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Things to do now

• Establish a family emergency plan. Discuss how to prepare for and respond to a hurricane, what to bring if you are evacuated.

• Make an emergency kit that includes a three-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day), food that won't spoil, a manual can opener, flash- light, portable radio, a phone with a cord, plenty of extra batteries, prescription medicines, valuable documents, cash, bedding, first-aid kit, first-aid manual, change of clothing, an extra set of car keys, and special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members.

• Make an inventory of possessions. Take pictures or video of each room; in case of damage, the images will help you identify what is lost. Make an additional copy to give to your insurance claims adjuster. Store photos or discs in a secure, dry place where you can retrieve them after the storm.

• Assess your storm preparations. Learn safe routes inland and plan where you'll go if you evacuate.

• Make arrangements for pets. Registration for the two pet-friendly shelters in Miami-Dade and the one in Broward is required and space is limited.

• Obtain and store materials such as hurricane panels or, as a last resort, plywood, to secure your home.

• Consider your roof and the structure of your house and make necessary repairs.

• Remove coconuts and other yard debris.

• Check your fire extinguisher.

• Make arrangements to move your boat to safe harbor or secure it.

• Review your wind- storm, flood and home- owner's insurance policies.

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