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Tennis tournament

The 10th annual USTA/Pembroke Pines Girls’ 14 Sectional was at the Pembroke Lakes Racquet Club in Pembroke Pines. Pierre Arnold Tennis Inc. hosted the tournament, directed by Pierre Arnold, tennis director of the City of Pembroke Pines.

The top Florida players in the Girls’ 14 age bracket traveled to Pembroke Pines, competing for valuable ranking points.

Eighth seeded Sofia Sewing of Doral defeated fifth seeded Meible Chi of Weston, 6-1, 6-1 to win the tournament. Chi upset top seeded Melissa Plambeck of Bradenton, third seeded Amanda Meyer of Hypoluxo and seventh seeded Sasha Belaya of Melbourne en route to the finals.

Miami’s Miranda Ramirez was third via walkover to an injured Belaya who took fourth. Amanda Arisimova, an 11-year-old alternate from Hallandale Beach, defeated Meyer for fifth place. Meyer received the sixth place trophy.

“In our 10th year, we look forward to this event every year,” Tournament Director Pierre Arnold said. “It is a great event for the City of Pembroke Pines.”

During the tournament, players, parents, coaches, club members and spectators were asked to join the “SMILE REVOLUTION.” The “SMILE REVOLTUION” is an initiative, led by Jaimes Tennis Management Inc. and inspired by “MAKE DC SMILE,” to spread positivity by documenting the question, “What makes you smile?” The goal of this initiative is to share moments of happiness and encouraging smiles no matter what is occurring in the world or your own personal circumstances. The goal is to acquire 2013 photos of the answered question.

In December there will be a VIP gallery event featuring the photos in Miami’s Wynwood District. For information on the SMILE REVOLUTION, visit the Official Smile Revolution Facebook page at or call 954-399-8056

For information on Pierre Arnold Tennis Inc./Jaimes Tennis Management Inc. or the 2013 USTA/ Pembroke Pines Girls’ 14 Sectional Tournament, call Lynn Jaimes at 305-588-0564.

Tamiami tennis

More than 300 children, parents and family members celebrated the grand re-opening of the Tamiami Tennis Center, where the new permanent 36’ and 60’ tennis courts designed especially for kids were unveiled.

“The kids didn’t want to get off the 60’ courts; it was a huge success,” USTA Florida Miami-area Tennis Program Coordinator Cathy Nordlund said. “Those who came early had an opportunity to see the 8-and-under and 10-and-under league matches. Special thanks to the staff at Tamiami Tennis under the direction of Kevin and Andre Chow and all of our great volunteers who came out to help.”

The event also featured games, prize-giveaways, face painting, tennis ball crafts and more.

“Tamiami Tennis Center is one of the most kid-friendly tennis facilities in the country,” Nordlund said. “The center after the construction now features four permanent 36’ courts and four permanent 60’ courts. The court installation is part of a commitment by the USTA to encourage children in diverse communities to become more active by playing tennis.”

Tamiami Tennis Center was the first facility in Florida to feature 36’ and 60’ permanent courts for kids (compared to a full 78’ court). The Tamiami courts are the result of a collaboration of grants from the USTA national body, the USTA Florida Section, the USTA Florida Section Foundation and Friends of Miami Tennis. Friends of Miami Tennis, a 501(c)3 organization, manages the Tamiami Tennis Center.

A number of USTA programs for children and adults of all ages and skill levels are available at the facility, including USTA Leagues and Junior Team Tennis.

Tamiami Tennis Center and Tamiami Park are public facilities under Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation, the largest parks and recreation organization in Florida.

All the courts built or renovated were specially lined to enable participation in the USTA’s youth participation initiative, 10 and Under Tennis. Youth tennis is geared toward enticing more kids to participate in tennis using modified equipment and courts tailored to a child’s age and ability. By featuring shorter and lighter racquets, slower-bouncing balls, smaller courts and simplified scoring, children learn to play more quickly and easily while having fun in the process.

The Tamiami Tennis Center is at 11201 SW 24th St. Call 305-223-7076. For information and photos go to

Prime Time basketball

Tyler Gale had 12 points to lead the Huskies over the Hoyas 30-23 in the Big East (3rd-4th grade) of Prime Time Sports basketball at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center, 18900 NE 25th Ave., North Miami Beach 33180.

Ryan Mendelson added eight points, and Oliver Sejas and Val Share each had two points. For the Hoyas, Benny Bakar and Daniel Gutkin had four points apiece. Laueyn Hornstein scored five points and Jack Schechtman two points.

