 3:33.04.

Girls Team Results: 1. Coral Springs 165.50, 2. Douglas 161.50, 3. Monarch 85, 4. Delray Atlantic 67, 5. Coral Glades 58, 6. Spanish River 57, 7. Boca Raton 26, 8. Deerfield Beach 13, 9. West Boca Raton 9. High Jump: 1. Morrison (D) 5-4, 2. Moore (CS) 4-10, 3. Smith-Brown (CS) 4-10, 4. Hutchinson (D) 4-8. Long Jump: 1. Smith (CS) 15-4, 2. Hicks (D) 15-1, 3. Sylien (A) 15-0.5, 4. Olayemi (CG) 14-4. Triple Jump: 1. Chabarek (D) 33-4, 2. Treijs (CS) 32-10, 3. Haye (CS) 32-4.25, 4. Smith (CS) 32-4. Discus: 1. Gustely (M) 141-10, 2. Adams (CS) 79-2, 3. Haring (CG) 67-6, 4. Rogers (D) 65-9. Shot Put: 1. Adams (CS) 30-4, 2. Gustely (M) 29-1.5, 3. Charles (D) 25-9.5, 4. Carr (DB) 24-7. Pole Vault: 1. Chabarek (D) 10-0. 2. Pollock (CS) 7-6, 2. Hungate 7-6, 3. Ramos (D) 7-0. 4X800: 1. Douglas 10:18.44, 2. Coral Springs 10:30.99, 3. Spanish River 11:07.96, 4. Monarch 12:06.25. 100M Hurdles: 1. Morrison (D) 15.70, 2. Elder (M) 17.46, 3. Griffin (CS) 18.24, 4. Chabarek (D) 18.43. 100M: 1. Freeman (A) 12.70, 2. Warthen (CS) 12.99, 3. Anderson (CG) 13.05, 4. Stevenson (M) 13.34. 1600M: 1. Prock (M) 5:27.36, 2. Atyeo (D) 5:27.87, 3. Snider (SR) 5:28.53, 4. Vianale (SR) 5:31.56. 4X100M: 1. Coral Springs 50.85, 2. Coral Glades 50.89, 3. Douglas 53.58., 4. Atlantic 53.91. 400M:1. Gulston (M) 58.50, 2. Snell (DB) 1:01.54, 3. Coleman (A) 1:02.17, 4. Williams (D) 1:02.67. 300M Hurdles: 1. Morrison (D) 47.23, 2. Charles (D) 50.15, 3. Grant (A) 52.85, 4. Elder (M) 53.77. 800M: 1. Atyeo (D) 2:31.41, 2. Hutchinson (D) 2:32.37, 3. Kasper (BR) 2:35.76, 4. Allum (CS) 2:36.89. 200M: 1. Gulston (M) 25.66, 2. Freeman (A) 26.56, 3. Treijs (CS) 26.89, 4. Williams (CG) 27.44. 3200M: 1. Snider (SR) 11:50.48, 2. Fungquee (M) 11:58.94, 3. Jacobazzi (CS) 12:03.35, 4. Nicholson (BR) 12:07.42. 4X400M: 1. Coral Springs 4:10.29, 2. Delray Atlantic 4:11.09, 3. Douglas 4:12.95, 4. Coral Glades 4:16.61.


•  District 22 final — Douglas 17, West Boca Raton 6: Freshman Sabrina Kaplan and sophomore Lindsay Wolk each scored four goals for the Douglas Eagles (12-2), who held a 12-0 halftime lead. The Bulls rallied to make it 13-5, but couldn’t close the gap further.

Senior Paige Fitzsimmons collected seven saves, while West Boca’s Miah Shefer blocked 17 shots.

Christina De Nicola


• Cooper City’s Simon Shuham, a 3.99 student and valedictorian of his senior class was named to the Florida High School Athletic Association’s Academic All-State team. Simon is a National Merit Finalist and National Advanced Placement Scholar and is the Cooper City High School Wendy’s High School Heisman recipient. Simon earned varsity letters in golf, soccer and volleyball all four years of high school. Simon was a member of the National Honor Society, Debate Club, Spanish Honor Society and Spanish Club, and has excelled in volunteer activities by accumulating more than 390 hours of community service.

• The Florida Association of Basketball Coaches released its Players and Coaches of the Year this week.

Dillard senior forward Kayla Wright was picked as the Class 5A Player of the Year. Wright, a Tulsa signee, led the Panthers to their fourth consecutive state title.

Coral Springs Christian coach Steve Fitzgerald was also honored as the Class 3A Coach of the Year after leading his team to its first state final.


Five Archbishop McCarthy student-athletes signed with colleges. For football, the Mavericks had three. Frantz Petit-Papa signed with Trine University, Nick Podesta signed with Lake Forest University and Marco Collie signed with Mount Union. Sarah Acosta and Austin Ventura signed with Lindsey Wilson College for cycling.




WP: Brandon Acevedo. LP: Timothy Martinez



WP: Ben Roberts (3-4). LP: Todd Picariello. Top performers: Ben Roberts 3-4, 3 runs, 2 SB. Justin Ziegelasch 2-3, 2 RBI, double. Iggy Pigna 1-3, RBI. PT 14-9.




