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FEMA's sequence of delivering aid


Local government voluntary agencies
Supply immediate food, shelther, clothing and medical assistance


Personal Insurance

FEMA Housing Assistance: For general questions about FEMA Housing Resources contact FEMA at 1-800-621-FEM.

• Temporary housing: Lodging, Rental, MH / TT

• Repairs: Up to $5,200

• Replacement: Up to $10,500

• Permanent housing construction: Financial or direct

This segment is for SBA dependent needs. Skip below for Non-SBA dependent.

SBA Disaster Loan: Applicants must complete the SBA loan application. If the loan is denied, the applicant becomes eligible for further assistance.

• Homeowners: Up to $200,000

• Personal property: Up to $40,000 (Renters and owners)

• Business: Up to $1,500,000

SBA loan denial or referral

Other Needs Assistance
SBA dependent

Combines assistance from Housing and Other Needs:

• Transportation (vehicle)

• Personal property

• Moving and storage

Start reading here for non-SBA dependent assistance

Other Needs Assistance
Non-SBA dependent

Combines assistance from Housing and Other Needs:

• Funeral

• Miscellaneous expenses

• Medical, dental

• Transportation (non-vehicle)


Recovery support groups:

• Voluntary agencies

• Interfaith organizations

• Long term recovery committees

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