Golden Eagles 31, Panthers 24: Pryce Markson 7 pts, Jared Brody 4 pts, Allan Strimber 6 pts, Aidan Blinderman (Player of the Week) 7 pts, Samuel Courtney 3 pts, Jaden Katz 4 pts. For the Panthers, Jake Moss 8 pts, Jake Moss 7 pts, Tatiana Wainer 6 pts, Joseph Abramowitz 4 pts, Andy Grinsberg 4 pts, Benjamin Holcman 6 pts.

Bearcats 27, Wildcats 18: Liam Senker 15 pts, Michael Efroni 2 pts, Roy Blank 6 pts, Jessica Becker 2 pts, Aden Ben- Saadon 2 pts, Gabriel Puterman. For the Wildcats, Avi Lalo 6 pts, Abie Saada 12 pts.

Orangemen 21, Scarlet Knights 9: Daniel Broides 10 pts, Jaime Mizrahi 2 pts, Lucas Kac 2 pts. For the Scarlet Knights, Daniel Abbo 2 pts, Eithan Yisrael 4 pts, Tomer Spivak 2 pts.

•  SEC (5th-6th grade)

Commodores 44, Gators 40: Leonardo Nicastro (Player of the Week) 25 pts, Ross Vaygensberg 5 pts, Jonathan Abbo 11 pts, Jake Strober 2 pts. For the Gators, Daniel Shaferman 14 pts, Matias Maia 12 pts, Alan Grinspun 2 pts, Gabriel Dayan 2 pts, Nathan Azizollahoff 8 pts, Miguel Hirsh 2 pts.

Razorbacks 33,Tigers 32: Eric Getzel 18 pts, Samuel Taieb 8 pts, David Bonwitt 8 pts. For the Tigers, Alan Berkman 15 pts, Jeremy Saunders 1 pts, Matias Ostrowics 4 pts, Simon Waxman 4 pts.

Crimson Tide 45, Wildcats 39: Yaniv Assraf 18 pts, Jaime Acherman 11 pts, Ben Ratzker 5 pts, Shaul Levy 12 pts, Ziv Markovitz 8 pts. For the Wildcats Jonathan Kiblisky 4 pts, Leon Assor 9 pts, Moises Benhamu 9 pts, Abraham Woldenberg 17 pts.

Bulldogs 40, Volunteers 35: Ariel Yecuteli 7 pts, Asher Courtney 14 pts, Noah Markofsky 10 pts, Steven Becker 2 pts, Michael Braun 2 pts, Moises Essenfeld 5 pts. For the Volunteers, Saul Birmaher 8 pts, Nathaniel Elharrar 2 pts, Elan Roffe 3 pts, Armando Ruah 12 pts, Igal Ovaknin 10 pts.

•  NBA (7th-9th grade)

Clippers 42, Heat 31: Mark Hanz 20 pts, Jordan Kasimow 5 pts, Avi Weisskoff 5 pts, Dan Berflein 9 pts, Alberto Sutton 3 pts, Jake Singer 5 pts, Eithan Curtis 2 pts. For the Heat, Christian Zorzi 4 pts, Alejandro Klimberg 2 pts, David Ezekiel 10 pts, Johnmichael Sosa 4 pts, Jordan Markovsky 3 pts, Daniel Pitichiesky 5 pts, Cory Mars 3 pts.

Lakers 39, Celtics 29: Uriel Epelbaum 9 pts, Nathan Furman 3 pts, Kai Vagio 2 pts, Daren Hirsch 15 pts, Daniel Haddad 5 pts, Josh Becher 5 pts. For the Celtics, Andy Elyakim 13 pts, Nicholas Mufson 2 pts, Josh Klein 6 pts, Kevin Weiger 5 pts, Eli Broides 3 pts.

Spurs 33, Nets 15: Brandon Elyakim 8 pts, Jake Gale 2 pts, Joseph Wiener 4 pts, Joshua Bonwitt 9 pts, Bruno Wesley (Player of the Week) 12 pts, Christian Yol 2pts.

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Miami Beach basketball

Oliver Segal scored six points as the Lakers edged the Heat 12-11 in the 7-8 age group of Miami Beach Parks & Recreation basketball at Flamingo Park.

Alec Miller added four points. For the Heat, Lucas Turano had eight points. Sebastian Alarcon chipped in two points, and Max Gelber made a free-throw.

