Coral Glades baseball team defeats Douglas 7-3


Special to The Miami Herald

In the history of Coral Glades baseball, the Jaguars had never defeated Douglas as the visiting team.

Consider that accomplished.

Tyler Steiner went 3 for 3 and Christian Dominguez pitched a complete game for the Jaguars as they defeated Douglas 7-3 on Tuesday in Parkland.

Coral Glades (6-1, 5-1 District 11-8A) held a 4-3 lead entering the seventh inning after the Eagles (7-2, 5-1 District 11-8A) cut the deficit to one on a RBI double by Daniel Ruiz in the sixth.

The Jaguars took advantage of Douglas relief pitcher Zach Miednik in the seventh after he had entered the game the inning before.

After a walk and a sacrifice bunt to begin the inning, Coral Glades strung together five consecutive hits that included an RBI double by Jacob Melton and four straight singles by Steiner, Alex Lara, Tim Williams and Dominguez to give the Jaguars the insurance runs.

“We knew that we were hitting all game,” Steiner said. “We know how dangerous they are. We buckled downed and iced it.”

The Eagles had the lead early in the game.

Douglas loaded the bases with one out in the second and took a 2-1 lead on a walk and a fielder’s choice.

Outside of the second, Dominguez’s pitching kept the Eagles off balance for most of the game. “Everything was working well for me,” Dominguez said. “Early in the game, I was leaving pitches high. Later on in the game, I hit my spots.”

After pitching out of trouble in the first three innings, freshman Jesus Luzardo gave up two runs in the fourth and a run in the fifth, which gave the Jaguars a 4-2 lead.

“He did not have his best stuff,” Douglas coach Todd Fitz-Gerald said. “We didn’t make enough good pitches when we had to make good pitches.”

At the plate, the Eagles struggled to get key hits with runners on base.

“They beat us in every phase of the game,” Fitz-Gerald said.

The win puts the Jaguars in first place in the district.

“We came out with a big win on the road,” Coral Glades coach Jorge Miranda said. “ That team [Douglas] is exceptional. It’s a big win in the district.”


WP: Dominguez 7IP, 2K (4-0). LP: Luzardo (3-2). Top performers: Steiner 3-3, 2 doubles, single, RBI. Melton 2-2, double, RBI. Lara 2-3, RBI. Ruiz 2-3, double, RBI. Fritz 1-2, single




WP: Steven Goldberg (3-1). LP: Chad Fleischman.




WP: Paige Fairchild (5-0). LP: Lopez. Top performers: Paige Fairchild, 4-4, 4 runs, 6 RBI. Angie Gutierrez 4-4, 4 runs, 3 RBI. Heather Bramos 3-4, run, 2 RBI. CSC 9-1



WP: Kirk. Top performer: Ashley Rohloff HR, 3 RBI



WP: Angie Norris CG 3K (3-9) LP: Z. Browne. SB 3-9



WP: McCabe CG 5K (5-3). LP: White (5-2). Top performers: Sorg 1-2, triple, run, RBI. Paulo 2-3, single, 2 RBI



WP: Amanda Chang (3-0). LP: Norton. Top performers: T. Deibel 4-4, 2 doubles, triple, 4 RBI. CC 10-1


•  Boys: Archbishop McCarthy 91, University School 31, North Broward Prep 25: Jeremy Farrell (AM) won 1600m, 3200m. University School won 400 relay. Kyle Testorf (NBP) won 400m. David Albarracin (AM) won 300 hurdles. Javier Murphy (AM) won 800m. Jordan Scarlet (US) won 200m. Marco Collie (AM) won high jump, long jump. Jorge Holguin-Reed (AM) won pole vault. Frantz Petit-papa (AM) won triple jump. Joseph Bost (AM) won discus. Brandon Boyce (US) won shot put.

• Girls: Archbishop McCarthy 123, University School 19, North Broward Prep 9: Gianna Milan (US) won 1600m. Archbishop McCarthy won 400 relay. Tara Guillarmond (AM) won 400m. Kaela Fennel-chin (US) won 300 hurdles. Marianne Aguilar (AM) won 800m. Jenna Eljaua (AM) won 200m. Sara Bowden (AM) 3200m. Archbishop McCarthy won 1600 relay. Katie Stallings won high jump. Madison Towriss (AM) won pole vault. Emma Gellman (US) won long jump. Amanda Saxton (AM) won triple jump. Amanda Koski won discus, shot put.


•  Krop 4, American Heritage 3: Knight won No. 1 singles 8-2. Pierre-Louis win No. 2 singles 8-0. Federici won No. 5 singles 8-3.

•  Pine Crest 5, American Heritage 2: Sam Dern won No. 2 singles 8-3. Elliot Seckler won No. 3 singles 9-7. Ned Shashova won No. 4 singles 8-2. Simon Thylen/Shashova won No. 2 doubles 8-0.

•  Stoneman Douglas 6, Monarch 1: Catena won No. 1 singles 8-2. Sovie won No. 2 singles 8-1. Marnell won No. 3 singles 8-1. Marnell/Boothe won No. 2 doubles 8-2.