WP: Gabbee Draney (13-4). Top performers: Crystal Garcia 4-4, 2 HR, 2 singles, 4 RBI, 3 runs, SB. Ashley Leon 2-4, HR, RBI, 3 runs. Stephanie Texeira 1-3, HR, 2 runs, 3 RBI. GUL 20-5



WP: Devan Cinalli. LP: Herranz. Top performers: Isabella Valderrama 3 runs. Jennifer Blanchard run, RBI. Maelyn Gonzalez run, 2 RBI



WP: Dayna Wilson (15-2). LP: K. Speers. Top performers: Alex Garcia 1-2, RBI. Amy Roach 1-3, RBI. CR 22-2


•  Archbishop McCarthy d. West Broward 25-11, 25-12, 18-25, 25-20: Michael Moreiras 11 service points, 2 aces,15 kills. Joe Figueroa 16 service points, 3 aces, 35 assists. Amedeo Zanotti 8 service points, 2 aces, 14 kills, 3 blocks. AM 15-6

•  Cypress Bay d. American Heritage 28-26, 25-15, 26-24: Greg Holodak 10 kills, 10 digs, 3 service points, 2 blocks. Tyler Gordon 11 kills, 5 service points, 15 digs, block. James Diamond 20 assists, 7 digs, kill, 5 service points, ace. AHS 5-6


•  North Broward Prep 13, Boynton Beach 0: Amanda Graboski 5 yd TD pass, 32 yd TD pass, 1 XPT(1) run, 105 yds passing. Teddi Inkeles 5 yd TD reception. Yasmin Ruffell-Smith 32 yd TD reception, sack. NBP 7-4



Hallandale vs. Coconut Creek (C. Creek), 3:45

Cardinal Gibbons vs. Coral Springs Christian ( Home), 3:45

Cypress Bay vs. Cooper City (Home), 6:30

West Broward vs. Coral Glades (CGLA), 6:30

Miramar vs. Deerfield Beach (Home), 6:30

Flanagan vs. Park Vista (Home), 0:01 am

Coral Springs vs. Monarch (MON), 3:45

Pembroke Pines Charter vs. Nova (Home), 7

Fort Lauderdale vs. Piper (Home), 7

Blanche Ely vs. Plantation (PLA), 6:30

Taravella vs. Pompano Beach (Home), 6:30

McArthur vs. South Plantation (SP), 3:45

Northeast vs. Stranahan (STR), 3:45

St. Thomas Aquinas vs. Western (WES), 6:30

Highlands Christian vs. Dade Christian (DCS), 3:30

American Heritage vs. Chaminade-Madonna (CHA), 4


District 16-7A final at Cooper City: 7

District 15-6A final at Archbishop McCarthy: 7

District 16-5A final at American Heritage: 7

District 13-4A final at Betti Stradling Park: 6:30

District 14-3A final at Westminster Academy: 4

District 13-2A final: Sheridan Hills Christian at Zion Lutheran, 3:30


State championships in Altamonte Springs and Casselberry


District 11-4A at South Plantation: 2


District 10 championship at Fort Lauderdale – Semifinals: Cardinal Gibbons vs. Fort Lauderdale, 4; Final: St. Thomas Aquinas vs. Cardinal Gibbons-Fort Lauderdale winner, 7:30

District 11 championship at Nova: 6:30


District 10 championship at Fort Lauderdale – Semifinals: Cardinal Gibbons vs. Fort Lauderdale, 3; Final: St. Thomas Aquinas vs. Cardinal Gibbons-Fort Lauderdale winner, 6:30

District 11 championship at Nova: 5


District 26 final at Cardinal Gibbons: 7

District 27 final at American Heritage: 6

District 28 semifinals at Cooper City: Cooper City vs. Archbishop McCarthy, 5; Cypress Bay vs. West Broward, 7


District 23 final at University School: 7


Somerset Academy vs. Cooper City (Home), 4:30

Coral Springs vs. Zion Lutheran (Home), 6

Cypress Bay vs. Somerset Academy (SOM), 4:30

Monarch vs. Deerfield Beach (Home), 6

Taravella vs. Douglas (Home), 4:30

Miramar vs. Flanagan (Home), 4:30

Hollywood Hills vs. McArthur (MCA), 4:30

Nova vs. Archbishop McCarthy (AMC), 4:30

Everglades vs. Pembroke Pines Charter (PPC), 4:30

Coconut Creek vs. Piper (Home), 4:30

South Plantation vs. Plantation (PLA), 4:30

Coral Glades vs. Pompano Beach (PB), 4:30

Cardinal Gibbons vs. St. Thomas Aquinas (STA), 4:30

South Broward vs. Chaminade-Madonna (CHA), 4:30

Cooper City vs. West Broward (WB), 4:30

Pine Crest vs. Western (WES), 4:30


Pompano Beach vs. Coral Springs (Home), 4:30

Cooper City vs. Cypress Bay (Home), 4:30

Blanche Ely vs. Dillard (Home), 4:30

Coconut Creek vs. Deerfield Beach (DB), 4:30

Taravella vs. Douglas (Home), 4:30

Flanagan vs. McArthur (MCA), 4:30

Everglades vs. Miramar (MIR), 4:30

Fort Lauderdale vs. Monarch (MON), 4:30

Hollywood Hills vs. Northeast (NE), 4:30

Stranahan vs. Nova (Home), 6

Coral Glades vs. Piper (Home), 4:30

South Plantation vs. Plantation (Home), 4:30

Pembroke Pines Charter vs. South Broward (SB), 4:30

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