The Hornets beat the Thunder 16-10. Brett Burstein scored 14 points, and Jefferson EIg contributed two points. David Saka scored six points, and Isaac Sokol and Joshua Rosen each had two points for the Thunder.

The Knicks defeated the Bulls 14-7. Logan Spill scored six points, and Alexander Raymond had four points. Owen Basner and Eli Rudd each scored two points. Julian Corniel and Dylan Schnur had three points apiece for the Bulls.

The Heat edged the Bulls 8-7. August Ackerman had three points and Max Gelber and Lucas Turano two points each. Julian Corniel had four points and Dylan Schnur three points for the Bulls.

The Hornets beat the Lakers 16-9. Brett Burstein scored 10 points, and Dillon Weismann had six points. Noah Scheinblum had three assists. For the Lakers, Max Lawrence scored four points and Jack Meltzer two points.

The Knicks defeated the Thunder 13-7. Logan Spill scored six points, and Caleb Samuel had three points. Alexander Raymond and Jackson Gessner each scored two points. The Thunder’s Manuel Palmieri had three points and Isaac Sokol and Joshua Rosen two points apiece.

•  9-11: The Knicks edged the Nets 14-12. Chaz Berkowitz scored eight points, and Bryce Hammon had four points. Cedric Jenkins added two points. The Nets’ Joseph Kodi totaled six points. Hudson Elegant had three points, and Fadl Jaid had two points. Noah Jaid made a free-throw.

The Lakers beat the Celtics 17-9. Zack Barcenas and Owen Spill had six points apiece, and Kevin Costa and Joshua Hyman each had two points. Joseph Cabrera, Noah Dinic and Scott Kaufmann each had two points for the Celtics. Andrew Zaiac also scored on a free-throw.

The Heat defeated the Bulls 28-22. Isiah Gardner scored 16 points, and Matthew Weissman chipped in seven points. Demian Brighina and Jared Rogoff had two points apiece. Joshua Neely scored 12 points, and Justin Neely added six points for the Bulls. Max Gotlin and Luca Mejia also contributed two points apiece.

The Bucks defeated the Grizzlies 27-11. Daveon Morris scored 12 points, and Noah Milon had 11 points. Evan Fredel scored five points, and Bryan Saka added four points for the Grizzlies.

The Clippers beat the Thunder 31-16. Zaire Wade scored 13 points, and Aiden Karp had nine points. For the Thunder, Ezra Rivera scored eight points and Drew Burnstein four points.

The Nuggets defeated the Kings 21-15. Toby Squire scored nine points, and Nick Noumais added six points. Arthur Ackerman had nine points, and Sebastian Perez-Bravo added four points for the Kings.

The Bulls defeated the Kings 26-21. Max Gotlin scored 10 points, and Joshua Neely had eight points. Justin Neely totaled seven points, and Antonio Todd made a foul-shot. Arthur Ackerman scored eight points, and Ronald Loque and Daniel Friedman had four points apiece for the Kings. Andrei Dubrowski also scored.

The Knicks edged the Nuggets 20-19. Chaz Berkowitz recorded eight points, and Dylan Allen scored six points. Bryce Hammon had four points. The Nuggets’ Toby Squuire had eight points, and Blaze Williams chipped in five points. Nick Namias scored, and Leonardo Raxach added two points.

The Grizzlies defeated the Thunder 15-11. Jacob Martin had seven points. Bryan Saka scored six points, and Evan Fredel added two points. For the Thunder, Anthony Delrosario had six points and Drew Burnstine three points. Ezra Rivera added two points.

The Clippers edged the Celtics 16-14. Zaire Wade scored nine points and Aiden Karp three points. For the Celtics, Noah Dinic scored 12 points, and Andrew Zaiac had two points.

The Heat beat the Bucks 21-17. Isiah Gardner scored 17 points, and Xyrus Golaub had two points. Dahveon Morris scored 11 points, and Noah Milon chipped in six points for the Bucks.

The Nets defeated the Lakers 21-14. Joseph Kodsi had nine points, and Kevin Quiroga added four points. Zach Barcenas scored 11 points, and Owen Spill had two points for the Lakers.

•  12-13: The Nets defeated the Bulls 46-23. Isaiah Manasara scored 22 points, and Noah Ogaza added nine points. The Bulls’ Adrian Thompson had nine points, and Angel Rodriguez recorded six points.

The Grizzlies beat the Heat 28-21. Jr. Hopkins scored 14 points, and Ethan Rozenwaig totaled five points. Andy Salas had eight points and Noah Stein seven points for the Heat.