•  Archbishop McCarthy 5, North Broward Prep 2: Andrew Puglisi won No. 1 singles 8-2. Bruno Dedeschi won No. 2 singles 8-3. Chris Wheeler-Sabatino won No. 3 singles 8-0. Puglisi/Wheeler-Sabatino won No. 1 doubles 8-6. Shen/Eric Naymen won No. 2 doubles 8-5


•  Krop 7, American Heritage 0: Pough won No. 1 singles 8-0. Gandelman won No. 2 singles 8-0. Oden won No. 3 singles 8-3. Pough/Gandelman won No. 1 doubles 8-1. Oden/Sultan won No. 2 doubles

•  Pine Crest 4, American Heritage 3: Ines de Bracamonte won No. 3 singles 8-6. Kaely Malik won No. 4 singles 8-3. Dax Seidlin won No. 5 singles 8-6. Katarina Stevanovich/do Bracamonte won No. 2 doubles 8-3

•  Archbishop McCarthy 5, North Broward Prep 2: Maria Cardenas won No. 1 singles 8-2. Raquel Gil won No. 2 singles 8-3. Jarcie Celli won No. 3 singles 8-1. Berman/Gil won No. 1 doubles 7-5. Restoy/Italiana won No. 2 doubles 6-0

•  Stoneman Douglas 4, Monarch 3: Abbanat won No. 1 singles 8-4. Bynoe won No. 2 singles 8-4. Fleisher won No. 5 singles 8-2. Bynoe/Fleisher won No. 2 doubles 8-4


•  St Thomas Aquinas d. Plantation 25-7, 25-6, 25-14: Sean Davis 5 kills, dig, 10 sp, 7 aces. Alex Pinzon 11 assists, dig, 6 sp, ace. Nicholas Rusk 3 kills, 2 digs, 6 sp, 4 aces. STA 4-0

•  Archbishop McCarthy d. Somerset 25-11, 25-11, 25-14: Amedeo Zanotti 13 points, 5 aces, 8 kills. Michael Morieras 11 points, 5 kills. Joe Figueroa 9 points, 2 aces, 14 assists. AM 7-1

•  Cardinal Gibbons d. South Plantation 25-14, 25-14, 25-18: Dylan Hall 12 kills, 12 digs, 2 assists, 23 sp, 10 aces. Corry Short 14 kills, 12 digs, assist, 8 sp, 2 aces. Brandon Velicky 5 kills, 4 digs, 17 assists, block, 2 sp, ace. CG 4-0


•  Late Monday — Hallandale 18, Hollywood Hills 6: Antranae Alvin rushing TD, receiving TD, 2 INT. Desire Rolling 2 sacks, INT TD. Juanita Williams passing TD. Latoya Jobs INT. Erica Tyler INT

•  Hallandale 21, Flanagan 0: Antranae Alvin 2 receiving TD, INT TD. Juanita Williams 2 passing TD, INT. HAL 2-0


•  Cardinal Gibbons 19, Miami Palmetto 8: Kate Ingerto 5. Lauren Burns 4

•  South Plantation 10, West Broward 4: Arielle Jonas 3 goals. Maylee Ball 16 saves.



