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If a hurricane warning is issued

• Follow instructions issued by local officials.

• Fill bathtubs and jugs with water. Figure on using a gallon of water per person per day.

• Turn refrigerator and freezer settings to the coldest levels. Freeze water in plastic containers. If electricity fails, you can use the blocks of ice to help keep food cold.

• Bring in any outdoor objects that could become projectiles in high winds: mail boxes, garbage cans, lawn furniture and garden tools. Anchor anything that cannot be brought inside. Encourage your neighbors to do the same.

• Install your shutters or cover all your windows and doors. Install braces on your garage doors if they do not meet the current building code.

• Keep all windows closed during the storm.

• Disconnect natural gas to individual appliances at the supply valves near each unit. Do not turn off the main gas line. Disconnect propane gas to individual appliances.

• Remove external antennas.

• Remove valuable pictures and bric-a-brac from walls.

• Wedge sliding glass doors with a bar.

• Draw drapes and blinds.

• Turn off electricity to the pool and cover the pump equipment with waterproof material. Remove and store child safety fences.

• Gather your hurricane kit and stay in your safe room. Essentials for the room include sturdy shoes, something to cover your head such as a pillow or mattress and a fire extinguisher.

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