•  Girls: 8-10: The Liberty defeated the Sparks 12-2. Melina Flores scored 10 points, and Belen Rodriguez added two points. The Sparks’ Saiah Amarilla had two points.

Mo Steel basketball

The Mo Steel sixth grade travel basketball team was runner-up at the YBOA Source Tip-Off Challenge in Orlando.

The finalists are Brian Mars, Abe Woldenberg, Adrian Garcia, Ross Vaygensberg, Luis Ruah, Leo Nicastro, Sammy Bitchatchi, George Kaswan, Aaron Ben Shmuel and Mattias Maia. The head coach is Danny Alvarenga, and the assistant coach is Alexis Kwarkernatt.

For information about Mo Steel basketball e-mail

Prime Time flag football

Player of the Week Simon Elharrar made seven receptions (two for touchdowns) and recorded five interceptions as the Gators beat the Fighting Irish 12-0 in Varsity (7th-9th grade) of Prime Time Sports flag football at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center, 18900 NE 25th Ave., North Miami Beach 33180.

Alex Fraynd threw both touchdown passes, and Andy Elyakim had four receptions. Mark Hanz caught three passes, and Bernardo Faigenblat had two receptions. Yomtov Bejar also caught a pass. For the Fighting Irish, Moshe Kalchman had five receptions, and Rafi Hersher and Abraham Milhem caught two passes apiece.

•  Scouts (1st-2nd grade)

Crimson Tide 12, Ducks 6: Ari Deman (Player of the Week) one touchdown run, two rceptions; Adam Cohen six receptions; Andres Ruah two receptions; Elie Tamir one touchdown run, two receptions; Rafael Derzavich three receptions; Rocco Solomon one reception. For the Ducks, Michael Stiberman one touchdown pass, five receptions, two interceptions David Lalo five receptions (one a touchdown); Ricardo Koenig one reception; Noah Yecutieli one reception Colin Grant one reception.

•  Seniors (5th-6th grade)

Longhorns 13, Gators 7: Jorge Batievsky one touchdown pass; Dimitri Politano four receptions (one a touchdown), one interception; Jake Kurkin three receptions; Sebastian Ludmir three receptions. For the Gators, Max Greenwald two receptions; Zachary Ordet one touchdown pass, one receptions, one sack; Jack Finvarb two receptions; Kevin Ordet two receptions, Ryan Fliegelman three receptions (one a touchdown).

Ducks 26, Cowboys 0: Brian Mars three touchdown passes, one interception, one touchdown run; Leonardo Nicastro six receptions (with two touchdown catches); Carter Levine three receptions (one a touchdown), one sack; Jose Sacal one reception; Federico Waldman one reception; Joseph Bensabat one reception; Louis D’Antuono three receptions, one interception. For the Cowboys, Benjamin Wolf four receptions, one interception; Eric Getzel five receptions; Maxwell Cusnier three receptions; Julian Rubinovich one reception, Alex Bugay two receptions.

•  Juniors (3rd-4th grade)

Gators 27, Hurricanes 0: Tyler Gale (Player of the Week) two touchdown passes, two interceptions (one for a touchdown); Moises Micha one receptions; Jaime Meller one reception; Gabriel Leizorek five receptions (one a touchdown), one intecerption for touchdown; Daniel Solomiany three receptions (one a touchdown); Alex Benarraouch two receptions; Abie Saada one reception, one interception. For the Hurricanes, Ilan Koenig one reception; Jacob Singer one sack, two receptions; Andres Furszyfer one reception, Eric Ramos-Kastner one reception.

Crimson Tide 8, Ducks 6: Daniel Broides one reception, one interception; David Amselem one reception; Michael Brinker one interception; Eli Silverman one touchdown run, one sack, one reception; Joseph Talmaciu one reception. For the Ducks, Steven Friedman one touchdown pass; Mason Weisfisch four receptions; Levi Gans one reception; Even Scheck three receptions (one a touchdown); Dylan Morningstar one reception, one interception; Daniel Yaari one reception.

Gators 20, Longhorns 6: Tyler Gale (Player of the Week) two touchdown runs, two receptions, one interception; Jaime Meller two receptions; Gabriel Leizorek six receptions, three interceptions; Daniel Solomiany three sacks; Alex Benarraouch one touchdown run; Abie Saada one reception. For the Longhorns, Pablo Sangranichne one reception; Daniel Eidelstein two recepetions; Alan Wainer one interception; Abie Bonkovski one reception.

