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Hug Me Pillow

Hug Me Pillow
Hug Me Pillow
$29.99 plus shipping and handling from Overstock,

Suggested by Laura Seay of Austin, Texas

This is the perfect gift to give when you want to send the heartfelt message: ``You pathetic loser.''

This is a pillow shaped like a human arm, complete with hand, attached to what looks like half of a human chest, so the whole thing looks like something rescue workers might find after a really bad gas explosion.

The Hug Me pillow appears to be marketed mainly for women. The idea is that, if a woman is feeling lonely, she can wrap the Hug Me pillow arm around herself and feel as though she is being cuddled by a loving and caring companion who is just like a real human except that he has no head and is missing numerous key body parts. We think this is a fine invention, and look forward to improved models that, in addition to hugging you, can snore and occasionally emit bursts of flatulence. Then there would be no need for men at all.

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