American Heritage vs. Pompano Beach (Home), 6 pm

Cypress Bay vs. Stranahan (STR), 3:45

Fort Lauderdale vs. Taravella (TAR), 6:30


Pembroke Pines Charter vs. Cypress Bay (Home), 6:30

Deerfield Beach vs. Stranahan (STR), 4


Boyd Anderson vs. Blanche Ely (ELY), 2

Plantation vs. Blanche Ely (ELY), 2

Pompano Beach vs. Blanche Ely (ELY), 2

Cooper City vs. Flanagan (Home), 2

McArthur vs. Flanagan (Home), 2

Coral Glades vs. Coral Springs (CS), 2

Douglas vs. Coral Springs (CS), 2

Taravella vs. Coral Springs (CS), 2

Monarch vs. Coral Springs (CS), 2

Hallandale vs. South Plantation (SP), 2

Miramar vs. South Plantation (SP), 2

Western vs. South Plantation (SP), 2

Cypress Bay vs. Everglades (EVR), 2

Pembroke Pines Charter vs. Everglades (EVR), 2

West Broward vs. Everglades (EVR), 2

Coconut Creek vs. Deerfield Beach (DB), 2

Piper vs. Deerfield Beach (DB), 2

Hollywood Hills vs. Nova (Home), 2

Northeast vs. Nova (Home), 2

South Broward vs. Nova (Home), 2

Dillard vs. Cardinal Gibbons (Carter Park), 2

Fort Lauderdale vs. Cardinal Gibbons (Carter Park), 2

Stranahan vs. Cardinal Gibbons (Carter Park), 2

St. Thomas Aquinas vs. Cardinal Gibbons (Carter Park), 2


Cardinal Gibbons vs. Miami Palmetto (PAL), 4:30

Taravella vs. Coral Glades (Home), 4:30

South Broward vs. Hollywood Hills (Home), 4:30

Flanagan vs. McArthur (MCA), 4:30

Everglades vs. Miramar (MIR), 4:30

Douglas vs. Monarch (MON), 4:30

Pine Crest vs. Northeast (Home), 6

Chaminade-Madonna vs. Pembroke Pines Charter (PPC), 4:30

Deerfield Beach vs. Pompano Beach (PB), 4:30


Taravella vs. Cardinal Gibbons (Home), 4

Northeast vs. St. Thomas Aquinas (Plantation Com Center), 4


Taravella vs. Cardinal Gibbons (Home), 4

Northeast vs. St. Thomas Aquinas (Plantation Com Center), 4


Coconut Creek vs. Blanche Ely (ELY), 4:30

Monarch vs. Nova (Home), 6

Taravella vs. North Broward Prep (NBP), 4


Douglas vs. Fort Lauderdale (Home), 7:30

St. Thomas Aquinas vs. Cooper City (Central Park), 8


Douglas vs. Fort Lauderdale (FTL), 6:30

St. Thomas Aquinas vs. Cooper City (Central Park), 7


West Broward vs. Cooper City (CC), 5

Western vs. Douglas (DOU), 5

Pembroke Pines Charter vs. Archbishop McCarthy (AMC), 4

North Broward Prep vs. Palmer Trinity (PT), 4:30


West Broward vs. Cooper City (CC), 5

South Plantation vs. Taravella (TAR), 4

Western vs. Douglas (DOU), 5



Dillard vs. Coconut Creek (C. Creek), 3:45

Northeast vs. Cooper City (Home), 6:30

Deerfield Beach vs. Douglas (Home), 3:45

Flanagan vs. Everglades (EVR), 3:45

Miramar vs. McArthur (MCA), 6:30

Plantation vs. Monarch (MON), 3:45

Cooper City vs. Northeast (Home), 7

Archbishop McCarthy vs. Pembroke Pines Charter (Pembroke Lakes Optimist), 6:30

Coral Springs vs. Piper (Home), 7

South Broward vs. St. Thomas Aquinas (STA), 7

Coral Glades vs. South Plantation (SP), 3:45


Coconut Creek vs. Blanche Ely (Mitchell Moore Park), 4

Pompano Beach vs. Dillard (DIL), 4

Hallandale vs. Everglades (EVR), 6:30

Douglas vs. Piper (Sunrise Athletic Complex ), 4

Northeast vs. Plantation (PLA), 6:30

Coral Springs vs. Taravella (TAR), 6:30


Pembroke Pines Charter vs. Blanche Ely (Home), 4

Douglas vs. Coral Glades (Home), 4

Coconut Creek vs. Coral Springs (Home), 4

Boyd Anderson vs. Cypress Bay (Home), 4

Fort Lauderdale vs. Dillard (Home), 4

Hollywood Hills vs. Everglades (Home), 4

West Broward vs. Miramar (Lakeshore Park), 4

Pompano Beach vs. Monarch (Home), 4

Flanagan vs. Nova (Home), 4

Cooper City vs. Plantation (Central Park), 4

Deerfield Beach vs. Taravella (Cypress Park), 4

South Broward vs. Western (Home), 4

Cardinal Gibbons vs. Monsignor Pace (Pace), 3:30

University School vs. American Heritage (AHP), 3:30


Pembroke Pines Charter vs. Blanche Ely (Home), 4

Douglas vs. Coral Glades (Coral Springs Tennis Center), 4

Coconut Creek vs. Coral Springs (Home), 4

Boyd Anderson vs. Cypress Bay (Home), 4

Fort Lauderdale vs. Dillard (Home), 4

Hollywood Hills vs. Everglades (Home), 4

W. Broward vs. Miramar (Lakeshore Park), 4

Pompano Beach vs. Monarch (Home), 4

Flanagan vs. Nova (Home), 4

Cooper City vs. Plantation (Central Park), 4

Deerfield Beach vs. Taravella (Cypress Park), 4

South Broward vs. Western (Home), 4

University School vs. American Heritage (AHP), 3:30


American Heritage vs. Nova (Home), 6

St. Thomas Aquinas vs. Cardinal Gibbons (Home), 4:30

Monarch vs. Coconut Creek (CC), 6

Cooper City vs. Somerset Academy (SOM), 4:30

Piper vs. Coral Springs (Home), 6

McArthur vs. Chaminade (CHA), 4:30

Plantation vs. South Plantation (SP), 4:30

Taravella vs. Zion Lutheran (Home), 4:30

Western vs. Pine Crest (Home), 4:30


Pine Crest vs. Cooper City (Nova Pool), 7:30

Douglas vs. Nova (Home), 5:30

Jupiter vs. Westminster Aca. (Home), 5:15


Douglas vs. Nova (Nova), 4:30

Cooper City vs. Pembroke Pines Charter (Nova), 6:30

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