Fighting Irish 7, Hurricanes 0: Meyer Shalom one touchdown pass, two interceptions, one reception; Avi Lalo three receptions (one a touchdoen), one interception. For the Hurricanes, Ilan Koenig two receptions; Jacob Singer three sacks, three receptions.

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Our Lady of Lakes flag football

The Our Lady of the Lakes School boys’ flag football team won four of its first five games.

These seventh and eighth graders started the season strong by defeating Blessed Trinity 40-26, before stumbling against St. Theresa 34-24. The Cheetahs rebounded beating St. Lawrence 36-6, St. Hugh 45-2 and, again, St. Lawrence 39-31.

Our Lady of the Lakes is 4-1, seeded second in the All Catholic Conference Class 3A.

• The girls’ flag football team split a double header against the Celtics of Immaculate Conception. The short-handed Cheetahs won the first game 6-0 but dropped the second 18-0.

Columbus lacrosse

The Columbus High School Explorers lacrosse team traveled to the Keys and beat the Coral Shores Canes 21-4 behind the scoring of Steven Hernandez and Michael Bulnes.

Hernandez totaled eight points (four goals and four assists) with Bulnes adding three goals and an assist. Also strong on offense were Grant Nordlund , Alec Carreras and Cody Brais each with two goals and two assists. Nicky Quintairos had two goals and an assist, and Sebi Cancio scored twice. Gabe Perez, Brandon Garcia, Marcus Davide and Michael Perry also scored.

• The Explorers (8-2) then defeated highly-regarded Lake Forest Prep (Ill.) 13-5. Staunch play by goalie Michael Davide (14 saves) anchored a tight defensive unit. A four-game win streak has seen the Explorers outscore their opposition 72-22.

Gabe Perez and Steven Hernandez had three goals apiece, and Hernandez also had an assist. Grant Nordlund recorded two goals and an assist, and Alec Carreras had a goal and two assists. Carreras has stepped up his game this season adding to a senior-laden team with his unselfish play. Michael Bulnes totaled two goals, and Nicky Quintairos and Sebi Cancio also scored. Cancio did a good job on defense as well.

Ransom Everglades soccer

David Goldstein, a senior student-athlete at Ransom Everglades High School, has been selected as the 2013 Section 3 recipient of the “National High School Spirit of Sport Award” by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

The National High School Spirit of Sport Award was created by the NFHS to recognize those individuals who exemplify the ideals of the spirit of sport that represent the core mission of education-based athletics.

Goldstein, who is a four-year varsity soccer player and team captain, was a two-time Miami Herald Miami-Dade County Honorable Mention selection.

Within the academic sphere, Goldstein is in the National Honor Society and the Cum Laude Society for Top 10 percent Class GPA.

His extracurricular work includes membership in the Florida High School Athletic Association Student Advisory Committee and working with autistic youth as a member of Best Buddies.

What really distinguishes Goldstein is the work he did off the field and outside the classroom that is leading the way to ensure the safety of all student-athletes and specifically in the area of head injuries and concussions.

In four years, Goldstein suffered three concussions while playing soccer. As a result of his personal experience, he decided to help ensure that other young athletes don’t have to go through a similar ordeal. After raising money to fund baseline tests, Goldstein was contacted by the Florida Brain Association, which wanted him to assist its efforts to raise awareness on this issue.

Goldstein made several trips to Tallahassee to speak to state legislators to get Youth Athlete’s Bill HB 291 passed into law. It was met with opposition and was defeated in May 2011.

Undaunted, Goldstein and his colleagues returned to the state Legislature, where he found himself engaged in a debate with the Senate Health Regulation Committee. On Oct. 12, 2012, the bill was signed into law.

• The NFHS divides the nation into eight geographical sections. The states in Section 3 are Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

Nominations for this award were generated through NFHS-member state associations and reviewed by the NFHS Spirit of Sport Award Selection Committee composed of state association staff members.

While the national winner will be recognized June 24 at the NFHS Summer Meeting in Denver, the section winners will be recognized within their respective states and will receive awards before the end of the school year.

Conchita Espinosa basketball

The Conchita Espinosa Academy girls’ varsity basketball team (7th-8th grade) defeated Pinecrest Cove 33-5 to clinch the Greater Miami Athletic League Championship.

