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Government helps build wealth

The government is an important part of the success of any entrepreneur, and it was great to hear President Obama say as much this week. Mitt Romney perpetuates a fantasy that entrepreneurs need no support from the greater society, including the federal government, when creating or building a business.

This ignores that government builds the roads they need, provides the military protection they require, funds the public schools that educates them and even provides a court system to sue customers who refuse to pay.

Sorry, it is just not believable that you would be able to build a business, a home and big bank account on your own if you had been let loose naked in the woods with a ball of string and a match, with no help from society. This is especially true of Romney, who was a millionaire practically from birth because of the efforts of his parents and who was in the pool at the country club while his peers fought in Vietnam. There would be many more successful entrepreneurs if we all had the money, privilege and support that Romney had.

Alexander Rostocki, Miami Beach

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