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The bully next door

I live next door to a 50-year-old bully in Coral Gables. He commits outrageous acts with impunity against my wife and me. This well-dressed demon hides in the community unknown to most as a threatening, aggressive adult bully.

A bully disrupts lives. A bully’s activities are relentless, and the trajectory of his wrath toward the victim might cause serious harm. South Florida has lots of bullies: on the highway, at work, on the playfield. My neighbor-bully strikes often and at any time. He harasses us, he destroys our property and he nurtures fear. He is an aggressive, nonempathetic, self-centered man.

He has killed our grass and plants, run our outside water to double the water bill, poured oil onto our driveway, gouged our car, thrown our yard clippings onto our driveway, blurted out profanity and threats at our front door and bellowed threatening language to my wife, accompanied by full- body swagger and finger wag. This is the language of the bully.

Coral Gables law enforcement has not been helpful in curbing the bully’s behavior. I, and other victims I have spoken to, do not know where to seek help. We all follow the dogma that may not work at all. “Victims should document bullying as soon as it starts because it will get worse. Spread the word on the bully. Ignore the bully; walk away; do not lower yourself to engage him…”

Victims need protection. Adult bullying needs serious attention by law enforcement and society as a serious omnipresent problem.

Keith D. Waddington, Coral Gables

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