It is Conchita’s first girls’ basketball championship since 2010. The Cougars were led by eighth-graders Lilly Garcia, Megan Gonzalez.and Naomi Hasegawa. They combined for 10 points and 22 rebounds against Pinecrest Cove.

Miami Country Day sports

Miami Country Day: Middle School Female Athlete of the Week: Katerina Londono (softball) had her first career hit for the high school varsity team as a sixth grader against LaSalle and also played well at second base.

Middle School Male Athlete of the Week: Costi Peraticos (lacrosse) scored eight times in wins against Coral Shores and Riviera Prep.

Upper School Female Athlete of the Week: Jackie Lash (softball) was the winning pitcher against LaSalle and had three hits and three RBI against Wellington Christian.

Upper School Male Athlete of the Week: Rafael Kassin (tennis) helped his team improve to 11-0 by winning his matches at No.3 singles against Hillel, International Studies and ATM.

Spartan Super Fan: Michael Finny (Middle School Dean of Students).

Archbishop Curley sports

The Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School girls’ varsity softball team defeated Monsignor Pace 7-3. Trailing 6-3 in their final at bat, the Knights rallied with four runs. Senior Megan Romanik (8-3) was the winning pitcher.

• Athletic Director Greg Magner announced the school’s Players of the Week:

In softball wins over Keys Gate Charter School, Somerset Academy and Miami Country Day, senior catcher Erika Castanaza had six hits, seven runs and six RBI.

Senior pitcher Tony Yeash, one of the top strikeout pitchers in Miami-Dade County with 50, has kept the Knights baseball team competitive in each of his outings with an outstanding 1.71 ERA.

YouTube youth and more

YouTube at the Jim Varsallone (the jimmyv3 channel)

Miami Herald youth sports online

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More events, leagues, programs

Tennis classes, programs

Tennis classes and programs for all ages are at the Penny Sugarman Tennis Center at Sans Souci, 1795 Sans Souci Blvd., North Miami. Call for information on group lessons, annual passes, court rates and private lessons. Tennis pro is Ross Dubins. Call 305-893-7130.

Big Shot Volleyball Series

The Reflekt Polarized Big Shot Volleyball Series, presented by Rider Sandals, will start the 2013 season at sites throughout Florida. Teams from throughout the East Coast will compete as they warm up for the 2013 Pro Beach Volleyball Tour.

Top male and female doubles teams will compete for over $75,000 cash prizes during the 2013 season including $12,000 at the Spring Florida events. Tournament play will start at 9 a.m. with women’s finals scheduled for 6 p.m. Saturdays and men’s finals Noon Sundays. Admission is free for spectators.

Spring Tour Schedule

April 6-7: St. Augustine

April 20-21: Hollywood

April 27-28: Siesta Key

Separate divisions for players of intermediate and novice levels on Saturdays and Sundays. The $60 entry fee entitles players to a day of tournament play, an official Reflekt Polarized Big Shot Volleyball T-shirt and a chance to win merchandise prizes from tournament sponsors Spalding, Rider Sandals, 4C Totally Light 2Go Energy Drinks, Rox Volleyball, 1st Place Volleyball, SOB Volleyball Vacations, Sixpak Volleygear, Zem Booties, Dig Magazine, Bally’s Casino and Park and Sun Sports.

The Big Shot Volleyball Series holds 35 events leading to the $8,000 Big Shot Championships at Bally’s Casino Sept. 7-8 in Atlantic City and the $5,000 Volley America National Championships in October in Clearwater Beach. Visit

Rebelle volleyball

Rebelle Athletics Club offers girls’ volleyball tryouts at Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School, 4949 NE 2nd Ave.

The volleyball club, a member of the United States Volleyball Association, is under the direction of Mandi Tate, Dee Rey and former Barry University player Kelly Dantas. They are former coaches with South Florida Volleyball Club and currently coach at Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High School in Biscayne Bay.

Rebelle Athletics is dedicated to providing developmental and participatory athletic sports programs beginning at the youth development level. It offers a progression of sports activities for persons of all ages, races and creeds. It strives to enhance the physical, mental and moral development of amateur athletes at all levels, promoting sportsmanship and active citizenship.



Jai-alai is open to anyone, age 10 to 80.

With a rubber ball and cestas, the amateur jai-alai facility is at 1935 NE 150th St. in North Miami, near FIU’s north campus.

It is indoors, air-conditioned and open to all. Contact Luis at 305-389-2313 or Bob at 786-556-3574.

More Jai-Alai

Who said you have to be a male to play Jai Alai? Just as many females play the sport in Spain, France and Mexico, and gals can play it in South Florida at an amateur indoor air-conditioned fronton.

There are also leagues for males and children. Rubber or plastic balls used with free lessons by former pros. Cestas and balls also provided free with a nominal court fee. Open everyday. Email or call Brucio 786-629-5428. The American Amateur Jai-Alai Academy is a not-for-profit organization.

USA Triathlon

USA Triathlon aims to return multisport to its roots with the inaugural USA Triathlon Retro Tri Series, which debuts this spring with 10 beginner-friendly events -- one in each USA Triathlon region including Miami.

The focus of the Retro Tri Series is participation, rather than competition. The aim of the events is to introduce the sport of triathlon and educate race participants about the healthy and active multisport lifestyle. The events are open to first-timers, seasoned veterans and those looking to stay active -- swimming, biking and running in a safe atmosphere. Each event is sanctioned by USA Triathlon.

“Our new Retro Tri Series events offer something for anyone interested in participating in the sport of triathlon,” USA Triathlon CEO Rob Urbach said. “These races can be for athletes who want a good, safe workout, or for someone who may feel intimidated by going to a larger race. We’re looking forward to this year’s events and can’t wait to introduce more and more newcomers to the multisport lifestyle.”

The Retro Tri Series events are geared toward adult and youth competitors age 13 and older. Each race will feature a 300-400-yard swim, 5-10-mile bike and 2-5-kilometer run.

2013 USA Triathlon Retro Series Schedule

April 27: Rio Grande Triathlon-Reverse Sprint, Albuquerque, N.M.

May 4: E-Bomb Triathlon, Biloxi, Miss.

June 8: Moses Lake Triathlon, Moses Lake, Wash.

June 23: Blue Ash Community Triathlon, Cincinnati.

July 20: Big Spring Super Sprint & Kids Tri, Big Spring, Texas.

July 20: Runner’s Roost Retro Triathlon (R3 Tri), Buffalo.

July 28: Gaucho Super Sprint Triathlon, Goleta, Calif.

Aug. 4: Omaha Retro Family Triathlon, Omaha, Neb.

Sept. 8: FIU Triathlon, North Miami.

Nov. 3: Old Dominion University (ODU) Triathlon, Norfolk, Va.

For more on the USA Triathlon Retro Tri Series, visit

USA Duathlon

With the aim of introducing more athletes to the exciting multisport discipline of duathlon, USA Triathlon unveiled the 10 events that will comprise the 2013 USA Triathlon Duathlon Race Series including one in Florida.

Ten races comprise USA Triathlon’s 2013 Duathlon Race Series. (David Sanders/USA Triathlon)

With one event in each of USA Triathlon’s 10 regions, athletes across the country will have the opportunity to compete in a top run-bike-run event. Each event is sanctioned by USA Triathlon and will count toward the popular end-of-year Duathlon National Rankings for USA Triathlon annual members.

Awards will be presented to the top finishers in each series event.

The first event of the series - the Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon - is Feb. 18 in Fort Worth, Texas, and series races will continue through the Oct. 20 Longboat Key Duathlon in Longboat Key, Fla. USA Triathlon’s Duathlon National Championships is Oct. 26 in Tucson/Oro Valley, Ariz. Visit for information on Duathlon Nationals.

USA Triathlon sanctioned nearly 600 duathlon races in 2012, more than doubling the number of sanctioned races from 2006.

Florida Race: Oct. 20: Longboat Key Duathlon: Longboat Key, Fla. Distances: 2-mile run, 20-mile bike, 5-mile run. Website: Contact: or 813-966-7844.

JCC Maccabi Games

The Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center seeks participants for the JCC Maccabi Games.

JCC Maccabi Games: Athletes age 13-16 (as of July 31, 2013) can represent the Boca Raton Mitchell Dobbin Maccabi Team in boys’ and girls’ basketball, boys’ baseball, swimming, tennis, boys’ and girls’ soccer, girls’ volleyball, boys’ and girls’ lacrosse (depending on interest) and girls’ softball in Austin, Texas from July 28-Aug. 2 and Orange County, Calif. from Aug. 4-9.

Participants will display their skills as well as be inspired by the values of community involvement, teamwork, creativity, integrity and pride. Visit for details.

Athletes interested in competing in individual sports must contact Lesley Surfer, the Levis JCC Maccabi Games Delegation Head, at 561-852-3212 or

Miami Lady Express basketball

The Miami Lady Express girls’ basketball team needs funding to continue competing in tournaments throughout the United States. The coaches volunteered to train the girls, giving them something positive to do, and the parents have been fundraising.

Travel costs, food, tournament fees and lodging are very expensive for these girls. They practice at the Keys Gate Gym in Florida City and South Dade High School where their coaches teach. Contact Coach Larry Hicks at 786-301-2577.

Tamiami basketball

Tamiami youth basketball registration is open for girls and boys, age 5-16. Email or call 305 -273-1145.

MLB Pitch, Hit & Run

Major League Baseball invites you to host a local competition of Pitch, Hit & Run, presented by Scotts.

Any coach, parent or adult volunteer can host a competition, a one-day community event that can be run in just a few hours.

Boys and girls, age 7-14, have the opportunity to advance through four levels of competition, including Team Championships at Major League ballparks and the National Finals at the 2013 MLB All-Star Game.

It is free and can be offered in March, April or early May.

An administrative kit is provided with a handbook, strike zone banner, posters, awards and other information needed to host. Register to host a local competition at

Marlins Tours

The Miami Marlins offer behind the scenes tours of Marlins Park. The tours are open to the public on non-event days for $10 a person.

The tour includes visits to the field (behind home plate), home clubhouse, home batting cage area and Diamond Club, Promenade Level featuring the art in the facility, the bobblehead museum and the premium areas including the Suites.

Tours operate from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday, except when the Marlins play at home or when other major events are scheduled at Marlins Park. Group tours, accommodating between 10 and 25 people, are available by appointment.

For information, fans can call 1-877-MARLINS or e-mail Tickets can be purchased at the ticket windows on Felo Ramirez Drive (NW 6 Street between NW 14 Avenue and NW 15 Avenue) and are for the time and date specified.

Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

HOF baseball

Hall Of Fame Baseball is sponsoring travel baseball teams for 11-12, 13-14, 15-18 (high school).

Hall Of Fame Coach Rich Hofman and his staff will coach the teams which will practice and play in tournaments and leagues. Register for a tryout at or call David Hofman at 954-804-5600 or Ed Tisdale at 803-463-2591.

Youth Rugby South Miami

The Miami Rugby Youth Division, boys age 6-18, practices 6-8 p.m. Mondays at Murray Park and Wednesdays at Palmer Park, 6120 SW 67th Ave., South Miami. Call 305-400-0134, ext. 101. Visiti


South Kendall Sun Blazers ( at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, 11395 SW 79 St. (305-630-3314).

Miami Dade Soccer League ( at Three Lakes Park, 13375 SW 136 St. (786-488-5216).

Soccer 5 ( at Kendall Soccer Park, 8011 SW 127 Ave. (1-888-575-2976).

Club Atletico De Miami ( at Kendall Soccer Park, 8011 SW 127 Ave. (305-764-5783).

Soccer Academy of the Americas ( at Tamiami Park, 11201 SW 24 St. (786-486-3804)

Pinecrest Premier Soccer ( at Deerwood Bonita Lakes, 11511 S. Dixie Hwy. (305-255-3422).

Optimist Club of Westchester ( at Tropical Park, 7900 SW 40 St. (786-370-4222).

Coral Estates Soccer Club ( at Coral Estates Park, 1411 SW 97 Ave. (305-279-2328)

South Kendall Soccer Club ( at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, 11395 SW 79 St. (305-630-3314).

Southern Soccer Coalition-AYSO ( at Millers Pond Park, 13350 SW 47 St. and Westwind Lakes Park, 6805 SW 152 Ave. (305-965-0083).

Got Milk

The National Milk Mustache “got milk?” campaign launched the call for entries for the 15th annual Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY) Awards.

The SAMMY scholarship recognizes 25 student-athletes who excel in academics, athletics, community service, leadership and who fuel their daily success with milk.

Milk Mustache celebrity judges will help select 25 winners from across the country who will receive a $7,500 college scholarship, an awards ceremony at Walt Disney World and an opportunity to appear in their own special Milk Mustache ad.

For complete contest rules and applications log onto where visitors can also learn more about the exclusive SAMMY awards weekend and view behind the scenes footage.

CB Sports Leagues

CB Sports Club offers Youth Basketball, Flag Football, Youth Soccer, Adult Soccer and Adult Basketball. Visit Call 786-273-5639.

Physically Challenged

Miami-Dade Parks welcomes children with disabilities in its youth leagues. If you need accommodations to participate, call 305-735-7847 (V/TDD).

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